Dying Structure of the Illuminati

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  1. The Order – Deep State, Illuminati,
    1 – Father
    2 – Two Sons
    3 – 21 Parents
    4 – Two Covers
    5 – Family Masters
    6 – Banking Families / 13 Bloodlines
    7 – Groups: Antifa / Jesuits / Templars / Vatican / …

    1. Thanks … Dan … she said “covenants” (not covers) … and think there were 13 of those. Will add for anyone interested that the father was Anu and his 2 sons were Enki & Enlil … and one of their sons was Marduk … ALL of which are no longer in the picture.

  2. Tank,

    First off, the music often makes what you or anyone else is saying in your presentations difficult to understand.

    Second, I didn’t hear Kim refer to the death of this organization, just how its original structure ‘used to be’. Is there more current information that details what the structure looks like today”?

  3. Thanks Allan, good point.
    What is the structure like now?
    And how will it look post transition.
    How are we planing to end the duel system, admiralty law, UCC, and economic controls etc of the old system.

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