World Domination by the “Families aka Cabal”-Kim

First, IQD – Backed by ALL the Oil Reserves in the world, production contracts not only from Iraq but also from other Middle Eastern Countries, South American Countries (hence the issues in Venezuela/Colombia) and some Eastern European Countries. This was their plan and then the IQD would back all the world’s currencies. Citibank and many others have “Pre-Issued Derivatives (known in the financial world as M4 or Money 4)” Just waiting for enough “seed money” (must have 10%) to launch. Send USA Military Personnel all over the world Iraq, Afghanistan, AFRICOM, NATO dying for their country? Dying for Oil Acquisition? Crap the Military found out. Lets use Blackwater, Academi, etc. Promise them FUTURE income if they can take over the whole Middle East/Ukraine. We need Gas and Oil. ISIS/Academi? OMG Americans are fighting Americans..Who is running this sh&^ show? Shoot Down the Russian Jet, what? Paid for by General Electric? Syria?? Bush Foundation/Rockafeller Foundation “Worlds largest Holder of IQD” (over print quadrillions). Sigh- Plan Failed.

Second, SDR (please remember your Intel from a few years ago) – Lets have the IMF control the world’s currencies via the UN (IMF is a Department of the UN). Lets force all the countries to sign over their in-ground resources via the Paris Climate Control Treaty (small clause deep within the Treaty “assign all your in-ground resources to the United Nations to “fight poverty””. Some how all of these in-ground resources have attempted to be registered to the Shanghai Exchange by the “Chinese Elders”. UN begins to install sub stations of “Peace Keeping Forces” near all BLM land in the USA, and near in-ground resources in virtually every country as ordered by.. wait for it….Obama/Hillary??!!?? China Government Blocked it for Fraud and other National Security Reasons. The Trust blocked it as these resources were ALREADY LEVERAGED by the “Families” many years ago and if the “Families” want to re-leverage it they MUST pay back all the funds they took from the trust when they pledged it. Plan Failed. The DAY after they tried to register the USA BLM asset base to the Shanghai Exchange Trump announces the USA is pulling out of the Treaty, Perhaps the UN and Even NATO. Do you blame him? I don’t. Plan Failed.

Usher in Plan Three, TRN (ah more intel, don’t exchange for Fed Dollars only TRN)- We can’t seem to get the UN, USA, China nor Iraq to cooperate. Lets launch our own “Family Currency” call the “Treasury Reserve Note” Lets try to be the WORLD’s TREASURY (Nothing to do with the USA Treasury, these are printed in Hong Kong) backed by all the Nations In-ground Resources. Lets go on an “Indian Jones/Laura Croft” expedition. We shall blow up the Kenya Airport, Nepal, Japan, Send ISIS to the Philippines, Natural Disasters in Thailand, North Korea. You see, there WERE bunkers with gold in 173 countries all over the world enough to back this TRN. Unfortunately, those bunkers were emptied a long time ago so they found out after killing thousands of innocent people. Plan Failed, we don’t hear much about this anymore.

Lets Introduce Zimbabwe – They have in-ground resources, is it enough to support the whole world? No. Plan failed. Running out of time for world domination, now what?

Forth, Russia- Ok, we don’t have to conquer the whole world, we can just conquer Russia AGAIN. Raise the Bolsheviks from the dead, here we go! Solution Found! Russia has enough in-ground resources to support the entire planet, we only need to conquer ONE Country, well maybe a few of these former USSR nations too. Ukraine seems easy lets hit there. Introduce Sanctions, MSM Fake News, and the normal Economic Assassination Techniques that have worked so well for us in the past. Sorry folks, Introducing Sanctions then the very next day trying to register all the resources of Russia to the Shanghai exchange won’t work, BLOCKED.

Fifth- Bitcoin, well everyone seems to like it, so lets make IT a commodity unto itself then we can run the whole world on “air coin” again. Blocked USA Regulators would not allow “air coin” to be traded on the stock exchange as a “commodity” therefore no country would accept it as it’s “Reserve Currency”. Dead Issue, bitcoin declines.

Well, well folks what is next?? Here it is in Today’s News: The OIL Crypto???? Good Lord, here we go again (sigh)

Back to Oil Reserves of all the Nations… Sigh, As the world turns folks. They will never stop plans to dominate the planet. Folks, wait for it… Now your “Intel Providers” will try to get you to exchange for Oil Crypto Currency, No longer TRN, USN, FED Coin, BitCoin, RMB, etc. WHAT DO WE THE PEOPLE DO?

-Kim “Possible”

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