• Based on current developments we anticipate project funding to be available for distribution to project owners over the course of the next three weeks.
  • In anticipation of that process, we have arranged with Yokoyama Legal to establish Common Law Irrevocable Trusts to standardize the entities that will be utilized by Project Owners.
  • This type of Trust will be established for Project Owners automatically for all approved funding once funds are available for distribution.
  • These Trusts and their designated owners will operate according to the bylaws within the Guardian of Camelot Association.
  • The Guardian of Camelot Association is a Tax Exempt, Unincorporated Business structure that requires its members to utilize ethical business practices in line with Natural Law that measure the success of their project or business based on the impact they have on their mission, the people they serve, and the ethical and creative goals set forth by each team.
  • The Guardian of Camelot already has hundreds of ethical businesses willing and able to provide services outside of the scope and control of traditional corporate control structures. Because funding for projects in the past have not been utilized properly due to various forms of corruption within the old paradigm, it is essential the project owners have a network of supply and service providers that have been vetted and deemed trustworthy.
  • The business owners and project owners who have membership within the Guardian of Camelot are all bound by a common vision to create a new world according to the Natural Laws that operate in the best interests of the planet, the people, and the individual human experience.
  • Creative metrics to measure the success of the project owners and the business owners will be created for each new project and will expand beyond traditional financial measurements to assess whether the business or project was successful.
  • Membership registration for preferred vendors is currently available on
  • In an effort to be as efficient as possible once, the funding is fully available for distribution we have started to register the membership to the GOC, project submission forms, and establish Common Law Trusts for Project Owners. The cost associated with these documents is currently being charged by Yokoyama Legal to pay for filing fees and the wages of the legal staff. When the funding distribution starts the cost of these services will be included in the Project owner’s fund distribution.
  • It is NOT required that these services be completed before project distribution begins. It is being OFFERED at this time because we believe we are so close to beginning the funding process and wanted you to be prepared when everything gets started.
  • Yokoyama Legal is establishing Trusts for our members for next to nothing as a service and favor to me. This is in no way meant to charge people upfront fees for project funding. It’s meant to help those who need it to be prepared and have what they need in place to be successful.
  • If you have any questions, please contact



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