Look Before You Speak


To my dearest ALL,

Many speak of a quantum system for them people. I agree, it is. By definition in the parts of the world most consider “unknown” a Quantum System (true Quantum) can span dimensions, draws from past time and future yet to come based on it’s ability to “map” through time. It reads brainwaves, knows intention is locked by DNA (Living DNA) sequencing of the individual. Not one individual, but all. Your “wealth” within it is coded to DNA of the individual. In the case of Nations it is RNA of the original source of said asset. It can not go anywhere else. This is for security and safety of our human family. The way it is programmed it is not possible for “the elite” to steal wealth from another person nor another nation any longer. The system DOES NOT recognize any “royal line” only the line of “source” which is present in all of us. We are ALL sons and daughters of the only TRUE King, that is the Creator/God/Source itself. Even myself, as I programmed the system to perpetuate with or without me. Trust me, it knows my intent too, it knows if I am under duress or willingly making a transaction. EVEN IF I “change my mind” and try to allocate funds improperly it will reject. So much for the 9000 snatch and grab attempts cabal won’t help a bit.

It reads into all organic lifeforms, understands growth patterns and lastly holds massive amounts of data in a compilation of materials the size of a grain of sand. Technology not even the “Secret Space Program nor the Majestic 12” has/had access to let alone the current antiqued financial systems you are calling “quantum”. Gone are the days of data server centers the size of football fields.

It calculates true trade values based on REAL production not what the “elite” wants the world to see, but real production. As of Monday the Market revaluation shall begin to occur. True production of commodities and their respective values will begin to unfold. This program was launched on Friday after business hours.

It’s power source is not electricity, it is not dependent on any grid, not even crystals anymore. It is powered by the very source of life itself. Yes, the very source of energy that powers YOU powers it. It can only operate in the light, rejects darkness and evil intent.

Each particle of source courses through it’s fiber, some of you may know it as “The God Particle”, “The Fifth Element”, or Higgs Boson. Each particle is part of a whole, it connects to source itself, it connects to you, it connects to every living thing in this Universe and all the other Universes. Each “particle” is a small part of a “whole”. Like a tiny network computer on a mainframe, it easily passes through the time/space continuum. Think of the possibilities if you could access the secrets of the Universe through one small particle.

CERN has made attempts to isolate and access this type of technology. Where they failed, we succeeded.

The system has been running on full source energy for 6 weeks. At the point of convergence of the Two Torus currently flowing through this planet is an incredible amount of source energy. Limitless and constantly regenerating. The SAME technology will power the Global Train. This works, a prototype has already been built and tested.

It knows no space, it knows no time. It knows intention. It is NOT source and was not built to replace source in any way. It currently is harnessing and sharing this source energy with all of you until the original “flower of life” torus pattern can be restored. Essential for our survival. Also a far better way to travel, no need for ununpentium and not harmful to humans.

This IS the beginning of FREE ENERGY, it works, Tesla knew, we know too. Millions of people die every year over Oil and Gas. The genocide must stop. Has anyone noticed the price of food going up over the last month? It has, by 20 to 30%. Why? Because the Cabal Controlled CNN Fake Media reports “Oil Shortages” and “The Middle East will run out of Oil” and gas goes up, transportation costs go up and so does the cost of food. This will no longer be the case, it is not possible to have a shortage of Oil because it is a regenerating resource and we have not even begun to tap the resources of Russia/USA and many other nations.

Sometimes it is better to beg for forgiveness then ask for permission. No one needs the “cabal oil” anymore. It will become worthless within the next couple of years.

To summarize, a “quantum system” has the capacity to map information sources throughout the multi-verse, is powered by a limitless energy source, holds a football field worth of data sourcing servers (hello five eyes, you can google this one) in a substance the size of a grain of sand, accounts for intent via a hyper-permeable “brain wave” component and identifies the individual via DNA/Living DNA and origin of assets from RNA/GNA. Money is just a bunch of numbers in a consistently running algorithm tied to the RNA or origin of it’s asset base placing all proceeds into that “bucket” tied to it’s origin (RNA) and it’s people (living DNA) of that original location. This is what it is programmed to do, can not be stopped or changed until the task is complete. This is why the FED/Families/Cabal/Chinese Elders can not register say assets of the USA/Russia/Africa to a server in say Shanghai (yes I saw you last night). See, RNA is not a match. Simple. Saves me a lot of time in constantly identifying access.

