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Live chat with Tank, Dan, and Tui is going on now.

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  1. Thanks for update! I sent a couple emails (no response) this past week asking for this. -Not asking for hand-outs or personal help. Just VERY tired of waiting to bring the major changes this planet conscience needs. I WANT TO GET TO WORK! I also have not been confirmed you received my trust info and its set up. I have no idea. I APPRECIATE all of you and here to help in anyway I can!

  2. Thanks for the update. I’ve watched it a couple of times. About a week ago, I completed the project section and tried to pay for a trust setup but there was some error and my credit card payment was not completed successfully. I’d sure like to know why so I can complete the process. I also sent you some questions I had but haven’t received your response yet. I’m excited to complete this process and start helping humanities conscienceness.

  3. I’m looking for links of some kind to submit my project plans. I’ve been to fb, goCamelot, kre8change, no luck, does anyone have a link they could drop here? Thanks a lot!

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