Did You Know? Your Right To Informed Consent


Full length interview with Dr. Rima & Attorney Ralph Fucetola https://youtu.be/G215jXnuua4

Nuremberg Code https://youtu.be/N_-5XOGp6Po

Nuremberg Trials https://youtu.be/RsA6AdCRI-k


Dr. Rima is a licensed physician practicing drug free medicine for more than 42 years she knows the truth that can save your life using safe, natural methods. Dr. Rima and her Counsel, Ralph Fucetola, discuss and explain “Advanced Medicine” as opposed to “Alternative Medicine.”

The Natural Solutions Foundation has created a campaign (#VoteInformedConsent) and forwarded to every identified presidential candidate running for presidential office. The candidates have been advised that “informed consent” is a legally protected issue and the FDA is violating U.S. law by approving every vaccination. The letter can be seen at: www.drrimatruthreports.com and www.opensourcetruth.com

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