Kash Jackson is the father of three children, and he currently has no contact with two of those children. He swore on an oath to defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. The greatest threat to the US Constitution is right here at home – they are politicians, judges, people that hide inside the executive branch.

Donald J. Trump has by far done the best job of exposing what is truly a swamp (and, that is an understatement). Kash has also done his best in that he does not hold a position such as a president.

It was due to him being a whistleblower that in 2018 Judge Joseph Salvi cut him off from his daughter. His case was removed to a federal court at that time. His case was unlawfully reopened at which point Judge Salvi cut him off from his daughter in an attempt to get him to drop out of the gubernatorial race in Illinois.

He was running that race explicitly for his children, fighting to be a father to his children. It has been the utter failure of the United States and all 50 states in this nation that is driving him to what he is going to do next.

He will not commit any acts of violence, nor will he harm any individuals. However, right now he hopes that the FBI, DOJ and the administrative office underneath the president will take what he is going to do next very seriously.

If he is killed or goes missing, he did not commit suicide, harm himself or go missing on his own accord. He will no longer tolerate the abuses of the family court; he will no longer be denied access to his children. As a father who has never been found to be unfit, he has a natural, God-given right to raise his children.

He has had no contact with his daughter, besides a two-minute exchange outside of a football game in 2018, for two years. With his son, he has had no contact in over a year. That will end.

There are families across this nation struggling to make it through the holidays; struggling to hang on in the hopes that one day they will see their children again.

In 2020, family law will change. Because, if it does not change, there will be great circumstances.

Sunday at 6 PM CST (originally scheduled for Saturday), Kash will address us in his military uniform with full medals. That is the seriousness of this topic. He has no pre-prepared speech; he will just speak from his heart as he has always done. The things that he has to do are something that has to be done.

If you are being denied access to your children, you have until 6 PM Sunday to send him your name and your case.


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