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Full/New Moon Divine Candle Ceremony

The importance of grounding with Gaia and the practice of gratitude

Clearing space physically and emotionally to allow new to enter your life

Getting clarity on what you really want in 2018

Creating the vision and placing your order with the Universe

Getting organized for faster success

Understanding who you are and what you have to offer

Let go of self-doubt and negative emotions

As Divine HUman Aspects of Source we have the Universe as our playground and to provide all we require and desire. It is our inherent birthright to manifest all of our hopes, dreams and desires into our reality with ease and grace. Ideally, we profess love and gratitude on a daily basis through meditation and prayer to our Higher Power. I have described below my actions to manifest during a Full or New moon with Super Moons amplifying your intentions and manifestations. A Full Moon is powerful in releasing old emotions, behaviors and habits you no longer wish to hold on to. A New Moon is powerful in manifesting your hopes/dreams/desires for yourself, your loved ones, Gaia and all HUmanity into reality. We express the God within us as we reference ourselves as Divine HUmans (HU meaning God.) Enjoy your Divine Candle Ceremony dear sisters and brothers. The super moon of January 1, 2018 is a Divine 11:11 moon and as such amplifies our manifestations with great intensity.

Prayer of Protection From Sananda

Offer this, or any other prayer of protection, before opening your ascension column. I recommend saying this prayer when you get up and before you go to sleep.

‘Beloved I AM presence, intensify your protective pillar of pure diamond white light substance in, through, and around me. Charge it with your invincible protection, all powerful and impenetrable that keeps me absolutely insulated from all that is not of the light, and keep it sustained. Make and keep me ever sensitive to you and your direction and immune to all imperfect vibratory rates.’

Grounding With Gaia and Practicing Gratitude

Go within and breathe with the multiverse by expanding your heart center as you breathe with the multiverse (a count of eight on each in/hold/release breath.) Open your ascension column (also known as the tube of the tube torus which runs from the Root Chakra to the Crown Chakra) and drop your gold cord, grounding your heart center to the 5th/6th dimensional crystaline core of Gaia. Decree: I ground my heart center with the 5th/6gh dimensional crystaline core of Gaia. Bring your gold cord up through your Crown Chakra, through the Astral Plane and connect with the crystaline grid surrounding Gaia, past the sun, past Galactic center, past the Great Central Sun and connect with pure Source consciousness. Remember to breathe and relish the Divine connection you have established. Practicing gratitude on a daily basis is intrinsic to our spiritual growth and ascension. Without the offering of gratitude for all our blessings we miss an important step in the ascension process.

Clearing Space

In order to manifest new into your life it is necessary to clear a space both physically and emotionally for all you desire. By doing so, you will anchor your manifestations in the now. Physically clearing space is self-explanatory. Clearing space emotionally is achieved through meditation and offerings of prayer to your aspect of the Divine Creator. As emotions surface, release them with love, thank them for the lesson and transmute them across time, space and all dimensions.

Getting Clarity On What You Really Want In 2018 and

Creating The Vision and Placing Your Order With The Universe

Use your imagination to create a vision of your new life and your new world. Apply as much emotional depth (key point in manifesting) as you possibly can to your new world as you daydream and imagine your manifestations already in your life. Write/type your intentions, dreams, desires, and wishes on white paper. Be sure to include gratitude for all of the blessings in your life. If you have more than one page, initial those pages. Sign your full name at the bottom as follows: As a Divine HUman aspect of Source, I profess and manifest these intentions, dreams, desires and wishes into the now and forevermore for the highest good of all. With much love and gratitude for your Divine Grace, then sign your name, including any middle name(s) you may have. Our names are not accidental, they hold our Universal vibration and are given to us by our choice before our reincarnation to the physical.

Getting Organized For Faster Success

Purify yourself with the flame of a white candle that you will use to ignite your pages. Important Chakras to cleanse: Crown Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, Throat Chakra, Heart Center Chakra, and Solar Plexus Chakra. I prefer to cleanse all Chakras, top to bottom, and side to side starting at the Crown Chakra, down to the bottom of your feet and up the back to the Crown Chakra, transmuting all negativity gathered in the cleansing across time, space, and all dimensions. Place your white candle in a fire-proof container to catch the ashes of the pages as they burn. Please be very careful during the burning of your pages, no one wants to start a fire. I perform my Divine Candle Ceremony outdoors (recommended) on my balcony. I place my candle in a large metal mixing bowl and use an old set of metal tongs to hold one corner of my page as it burns. Profess out loud your gratitude for the manifestation of your intentions and blessings while your page(s) are burning. Bury your ashes in Gaian soil to confirm the conduit between Source and Gaia which carries your intentions and manifestations to the Universe. (I am an apartment dweller so I bury my ashes in my strawberry planter.)

Understanding Who You Are and What You Have to Offer

It is imperative you understand you are a Divine Aspect of Source, a Spiritual Being having a HUman experience in the here and now moment. Welcome your unity with your higher self, multi-dimensional self, Christed self, and pure Source light consciousness. You are an awesome being, here on Gaia at this time to experience creativity, joy, peace, love and truth with ease and grace. “Man is that he may have joy.”

Let Go of Self-Doubt and Negative Emotions

This is your opportunity to release all self-doubt and negative emotions that no longer serve your higher self and the greater good of all. Include all awareness of these emotions and your desire to release them as you write/type your dreams, desires, and wishes. Release and transmute these emotions across time, space and all dimensions with love and thank them for the lesson.

Dear sisters and brothers, I wish you peace, love, joy and truth in your new world as it is in mine. May we all be instruments in the hands of Creator/Divine/Mother-Father God to do his/her will on Mother Earth.

I AM Divine Love, Divine Love I AM

I AM Divine Light, Divine Light I AM

I AM Divine Will, Divine Will I AM

I AM the I AM that I AM — I AM ALL THAT I AM



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