LIVE: GCR & RV … The Big Lie! Manna World Holding Trust Restructuring the Money System!

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      1. Amd now you know why we are in this mess….your computer or phone is just another “boob tube” for morons that do not or refuse to read……!! Did anyone graduate high school here…!!

  1. thank you tank for standing in the gap for the little people the CABAL planed to leave us out long time ago they kept changing the rules to their plan/GAME so we couldn’t prosper

  2. I have a network of about 2000 people that I created beginning in 2011 with Drake Bailey.I’ve since added Thomas Williams,Kent Dunn,Anna Von Reitz and some interested folks in many countries around the world like Italy,India,Canada and others.My father was the top financial officer for the Air Force at the Pentagon back in the 60’s and is in Marquis Who’s Who in America and is buried in Arlington.After retiring,he explained Roswell to me in 1976 when I was 30 so the reality of who and what we are was always on my mind.I went to Catholic schools and had doubts that I couldn’t explain just like people do today.

    1. Ernest Laverdiere Jr.

      Was there a specific point to your post? I’m hearing from Thomas Williams that it’s inevitable, the dollar WILL crash!
      I’m loading my motorhome and getting gone. If anyone knows otherwise they are NOT saying it !!

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