“We are the 99%”
by Kim-Possible

So, I am not the chosen one, I am not Bin Yosef, I am not Jesus nor am I an “internet sensation”, and I am not a liar. It’s so easy to sit there in cyber-space and say how much you know (cough, cough) and you know who I am talking to… as the song says “Im not here for your entertainment”…

That being said lets take a look at the latest installment of Who is Who in Dragon Zoo:


Notice at the top of this Chart we have CODE OWNERSHIP then then parties below.. Each Dragon sector aka known as the “factions”.. NONE were the CODE OWNER/ISSUER

Then we move down to the “PINDAR” and his little “baby GOATS”.. Pindar (was Marcos back in the day, that is someone else now) and we have his original little piglets.. 3 KEYS ALWAYS 3 KEYS. Pindar, CODE OWNER and a little piglet.. mix and match if you wish.. To the new pindar, and the last one.. Hope you had a great time during the Harvest Moon, but no one is coming COVENANT IS OVER.. Live with it, or die with it we don’t care.


Here is an EXACT copy of the Old expired Codes of the Dragons.. They are all waiting on “new ones”.. Not happening. They all know they don’t have any, and new codes are no longer issued to these people…THESE DO NOT WORK. I just thought this may look familiar to your minions over here with their Hercules/Babylon etc. Systems because I am sure these dimwits gave them to them repeatedly. Sacrificing another Virgin isn’t going to get your beloved Lucifer to help you. They are for the 99% now. Sorry..

There are THOUSANDS of pages of accounts, each accounts carries it’s own INTEL file. Interesting isn’t it?


NO LONGER for the little piglets… THEY ARE FOR THE 99%. GOVERNMENTS DON’T NEED THESE PEOPLE TO GOVERN THEM. YOU CERTAINLY DON’T EITHER.. ​No one wants your antiquated fake tear sheets, or your fake gold certificates. They want real gold with real insurance and REAL hallmarks. Where did it go? (snicker, snicker).. Why can’t the IMF do ANYTHING?? The UN??? No new codes.. Vaults moved, Numbers at the Top..



Anyway, Thank you morons for blowing up the mountain in the Philippines last week, we won you lost. Second Verse same as the first.. NOW LEAVE OUR PEOPLE ALONE ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

I am sure the all famous “Gurus” will shoot this down too.. Now who is it you work for???
US or Them?

Time will tell

-Kim “Possible”​

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