FOCUS – by Tank

I politely called a friend out today for speaking ill of me in his chat room. It really didn’t bother me, but the people who were bothered by it told me. I won’t allow someone else’s bad behavior to influence mine or be my excuse for acting in a way that is out of line with who I am. The friend told me that I had lost focus and that’s all that he was saying. But I have never been more focused.

We’re the collateral damage of a war mongering ruler who did all of the thinking for his Generals for a long time. He’d give each piece of his Dragon cohort a task to carry out and a glimpse at the overall objective. The objective was always to maintain control, but the way in which it was accomplished was part of the ongoing strategy of the ruler. We’re currently living in the time when the sub-objective is to destroy the American economy and buy it back for pennies on the dollar.

The “Chinese Elders” appear to have the role of managing the psychological operations to keep the people dumb, blind, and docile. We’ve been part of this massive PSYOPS and the sad part is that we’ve consented to it even when they told us what they were doing. You’ve heard it even if you didn’t realize it.

We were told the Chinese Elders were shaming us and didn’t care about our individual suffering. It’s been said that they were very patient because they were hundreds of years old and at some point Grandfather couldn’t let go because he feared becoming irrelevant. We were told that we needed to increase our vibration to make the release happen, then told there was no way to know when the end would finally come because they were perpetually pump faking us to make us as docile as possible when the time came to finally exchange. Somehow in this we were lead to believe that all of this behavior was that of benevolent beings who’s ways were superior to ours. They told us. Our failure to object became our consent to proceed.

This is how our current state of affairs has become the accepted state of existence. Some “gurus” set up shop in the rabbit hole making a temporary position a career path. Others were paid to satiate the people with promises of any second, followed up with hidden explanations as to why it didn’t happen. Each time, the people were blamed for being ignorant as to think it would have gone before some random event took place, some treaty was signed, or some other random astrological alignment.

If what we were told was true we would be done. The fact that we’re not means something is not right. I’ve waited for one of the trustees to leave a meeting with the “Chinese Elders” to emerge with the latest and seemingly most accurate available. Inevitably an encouraging report emerges letting us all know that the everything was finally finished and our exchange was to begin at any second. I’ve known for a while the lies start with them.

They watched their own Trustee have a stroke and did nothing but lie to her again. They’ve allowed another intel provider that they feed information to become almost suicidal and offered no support of any kind to help him survive while the exchange event grew near. They informed the same provider over a year ago that we should get our family on a public call because we were going to be the ones who were given the privilege to reveal the 800#s and it was an historic moment.

And I know of a team that has been impoverished living in China for three years with hundreds of projects approved, and the “Chinese Elders” have done nothing to even offer living assistance.

Meanwhile they live in million dollar homes outside of Russia and claim to be impoverished offering no proof of anything resembling benevolence.

We believe in them because of our own lack of self worth, laden with guilt about historic sins of our ancestors, activated by fairytales, told by fictional characters who diligently carry out the orders of their slave masters.

I have never been more focused. It just doesn’t jive with the whole love and light crowd which is filled with good people looking to create a better world, Cabal minions looking to gain favor from their masters through the execution of their deception, and fraudulent pretenders who just want to fit in.

My focus has always been to free humanity from the bonds of our oppressors. And like many in this I’ve taken up residence in the rabbit hole. I’ve committed myself to finding the key and using it to escape.

Right now I see through these characters and realize that many are just innocently deceived the same way we all have been. Others are willingly plotting the demise of humanity thinking they still have the chance to sever our connection to God.

The challenge is that we think we know what’s going on because the one telling us things is deceived too. So now people think that I’m deceived by Kim and that’s why I’m leading the charge for her.

The reality is I’ve always known the truth would set us free. But the truth is ugly and not what we’ve believed. We get to decide what the world becomes, but we don’t get to decide what it has already been. And if we don’t come together and accept the facts, we won’t even get to live in the world we’ve dreamt of creating.

Focus. I want you to realize how close your freedom really is. We know where the money is. We know who has the codes. She has the same objective as we do. No one gets liquidity with those codes. She’s working directly with us. All we need is access to a terminal that can access the black screens of the off ledger system to conduct a real time gross settlement bank assisted transfer.

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