DAVID SCHMIDT and MATHUES IMHOTEP! It ain’t coming down!

I want everyone to know that I received an indirect death threat from David Schmidt and Matthew today and it was all because of this diagram. They  tried to get me to remove this diagram provided by Kim by scaring me to death. Please download the image and tweet it as many times as you can. Make sure and tweet #MATHUES too because he threatened me if I revealed his name!

The Mathues guy reports to a guy named Marc Ciffelli. Marc reports to LWR or L W Rossier “Grandpa”, aka Robert Ferrerra from this website: https://www.slideshare.net/ernestrauthschild/the-grand-council. Says right on here, he ran operations for Rothschild Trust. Many thanks to Kim Possible for this information.

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This is Marc A Cefelli. Please let me know if anyone finds a Twitter handle for him.

Follow Mathues Imhotep on Twitter at @germainstrust

P.S. PROJECTSPEAK NET is blocked by Twitter and so if you click on the Twitter button the tweet won’t go through unless you remove the website address. I have complained to Twitter several times and they won’t unblock our website.

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