Lawrence Thomas Riordan: “Just Stop!” (talking about your rape and the abuse of your children)

March 19, 2019, Kara was raped and sodomized by her Ex and Father of her children, Thomas Jerry Biel. This was the 2nd time in 9 months. He had explained to Kara that he had experienced a dissociative state due to his personality disorder. This rape was reported to police where she was escorted by officer J. Collins and taken to Sherman Hospital for a rape kit. Thomas was arrested and Kara went back for another 6-8 hour interview by Detective Kattie Philips. The following day, Kara was notified by her Ex’s best friend, Lawrence Thomas Reardon, that he had been released. Kara was never informed by the police or the States Attorney Joe McMahon. Officer J Collins personally stopped by Kara’s house 8 hours after Thomas had been released to let her know he had been released and gave the paperwork regarding her assault. Kara started crying and asked him if she would have to share custody of her children with her rapist. He shook his head and said, “I hope not.”

Kara Witkowski: “ I will never stop fighting for my kids. I will never stop fighting for myself because I matter, and so does every other victim!”

Kara Witkowski: “So, no matter what cop tells you to SHUT UP, no matter what judge tells you to SHUT UP, keep f***king talking!”

Kara Witkowski: “Keep talking! Don’t let them silence you! Because together, we are more than they could ever imagine to be!”

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