The first few lines of this translates to:

A gaggle of people from the Pentagon, Langley, and the Appropriations Committee showed up at the Treasury today to try and force them to take the Chinese currency known as the USN and TRN backed by a fake SKR. It was confirmed that the SKR was a fake.

Fortunately, we (Manna World Holding Trust) had briefed them fully the day before that the Rothschilds had a meeting on Saturday/Sunday discussing how they were going to force the treasury to use this unsupported and confirmed fake currency that they issued from their Chinese members (AKA Chinese Elders) in Hong Kong.

-Update from Kim-Possible


  1. Thank you for all the intel Kim & Tank, for having the integrity to keep us updated on things as they unfold.
    I’m aware that you cant be too open about some things that might give the cabal an upper hand, but isn’t there some preparetory things we could all be doing to help sway the momentum ?
    I wish to be pro active in my escape from slavery.
    If walking across America with a sign on my back would convince more people of the truth, and NOT get me locked up as an enemy of their state, I would be walking across America with my sign right this minute.

    1. The banks are trying everything and anything that they can sell the public on, as to their liquidity and still control everything…China is so damn greedy, they will take anything that will make America subordinate to China….and everyone else…!!

  2. Glad to be informed about da reality of da USN/TRN…. #SALUTE Captain Tank & Kim-Possible… Lord Sintis I’m out !!!

  3. maybe i’m in a different timeline here. the linked article above has nothing to do with usn/trn. so, what are all of you writing about?

  4. I am, the I am, that I am, the Sun of the creator who created everything we know to be inherited by the suns.
    And so it shall be.

    Please let me know where I can go to collect my inheritance.
    Thank you.

    MegilleaTron family DNA
    E.A. son of Enki human blood line.
    Tron, my god self.
    Son of Metatron

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