GCR & RV … The Big Lie! Trump & Kim are Restructuring the Money System!

Dan Lutz In the Philipines interviews TANK

“GCR & RV … The Big Lie!
Trump & Kim are Restructuring the Money System!”
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6 Replies to “GCR & RV … The Big Lie! Trump & Kim are Restructuring the Money System!”

  1. How do I apply for funds to set up a humanitarian company/corporation?

    I am working to end homelessness now!

    Thank you for your time to respond !

    1. Think different the people’s club.. register with them send your proposal and this goes directly for discussion with the Trust, I know Tank does another proposal system too 👍

  2. Tank, great information! A few more name drops would be beneficial and wanted by the majority of us.
    Was M1/Marduk captured by the Mayan’s, disrupted by C. G. as h’enoche and head/body separated from existence at that point? Am asking because it seems as though narratives/details are merging and overlapping and becoming unity of one story/timeline. Hurrah! that it is so and remains.
    Yes, agree that we will do more than He did because we are so many with a myriad of capabilities. Thank you for your consideration and time to make this informational disbursement.
    Peace. ra

  3. According to Anna Von Reitz, Steven Mnuchin cannot be fired by Donald Trump because when Trump appointed him, the appointment moved Mnuchin into a legal jurisdiction that Trump has no authority to act in. Mnuchin can only be removed if he resigns or dies.

    1. So he’s part of the SES / Senior Executive Service? I would not be surprised. They love their [[[lega]]] immunity to crime and all wrong-doing, and, by obvious Draco design, it would be retarded to not have in this safe-measures.

      So what? What do we, the civilians do about it? I feel these projects and such, how we use them, empower ourselves, empower our communities, we’ll be able to circumvent [[[government entities]]]] and the like, they’re not needed– they’re fakes, frauds, pedos, let’s not waste our breath on them, use the Quantum system, the trust to empower -all-.

      Whether it’s true or fake, what you typed, IMO it’s irelevent, because the fact of the matter is– many members of the SES [cannot] be fired by any acting president, they are completely and literally IMMUNE to it, so you raised a great point. Power to the people will only happen if we consent, and willingly accept it and all the responsibilities that come with it.

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