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Dr. Rima is a licensed physician practicing drug free medicine for more than 42 years she knows the truth that can save your life using safe, natural methods.
Dr. Rima and her Counsel, Ralph Fucetola, discuss and explain “Advanced Medicine” as opposed to “Alternative Medicine.”

The Natural Solutions Foundation has created a campaign (#VoteInformedConsent) and forwarded to every identified presidential candidate running for presidential office. The candidates have been advised that “informed consent” is a legally protected issue and the FDA is violating U.S. law by approving every vaccination. The letter can be seen at: and

It is suggested we all send the letter to our candidates. “Informed consent is the defining issue of the 21st century,” direct quote by Major General Albert N. Stubblebine lll and former president of the Natural Solutions Foundation. Informed consent is under attack. How the “Advanced Vaccine Directive Card” allows any person in any signature country of the Geneva Convention to properly assert their right of “Informed Consent” on vaccines and other medical and semi-medical interventions. In addition, Dr. Rima and Ralph have created a petition requiring 100K signatures within a month at to get the President to respond.

Go to… to sign the petition.

Access your own informed consent wallet card at


Also discussed:

• Ralph explains, “The Nuremberg Code,” our right to informed consent and the right to refuse consent under the Geneva Conventions.

• Bill Gates, whose father was the president of the world’s depopulation society, supports depopulation control in his “Ted Talks.”

• Dr. Rima discusses Agenda 2021 and Agenda 2030 under the guise of “Environmentalism” and the implementation of weaponized disease.

• How Nano Silver at 10ppm (a non-toxic substance) supports our immune system and protects against pathogens and viruses. How silver eradicated Ebola; 99.99% of virus cannot penetrate, attach or replicate cells when Nano Silver is present.

• Dr. Rima shares her very sweet and personal “Love Story” she had with her deceased husband, Major General Albert N. Stubblebine lll.

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