Grieve With Me

Before you go…
I often hear people touting their claims of existing in a Fifth Dimensional state of existence. In the Fifth dimension my understanding is that one is able to manifest virtually any reality they want. It would seem that if that is true we would all be having very different experiences than the frustration, anger and fear we appear to be manifesting in our collective consciousness in this 3D realm.

Consider this; our reality is a reflection of our thoughts, words, and actions. We have agreed to participate in this dense state of existence in an effort to understand the value of time, space, lack, falling in love, feeling hate, fear, death, and a list of other attributes unique to this dimension.

Perhaps instead of thinking of ourselves as enlightened because we have escaped the highs and lows of the Third Dimension to exist in our Fifth Dimensional Universe where we are the Master, we should acknowledge that we are in breach of our personal mission attached to our soul contract. We wanted to be in this Third Dimensional state, and there’s something essential we have to experience to accomplish what we came here for.

We only create our own reality in this 3D world when we accept that the goal is not to bypass it, but to master it , learn the intended lessons, and commit to being present to what is.

Jumping to 5D just means you’ll have to come back to repeat this process all over again. And if in fact you’ve managed to draw in enough if the Source light from the Central Son to raise your frequency to that level, then the vibration alone will force you to take actions that reflect your higher understanding.

Many of us exist like the majority of human kind existed in the movie the Matrix. They were able to exist in a different state that was very pleasant while being plugged in and drained of their energetic life force to power the machines, but once they were unplugged, they were forced to see the world they had allowed to exist while they operated in a world of illusions.

The Power of You
One of the most important commonalities in many forms of meditation is the conscious act of being present. Humankind has been caught in a time loop repeating a failed cycle that began with an experience so painful we didn’t believe we had the ability to overcome it. In response to our grief we looked for a savior outside of ourselves. Unlike the Messiah, our so called salvation appeared offering liberation from the burden of Free Will.

We asked for someone else to solve our problem and willingly surrendered our right to create a human-centric reality. That decision still haunts everything we do. It’s the underlying force that inspires our most vivid dreams, and frustrates our best efforts to accomplish them. We’ve had our natural connection to the Source energy inhibited to make us easier to control. This has numbed the pain of our grieving hearts, and dampened our awareness of who we really are.
The 3D truth doesn’t fit with our visions of who are in a plain where time and space do not exist.


For all of my Fifth Dimensional heroes and beyond, I have a very humble request. I am making this request to all living beings in the Universe, regardless of your Dimensional state or personal allegiance. Please take this seriously as no one wants to repeat this after we’ve come this far. This one act can, and will revolutionize the entire world, starting with our own consciousness. With your advanced understanding you know that space and time are just illusions, so for you to entertain this gesture for a moment is nothing more than a heart beat in eternity.

My earnest prayer to God, and hearts desire for all of you in, and outside of this realm is to join me in one mindful thought before any other action is taken or avoided. The thought will be most unpleasant but necessary to make progress. This may be hard, so when you want to quit, just remember, it’s no more than a heart beat in eternity.

I ask only this:

Be present in this time and space, with me, right now.

Grieve with me for the loss of our children, and the perversion of our history.

Grieve for our ancestors for making the decision to turn all of us into slaves, as the truth of what happened was buried in that moment, when they gave over our power to a human predator who only desired to harvest the resources of the planet.

Grieve the loss of the lives of the inventors, healers, naturopaths, and doctors who discovered the cures, developed the devices, and combined the substances that would have eradicated disease, eliminated pollution, and eradicated the illusion of debt already had it not been for their lives being taken too early.

Grieve with me the loss of our children’s innocence to the Internet, pornography, pedophiles, and murderers.

Most importantly,
Grieve your personal losses.

Be present to feel the pain of the time that has elapsed since we all started this journey taking our attention and focus off of the magic of each moment spent with with our growing children, passing loved ones, and living relationships.

Be present with the cruelty of someone caring so little about all of us that they don’t even consider the beauty and innocence of your child, the beauty of who they are, and the power of all that they can become.

Grieve the 3D reality where time is so precious that it is more valuable than any currency, diamonds, or Gold. Then face the weight of knowing how much time we’ve wasted by not being honest about what is really happening.

Be present right now in this dense space with me.


This is the moment marked in time when humanity shifted the energy of the planet, and history started to reflect the great deeds of Human kind as we all stood strong together to face our greatest fears.

Don’t cry out to be saved from a source outside of you.

Look within and find solutions.
Resist when you’re told to fire on another.

Speak out against the dark forces that answer to no one, and force them to answer to you.

When someone asks you what you do for a living, put your fists on your hips, look them square in the eyes and say, “It’s my job to change the world.”

Mean everything you say, even if it’s silence.

Give an amazing speech at a wedding that makes your Mom cry.

Make a scene in public to show your spouse you love them, and inspire another person to do the same!

Give everything you have when you have nothing left to give.

Be present in this moment and see the reality of what is here. Face the ugliness of that truth, own your part in allowing it to continue, and realize that you’re the only one in the world who can overcome such an adversary.

Take a deep breath. Be present. You are amazing.

Now go be that.


9 Replies to “Grieve With Me”

  1. Thank you Tank. This blog made me cry. I love you. Love Peace Truth Freedom and Justice. IHarris

  2. Tank, I’m not grieving with you, I’m kicking asses and taking names while standing beside you.
    I’m not making any assumptions, I’m knowing that everything is changing for the better because WE HAVE DEEMED IT SO. The evidence is solid that this is the case.
    I’m paying attention to everything said and left unsaid.
    So, Little Brother, who are you talking to here? Because it must be some off world intergalactic do-nothing, some schmuck having all abilities to influence the suits while sitting on his/her hands? I mean this sincerely because no one that I know of sits on their hands while crimes such as you’ve described pass for normalcy. We’re carrying here. Count on it. No sir, ain’t happening.
    What you can count on is we have got your back….
    Big hugs for a kind-hearted man.

  3. The Worldbridgers by Juliette and Jiva Carter ! Read it, digest it…
    Yes , our being disconnected has caused us much guilt and shame.
    See the beauty of Prime Creator in each and everyone of us and go and act upon it! Blessings from the 💚

  4. Tank, I have had to learn to stop grieving. Grieving was my foremost emotion all of my life, until I decided to stop it. It was the basis of my
    personal depression. I was sad all of the time. One day my inner voice told me that I was feeling sorry for myself. Indeed!!! That is exactly what it was. I thought it was noble to have such compassion for others that I felt for them. But, now I find that it is
    more important to me to DO SOMETHING. That is empowering for me whereas grieving too much was disempowering. Now I stand in their face and say “NO” and when in my sovereign authority of my my own space, I tell them that they have to go ….
    they go. I have impact when I take action. I have only a big whine when I grieve too much. How much grief is enough? Only what it take to process the emotion. Taking action is alway a motion in action and always fresh. Grieving is a regret and is stagnent. It is important not to stifle yourgrief. It is definitely important to acknowledge it. But don’t feed it, by feeling sorry for yourself.

  5. Thank You Tank… You said what has been in my mind for a long time and contemplating your words now make me even more resolute to change the World to something better than what is here now…

  6. Get thee behind me Satan. Be still, listen to the still small voice and pray for a love of his truth so you won’t be deceived… If you dare. May our Heavenly Father bless us.

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