In this article, Fireswan says she worked for Microsoft and Oracle Systems;

This same article was also posted on IDC.

We already know Microsoft is a Cabal owned company, lets talk about Oracle Systems, here it says it was founded by CIA contractors as a CIA project. It has so many back doors reporting to the Cabal it isn’t even funny. Oracle Systems, in case you don’t know, is the Software which runs the FED WIRE SYSTEM. So admittedly above this “person” known as Fireswan says HIMSELF/HERSELF that she works for FED companies, isn’t the FED not a good thing?

Here is the link that discusses Oracle Systems and it’s owner/founder who worked for CIA during the time BUSH was running it.. Is Bush a good guy? I could have sworn he is Cabal.. yep yep, Member of the Black Dragon Family. Why would the FED WIRE SYSTEM aka Oracle firstly be called Oracle and secondly be a CIA system? CIA is Foreign Intelligence and Oracle/Fedwire is an American System. CIA is broken into three parts.. Contractors aka Bush/Dragon people, The CIA or actual Langley, and CIA Contractors Obama..aka as Farm 41, Farm 42, Farm 44.

The founder:

The Company:

So it is clear from this Fireswan’s knowledge base comes from Bush aka Farm 41 aka CIA since that is where he/she worked..

I leave you with this “Ode to Fireswan” the self proclaimed cabal worker. Anyone that goes out of their way to slander everyone that comes on here that doesn’t agree with the Bush/Cabal Agenda clearly still…. as this video shows… just another “Philosopher”

BOOM (Mic Drop)

Kim “Unlikely, Possible, Not Possible…etc. etc.”

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