Draw Your Own Conclusions
by Tank

I think it’s important to clarify the ongoing saga that is taking place as we transition into the new age. Unfortunately like many of you I find this to be uncomfortable from the path I have been pursuing. I realize that my personal mission to free the people and change the world have not changed. My loyalty, intent, and goal has always been to include the people to be a part of sculpting the world we live in. I believe in the people and know that I cannot personally sit back and wait for those in charge to decide that our opinion, our lives and our vision are important enough to matter in their decision making process. That being said, I’m witnessing the fracture caused by the development of new events and think there are somethings I can clarify to assist you to draw your own conclusions.

On Saturday night January 20th, 2018 Kim-Possible did a public call with the SPEAK PROJECT Team. On the call there were several things that were revealed that were enlightening, or at least challenging to our previous understanding. Firstly, the call was 96 minutes long. There is another version of that call on Youtube that is longer that was manipulated by the Deep State extracting sound bites from personal calls from Kim to create threatening messages, and various other things that misrepresent what she had said. This call was translated to a youtube clip and sent out to millions of bankers world wide to try and attack her credibility. Fortunately, it looked like junk mail so very few of them actually opened up the email.

Kim’s security team advised her not to make any more public appearances that could be used against her as a weapon. She texted Jared Rand to inform him she wouldn’t be on the call for that reason, but he doesn’t receive texts to the number that we have. Rand went on the call on Tuesday January 23rd, 2018 unaware that Kim had cancelled but made sure to repeatedly vouch for her and explain that she had a role to play to distribute the codes that allow the wealth of the world to flow.

Last night on January 24th, 2018 Jared Rand said that based on the things he had found out about Kim the night before he would no longer be working with her. Interestingly, I’ve been working with Kim and Jared has contacted me on different occasions, but he has not provided me any kind of education as to what exactly it is he is referring to. One million emails were sent out with a perverted version of our call that went out in about 5 minutes. Anyone who knows anything about that type of thing knows that it takes a very special kind of system to do something like that and speaks to the source of the crime. It seems like that would be a topic of conversation in these inner circles.

Jared Rand also stated that he had no affiliation with Rand Corporation on last night’s call. However, when he first came on the scene during a Q & A for one of my calls that is exactly how he identified himself. https://youtu.be/ZcYAiAaDrhk

During our call with Kim on that Saturday night she revealed a very sensitive piece of information about the Chinese funding the US Military, and specifically how they leased our won military equipment back to us. This money then used to pay the salaries of the US Military. From what I understand this is the “Chinese Elders” who claim to be the ones holding the key to unlocking the assets to fund the RV/GCR. If that’s correct, then all of the wealth appears to be scheduled to unlock tomorrow sometime.

According to the GCR folks that I was speaking with, the actual Elders signed off on the GCR/RV back in September and have had no say since. They explained that they Chinese were just fir show but not the actual Elders in control. They, like us, have been waiting for performance. According to several paymasters, bankers and other sources they’ve been given codes at different times only to have them not work.

Rand had also mentioned that he sat in a meeting where it was mentioned some time ago that the next M1 would be a woman. Everyone laughed except for one very important person, who’s expression and position made everyone else stop laughing. My lawyers, business associates, and military sources have done extensive checks to verify that the master trust is real and that Kim is the sole trustee. But let’s face it, that’s not enough.

What would make the difference and easily shut all of this noise down is if the Alliance found a way to release liquidity and begin the exchange process. It would also be very easy to discredit Kim by entering the codes into the appropriate terminal and verify her credentials and see if the system would allow anyone to draw in funds from the accounts she claims to be over.

Instead, we’re given another week of promises without performance while Kim continues to struggle to ensure the people and the Government get the allocated funds. The system has been hacked several times this week and blocked every time. In fact, I warned the Military when the system began being hacked on Sunday, allowing them to apprehend the perpetrators. To me this lends credibility to Kim being exactly who she says she is.

There was further effort today to crash the entire Visa system. Fortunately the individual approached by the Cabal to take said action spoke up and did not comply with said request. However, U have warned the military that such an effort is being made just so they could be on guard.

