KRE8CHANGE PROJECT UPDATE 3/15/18 – Very late Thursday

PLAYBACK NUMBER 605-475-4967

Access number 858373



7 Replies to “KRE8CHANGE PROJECT UPDATE 3/15/18 – #IAMYOU”

  1. Tank thank you for everything you have done in the past. I’m really confused about your call last night. I have been in this for 7 years took a lot of criticism and laughing in my face. Not to say this was not the biggest problem but telling my children and Wife that we would have our own home to live in. And be able to pay our bills. This is a tramaci turn of events. I think people need to be able to eat and have a roof over their heads instead of a train. Thanks for listening and I know you would help if you could.

  2. It looks like the cabal has won. My dreams and dreams that I had for my family has disappeared because supposedly no rv. But not your fault. Thanks for your help tank.

  3. I hope i am still alive when this comes to fruition. I have always wanted to help my mother have a roof over her head and help neighbors keep their power on. I love to cook for others an take care of animals. I used to be a competent and creative communicator and photographer. I am now disabled and barely survive.

  4. Tank, This call was excellent! Thanks for the ‘good news’. Faith has substance in hope. We hope for brighter days for all mankind.
    I’m the fellow who shared with you my expanded vision of you being the sword that lopped off the snakes head(s) as it was slithering in the water coming out of the sea of mankind. I told you I cannot give you the basics because that is not how GOD works with me, HE shows me the whole big picture and had me explain it so you’ll know. He also told me back then that HE sent Kim, motivating her to come to you.

    When you are ready, I will send you my top humanitarian project (of 20) just as soon as you advise use that we are able to submit. I am as always, rdb-seer

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