Join the Movement

Right now the best way to take part in the Movement is to create a Twitter account if you don’t already have one and then follow the following people:



Once you follow them they will follow you back. Tweet everything they tweet and follow everyone they follow, or who retweets their tweet.

Please feel free to create your own tweets. Use the example tweet below to create your own tweets. The more you tweet and the more you tweet other SPEAK Project team members’ tweets the better. It will force the hand of the new/old powers that be and they will be forced to bring about our exchanges NOW!

Click here to see images or videos you can use in your tweets.


SPEAK PROJECT TEAM – if you want to get involved directly you can get real time updates and assignments inside the BASE by accessing the chat through “WhatsApp” using the link provided below:


NEWCOMERS –┬áIf you are a new comer we welcome you and thank you for your support! Please note that the WhatsApp chat room linked above is not empty. You can not see whats been posted in the room before you have entered. That is beyond our control so with that being said we will repost info when we get more new comers in this group.

If you want the post from today please inbox Sid +1- (703) 254-8294 or any admin after joining the WhatsApp chat. Please no extra post, admin will distribute intel when need be. This is not a chat. We need this area clean from any and all chatters. This is a base for intel and instructions only given from Tank himself. PLEASE KEEP ALL COMMENTS TO YOURSELF IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION MESSAGE THE PERSON OR ADMIN DIRECTLY.