It’s not us. It’s you

“It’s not us. It’s you”
by Tank

Everyone has a role to play. The trustee’s role is to release the wealth of the world to the people. The role of the Alliance is to help free the people. Jared Rand said we’ll be teachers and leaders to help people adjust during the transition from slave to leaders. We are the people that believe it’s our job to change the world.

We’re being told that if we get this first transfer to go through, the rest of the funds will flow freely. The Alliance is in possession of the codes that Kim gave me. They’ve checked the accounts to ensure they are real and funded. They’ve checked Kim’s credentials to ensure she’s the one that has the authority to generate the codes that release the funds from the Master Trust.

Prove it
The Republic can enter the codes proving that Kim’s a fraud, or confirming that a woman is the new M1. Why haven’t they done it? They have the S2 off ledger terminals that access the 12th district where the Trust is held. Jared Rand the token representative of the Alliance told us yesterday that they were “working on it.” I think it’s more than that.

Government agencies have a way of making simple things very complicated and men in leadership often have a hard time letting go. People do international wire transfers everyday. You sit in a wire room, enter the account number, then the code, the amount, and then a series of verification screens lead you to a simple wire transfer producing an instant settlement of cash in your account. Kim-possible’ passport and credentials will appear on the screens immediately proving who she is. It’s safe and secure for everyone. So what is the Alliance working on?

The Bankers don’t even have an excuse. They’re people too. They get threatened by some nefarious characters who have basically been rendered powerless because they have no access to the Master accounts. So the choice for the banker is to remain enslaved and keep all of us enslaved too. Personally I’m not sure I’d want to keep living as a slave if I knew my freedom was one code away. It’s life or death and still worth the risk. We expect the bullies and cowards to continue to be bullies and cowards. But where are the good guys?

The tragedy is in the forces we’ve believed are here to free humanity. These are our allies and our advocates, and we are their charge. Rand says the Government works for us, so I guess that actually makes them our employees. I know they have the key to our freedom right now. I gave it to them personally. We’re one code away and yet humanity sits in shackles. I feel like I gave the key to my jail cell to the Alliance and instead of unlocking the door, they began posting it on Facebook that I needed to liberate myself, then put Jared Rand on calls to tell me how wonderful it would be when I do it.

But I gave the key to people who are supposed to be in the same Alliance that I am. They can prove it wrong and at least let me know so I don’t continue down the same path. But they can’t prove it wrong. So they should have set me free already.

Liquidity Crisis
There is a liquidity crisis happening right now. Governments have no money. Banks have no money. We have no money. And even though the Cabal has almost no money, they still have more than us. They have just enough to execute their plan to crash the American economy and buy it back for pennies on the dollar. Then the world remains under the control of the industrialized militarized complex.

You may feel like you’ve been attacked when someone with a voice tells you that you need to contribute to your liberation and stop waiting for a savior. But it’s essential to place that responsibility on the people. With that in mind, please remember that the Alliance is made up of people, the banks are employed by people, the military is people, and the Republic is made up of people too.

So to the Alliance, you may have thought you were slick trying to flip the script and blame us for not taking our freedom, but we’re not the people holding this up. It’s you.


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  1. Hello,
    Yesterday I called the Federal reserve bank to find out about the currencies on the
    website her name was Lee M. her personal desk phone number is 816.881.2402 she talked to someone and then called me back to give me a new website to try it was
    I am not a financial person a writer nor do I have a college education, what I do have is faith ; faith in myself,and us as a team because if we don’t stand together we will fall apart.
    I live in Kansas City MO: the show me state, I need direction because even though I want to eradicate homelessness it is not that easy. I can’t just go out and hand out money people really want love and find false hope in money because we were programmed all of our lives to believe in Pride and false beliefs. here is an example that will piss a lot of people off . Ex: My team will win the super bowl. Not my team and i have nothing to do with the skill level of each player. but what we are not told is that we have power. the energy expelled at these type of events is enormous. I don’t have a good explanation of this other than the feeling that we may feel based on the beliefs that we have cause affects. I know this may sound around, and around. but it has meaning, I like this guy:
    Thank you TANK and KIM, I am with you and unsure what to do as I am limited by the babylonian majik money system. I have talked to the finance people here at my work and they laughed at me and said I was out there. ME; I’ve been out there all my life and finally found my group.
    Love And Light,
    Brother Dan

  2. ..some people are ..born to be slave …some people are born to be free…
    We people learn to hate …to fight…be anemy …(some%)
    Thats it…???

  3. Thank you so much for posting these blogs off the inc. I have been teaching and educating the pop for years now. I have suffered major attacks by state and gov in my private practice . I have lived in my car for 11 years now working on 12. My business partner was murder by the USA gov. I had brain cancer. I fight the dark ones which most are et races. Came here as a star kid. Studied and apply common law. I have worked my ass off for this world my entire life. I have reached a point where my energy and work is for earth. Our mother who has been dead for awhile now..all her lines..median cut..opened and damaged. She is all that matters now..and I understand why ets have wiped the earth of humans over and over again. There is a good possibility it may happen again..Native understandings. I have had amazing Native teachers. We need to fix this earth and it begins by working with soil and growing food. Everything else does not matter. Return life to soil so all other life may continue even if we do not is vital. Why I went back to school at 40 to farm. I worked my ass off shoveling like 10 hours a day during apprentiships. I went to Steiner college in sac for my biodynamic carts. People are not waking up more asleep than meters and chems are doing them in and will help but not save us. We have so much to be done right now or the end of the road is here..


  5. When I tried to Tweet out this info ALL ( both) of my Tweeter accounts have been “dismantled” !!!?? Stating I looked like an automated person?? WT heck ??? I just used these accounts yesterday !!
    I have tried several times several different ways .,.to NO avail
    anyone else having this problem? I had put the Speak Project in copy and paste to get OUT there to the people and had added my own comments so it shouldn’t have looked automated at all??
    I am trying not to be frustrated.,.any advice?
    Thanks.,Love and Strength Courage to ALL

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