From: Louie (Cinemo Galactic)
Subject: Kimland Zimland

Message Body:
Tank…holy batman balls.

I don’t know where to start. I have never felt more helpless to do anything than right now. But every thing is plausible that you’ve stated. Because all things are possible.

My one true question right now is – where are the White Hats? Where is Dunford, Mattis, and our true remaining patriots? How can this woman be all on her own? Who is helping her? Maybe that’s how it was all suppose to play out – but my God, if Mnuchin is corrupt, what does that say about those that placed him there? What does that say about those in charge not only here, but across the globe? If the Asian Elders can’t be trusted, than how are these funds ever going to be released to the people they’re intended for?

(Cinemo Galactic)

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