I initially started writing this letter to inform you of the KRE8CHANGE network and its efforts in conjunction with the National Liberty Alliance to reinstate and revitalize Constitutional Law as the Law of the Land. The American Government is, and always has been, uniquely designed to draw its power from the Governed, so as to control the influence of corruption and to keep it from commanding more respect than the voice of the American people. We aim to identify and strengthen that power, which is inherent in our constitution and our selves.

In writing this I realized the irony in even an outspoken constitutional adherent like myself suddenly feeling so bold as to attempt to inform the President of the United States of what is transpiring at the government’s ground level. I have never known a leader to engender so much empowerment, as you, Mr. President. Thanks to you, those committed to upholding the promise and purest intent of our nation are being inspired to become actively involved in our nation’s politics.

As Deep State leaders continue to promote an anti-human and anti-American agenda, and their hateful attacks on you grow, your steadfast refusal to go along with pre-established “Presidential norms,” serve to inspire and impress.

Rather than cave to threats and pressure by conforming to long-standing practices of unethical compromises made at the expense of the people, you’ve held your ground, advocating for the best interests of Americans, unapologetically revealing the ugly truth of past administrations, the malpractice of our legal system, and the malicious nature of our global economic policies. 

Recently Sen. Joe Biden posted a picture of himself with former President Barack Obama with the caption, “I remember when we had a President we could look up to.” I couldn’t help but imagine a crowd of Americans on our knees with our faces in the dirt, bowing to a force so seemingly superior to us that we had no choice but to look up to it, and in this sense giving it power. From this weakened, submissive position we began to believe we were not entitled to speak up. We began to believe that we were responsible for the harmful actions of others and willingly bore the guilt and shame of their sins. We began to aspire to maintain the status quo rather than grow the courage to pursue our dreams. We were on track to enslaving ourselves as servants to not just mediocracy and debtors, but to squatting imposters imposing their will by controlling the message.

Then, you stood up. As you looked at our oppressor in the eye, face to face, we realized how small they were. This single act gave us the courage to stand with you. You have never exalted yourself above the people. We recognize you as a fellow American, entrenched in the same battle and drawing the line that cannot be crossed. 

For the very reason they hate you, we love you. 

As the Fourth Arm of the Republic, the people are responsible to ensure that our unalienable rights remain unhindered and rightfully protected by the Law of the Land. The Government only possesses the power given to it by the Constitution as dictated by the American people. We the People are grateful to be of service and support to a true Presidential leader who considers himself one of us.

In support of the executive orders you’ve set in place, the promises you’ve already kept, and the promises you’re working daily to fulfill, we stand united with every county in the nation having voted to reinstate the Common Law Courts to ensure justice is served and the Constitutional rights of the people are protected. 

We promise to show our gratitude through the power and demonstration of our actions, remaining fearless and incorruptible to revitalize the American spirit, the integrity of the Constitution, and by bearing witness to the powerful truth of what it means to be born free on a land that guarantees our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Mr. President thank you for not going quietly into the night. We stand with you.


Steffen Rowe

Administrator, Southern District, NY
National Liberty Alliance
Founder, Speak Project
Treasurer, Guardian of Camelot
(917) 922-1038

© 2019 – 2020, SPEAK Project. All rights reserved.

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