By 2017, at least 22 Islamic Jihad Training Camps in America were Uncovered

“These training camps have been connected to Muslims of America (MOA) and belong to Jamaat ul-Fuqra, a Pakistan Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda-related branch. These camps are nothing new, as at least 19 of them were established as early as 2012.”

A “terror camp” does not necessarily have to be a 100-acre farm. It can be 1 acre, or just somebody’s basement, or the back of an office, or a classroom.

“Experts believe there are as many as 35 “Islamic villages” across the U.S., with only a portion being publicly recognized. The headquarters is the 70-acre “Islamberg” village in Hancock, N.Y. The “Islamville” village in York County, S.C. is considered the second-ranking village. One MOA-affiliated source said that the group’s long-term goal has always been to establish at least one camp in each U.S. state.”

According to Zero Hedge,

“One of the ways ISIS has established a military presence in the US is by directly franchising out training camps that build operations centers/cells in various parts of the country. Some of these camps are public knowledge although the media has tried to hide them from the public.”–-training-camps

Zero Hedge goes on to say:

“The “lone wolf” narrative pushed by the mainstream media is a lie in almost every single case. Wherever there is a “lone wolf” there is a bigger wolf pack nearby providing logistical and operational support. We’ve all seen the damage that individual attackers have caused in various terror incidents and how much chaos an entire squad of ISIS operatives such as those who perpetuated the 2015 Paris attacks can cause. Imagine what will happen when all of them decide to attack at once? The death toll in each location might potentially be in the hundreds, if not thousands.”

In other words, what happens when the sleeper cells are activated?


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