Kim wanted you to know that she’d be happy to provide proof of her title, position, abilities, and access.

“As soon as someone provides proof of what I (Kim)asked for a year and a half ago…names of Chinese elders, and proof of a running QFS which they ALL have banked their lives on, I (Kim) will provide proof of my capacity.”


•Kim has repeatedly moved funding in to various countries, including the US Government to pay for various aspects of the business operations within the Government.

•Every random person claiming to have access to the Heritage Accounts, Historical Assets, or any of the Major Trust Accounts has been given the opportunity to enter their codes into a proper terminal and bring funds into the financial system accept Kim. None of them have been successful, but Kim has funded every country in the world without a terminal.

•The Chinese Elder’s version of their alleged Quantum Financial System lasted around 12 minutes the last time it was launched before the real Quantum System shut it down completely.

•Kim offered to enter codes into the system at the same time as anyone else on the planet to prove who has the authority over the assets of the planet and the Quantum System. To date, no one has dared take her up on this offer.

•Kim also wanted me to share a more clear view of her personal values in reference to some comments made attempting to attack her character and worth:

“With a billion in my pocket I would NEVER buy a Rolls Royce nor a mansion. I have made money all on my own without the trust, and had my companies net a million dollars a month in normal businesses. I have owned the big houses, the BMW, and a Porsche. I do not need it, and have moved past flagrant wealth displays. I lead a simple life and value family, outdoor activities, and travel exploration. I value quantum physics laboratory achievements to better this big rock we all live on, more than I ever would staring at a garage full of cars. I have made it big before, had all the cars, and been around the world. I choose to live a lifestyle based on less shallow principles, and find it very rewarding. Lastly, only someone who wishes to be a target would be so flagrant. Best place to hide something or someone is in plain sight.”

Like everything else Kim has shared since coming out publicly, these things can easily be verified.

Some of you can’t believe the power of the world’s assets could be in the hands of one person, yet you do nothing to help her share the power with others. In reality, if the power was in the hands of multiple people they would just get killed off until there was only one left that could be controlled by the cabal anyways.

The only way to keep the integrity of humanity and the assets of the planet from falling into the wrong hands is to give that authority to one person who isn’t so easily compromised, has the perspective to understand the full scope of possibilities, and the integrity not to compromise, no matter how she is attacked or what she has been offered.

Can any of you name one of these people you swear your allegiance to who has that kind of integrity?

I can.

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