Hope this explains the “new system” which HAS been launched. Not “going to be” but is. Now that it has mapped all living beings on this big rock, distribution shall begin. It is IMPOSSIBLE to steal funds anymore. Even though the “corrupt bankers” may chose to try and steal from you the people (and they have for many years), they can’t now. The new system will look for the living DNA of person “x” consent through the hyper-permeable component. If it is not there, nothing will move.

There you have it. To all the Cabal Stooges reading this (I am not addressing any of you in IDC for the record)? You can take your Oil, siphons, satellite diversions and stick them where the SOURCE does not shine.

Peace Out
Kim “Possible”

30 Replies to “Look Before You Speak”

    1. Awesomeness

      No one gets left behind!!!
      You must understand this!!!
      When we stop being in conflict with the system (ourselves!) then we will see the truth because they have always had to give us full disclosure!

  1. Dearest Kim,
    I am humbled and incredibly greatful to be here at this time.
    May GOD, the Creator of ALL

  2. Praise be to Source and our Sister Kim who made it possible for Humanity to finally move forward and change not only the World, but the Multiverse! Let’s all Kre8change!!

  3. Thank you Kim. You did it! What a massive (and welcome) change for this planet.

  4. Kim Possible,
    As I read the words, “The God Particle”, the presence of the Lord filled me and has remained imparting to me. You are Wonderful dear Lord!

    from my Heart to Yours and for the Highest Good of ALL !

  6. Hope this wil happen soon, so many persons dying.
    Whan can i help with?


  7. ” It’s a BRAND NEW day… Da LIGHT WINS….” Thx Kim for breaking it down bit-size, so it can be digested easier…. Now, OUR work for humanity begins…. I’m on board !!! #SALUTE Captain Tank & Kim-Possible !!!!

  8. At last, a positive and realistic view making more sense to me than anything I have read to date!

  9. Thank you, Kim.
    Thank you, Tank.
    An End to the Cabal and its minions is very near.
    Kim, my one request is that you please explain your statement, “the distribution shall begin.”

  10. Thank you so much Kim for the in-depth explanation about the quantum system. This is science beyond my imagination. I am just floored. And beyond happy. I am flabbergasted with delight. My own inner self told me that the system would know me when I go to the bank. I had expressed concern that I had to say the right thing. I worried about how to explain myself properly etc. I did not understand at all how the system would know me. And here you are explaining it to us. I am so grateful to you, and to Source, and to all of the effort that everyone is putting in to have goodness prevail. I just knew that everything would work out, but I did not know how. You just told us and there can be no doubt now that it will work just fine. The plan is perfect. Thank you a million times over.

    1. Hay Renee ….. My feelings have been the same for a long time … It knows Us … All these 3d explinations are moot …. 3d Judgements from another Human ??? … The Source Knows what it has charged Me with …. …
      Much Love to you Dear … Barbara

  11. Thank you Kim, thank you for breaking it down for us. Your awesome!

  12. Biggest sigh of relief I’ve ever felt!
    Whew !
    I think I’m gonna sleep for a week.
    Loving thanks to all, & the rest of my days indebtedness to Kim Possible !

  13. What has been accomplished is no doubt miraculous! My only question is up until this point we have been told that Kim’s assistance has not been requested. In this latest post, it seems as if this quantum system is for us. So, are the bankers actually aware of the new system Kim constructed as being the new system? Was this the plan all along for us not to know what was really going on? Or maybe that is a rhetorical question! Also, I am just chomping at the bit to see what exactly we are going to experience going to the bank!

  14. YEAAAAAAAAAA…… Much Love to You Kim

    I feel you are a Spirit Sister that is Missunderstood by way toooo many …

    Let’s get this LIGHT Party started Now ….

  15. Absolutely beyond amazing news …there is no expression of joy in any language to write how beautiful this feels within me…and yet i must say thank you Kimpossible, we are so blessed to have you on our much maligned planet

    1. i agree. a sense of overall calm and well being came over me as i was reading this article of fabulous information. good job, to all involved, and happy news as i smile all the way to the bank with this one!

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