To raise support for the orphanage fire victims in Haiti, the following is a letter written for Valerie Dirksen by a trusted volunteer of ICRAS, (International Children’s Rights Advocates Society).

Hello family, friends, acquaintances, and those who would want to help orphans in Haiti,

One thing upon which we can all agree is that when we know that children are being raped, trafficked, hired out for sex, slave traded, sold for: organ harvesting, use as human sacrifices, use in experiments, and every other heinous and deviant thing you can imagine, it makes you want to do something to help, protect, and free those children. Regardless of whose children, where they live, their skin color, or any other factor it makes you want to help. Especially heart rending is when these children who suffer so much are subject to a horrific catastrophe such as a horrendous fire,

Recently in February a tragic late nite fire burned down one of the largest orphanages in Haiti. Many children died including two disabled children who literally melted into the mattress where they were sleeping. Many children are missing and it is feared they were trafficked or abducted by opportunists during the confusion caused by the fire. The estimated annual value of a child to traffickers is three hundred thousand dollars.

Desperate and grieving family members are trying to find out what happened to loved ones including sons and daughters. It needs to be understood that most families in Haiti are at or near starvation level. They often put their children in orphanages in order for them to have sufficient care to keep them alive. Because Valerie is so trusted by the victims and their families THEY ARE GIVING POWER OF ATTORNEY TO VALERIE. Her NGO is the only one that the victims and families want to be involved with them. TRUST IS THE ISSUE. Just this past year the Government of Haiti received 24 million in US taxpayer support to address the trafficking problem, which problem is largely done through orphanages, Madame Villadroin the Director of the agency (IBESR) overseeing orphanages claimed that she did not have the money to do her job which begs the question: What happened to the 24 million to which she has access? That is only the money that was received from the US in 2019 let alone donors and NGOs and governments worldwide. We are not the only country sending aid to Haiti to stop Trafficking In Persons. The primary job of Director Villadroin is to make sure that orphanages are licensed and properly maintained and run. The number of orphanages in Haiti is approximately 753 and about 73 are licensed which numbers have not changed appreciably since 2003. There has been far more than enough money given to drastically improve what is happening in orphanages in Haiti.

The families, friends, and parents have called upon Valerie to come to Haiti and represent them to confront authorities over what happened in the devastating fire at the American owned orphanage in Fremathe near Port Au Prince. Also the parents don’t trust anyone else to help properly bury their sons and daughters.

We need to do a special fund raiser to help Valerie securely go to Haiti and stay for twelve days at the end of which she will be at an economic development hearing where she will expose what is really happening in Haiti and also give a plan that can realistically turn around Haiti in less that five years. As most people in Haiti are in abject poverty we also want to help with funeral expenses and as much aid to victim’s families as can be put together. Reuters and the other major news agencies and sources worldwide are already seeking to get the story.

As our fund raising is true, real, and proper aid and not the usual kickbacks to politicians, stolen by NGOs, payoffs to officials, and money laundering we are hoping that you will truly be moved to chip in $5 or $10 to help in this effort. We are bringing real help to real and deserving people and not some staged group to get your attention and sympathy.

If you are moved to give even more than chipping in $5 or $10 please do so. You will know that you have truly helped!!

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