So if the Chinese Elders are paying the US Military’s Salaries, is it possible that they have given instructions for them not to cooperate with Kim by entering her codes? Unlike an old book of codes, Kim actually generates the codes from scratch. If the Elders have said they would no longer support the US military if they try the codes it is easy to see why they haven’t entered them after having them for the last three weeks. If Kim’s codes don’t work, and the US tries them, then the funding source for the US stops. But if we find the right banker, with the right tools to initiate the international draw transfer then we could all see if she is legit or not. The strange part is that if she’s not legit and the benevolent Chinese Elders are in control with the real codes, why would they be concerned about her entering the fake codes that she has? Wouldn’t this immediately clarify the issue?

The answer is yes, of course it would. But we’re sitting here today after several sources have already vetted Kim, the trust, and funding availability but no one has had the courage to enter them into the system. Meanwhile, we sit and wait for the RV to begin at any moment. Reports of people exchanging today for the Dinar have already started rolling. I hope they’re real and we can all begin our own exchange as well.

I am simply presenting the facts and some things for us all to consider. The goal is to free humanity. I’m just looking for someone in charge to stand up and help us get there. It appears like that is what Kim is doing. But I’m open to her being wrong and anxiously awaiting for someone else to stand up to prove it.

3 Replies to “Draw”

  1. So I guess starting our own bank is stupid?
    WTF Steffen and Gunner I mean no disrespect. I just think that we can start our own bank, I have talked to the Federal reserve bank in my area Kansas City, and I have called the treasury department. Will Kim help start the GCR Union international Bank. I will give up my currency bond as collateral. Lest go you want action we will make it. 913.553.7031 Dan Boyce

  2. Tank, Thank you for your continued intel and looking at things from every reasonable aspect, and reporting all of it. Who can possibly know what is real, who is telling the truth etc. We are in a Truman Show. I had to come to the conclusion many months ago that something was surely wrong with the Elders for they were not performing and were acting exactly like the Cabal, so what good are they. Are they just a bunch of Rothschild Bankers that moved to China as Anna Von Reitz clams, and Kim seems to agree with. So are they just playing both sides and funding both sides like they do in every war. Am I seeing it correctly that the only group that seems genuine is the white hat military all over the world that seem to have aggregated into one unified army to fight the common enemy. Is the money to be given to the military? Who knows.

    I so appreciate what you do. Your dedication, sacrifice for the cause, determination to get the truth, and clarity of vision. You heart is certainly in the right place, and many people stand with you. You are definitely the current leader in the intel community. I pray for your well-being and success.

    If we can make it through another 6 days of this confusion, I DO believe that we will get to the EVENT on Jan. 31. That humongous Energy Wave that is expected will do a great deal to set things right. I think that is the God solution. The thing that just shifts everything and there is no possibility of the Cabal or their masters to do a thing about it. They are done.

    One thing that I am very grateful for is that Kim gave the name of the handlers (The Order) and how their hierarchy is structured. I had been praying for that info and she showed up with it. Whooo-Hoooo.

    I live with the expectation that there will appear out of nowhere a divine City of Light in the Sedona, AZ area. It in itself might be the Event. or it will appear shortly after the Event energy wave washes through and sweeps away the darkness. Either way, this City of Light is the first of 13 more such cities that are being delivered to us by the Galactics. It is the dawning of the Kingdom of God.

    This may hit you as just one more crackpot idea. But imagine if you can that this is the reason that we have millions of Galactic ships here. There are so many more than what is needed to handle the Cabal. Why the overwhelming presence of the Galactics in such incredible numbers. What else is going on that is calling them here. They are here for the City of Light. (plural). That is an even bigger Event than the GCR.

    The GCR is the biggest financial event ever on the planet.
    The Cities of Light are the biggest Spiritual Event ever on the planet.
    They are connected. This is the bigger picture of the totality of what is happening the way it is. The defeated darkness must leave the planet. For the meek have inherited it. God’s will is going to be done on Earth as it is in heaven. It was not a parable. It is real.

    For all the brilliant work you have done for the Light, I expect you to be in the front row seat when the City unveils itself and shows itself in its 5D beauty. Bless you, and may God hold you in perfect safety and success as this unfolds.

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