discussing project funding for KRE8CHANGE and the People’s Club. Yokoyama Legal has established the structure to assist the safe utilization of project funding once it successfully enters the system. Asset backed currency vs. crypto currency is explained and the Deep State agenda to replace all registered assets with air backed digital funds to control the masses.

PYOKOYAMA.NET is setting up the irrevocable trusts at cost to assist the fastest transition when the funding is received. The goal is to know exactly where project funding will go and have the safest structure established to do so without rehydrating the enemy.


6 Replies to “#EnemyoftheDeepState”

  1. OK so how do I find out what constitutes a project worth funding?

    Can it be for my own life goals of sharing my art with the world?

    Saving and restoring natural habitats around the region I live in and around the world?

    Helping abandoned starving children?

    How many details and steps need to be figured out?

    I am overwhelmed considering these things
    where to start

  2. Love the work you are doing.
    And I know paul needs to be paid for his efforts and staff.

    But the trusts should be a project in and of them selves, covered by project funding.

    Is kim still planning on funding for living allowances of those supporting her. So we can afford setting up home offices for our projects.

  3. What is your Nationality both of you and Kim’s also please do a Conference call I have a format of a well structured common law pure trust can be used for personal or business in this psy opt war it’s hard to trust the wicked and evil ones caused it and the good is paying for it is Trump working for ROME???

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