Dan & Tank Live

TONIGHT 3/8/2019
Dan & Tank Live

“The Plan” you always hear about, broken down in detail.

We will be live again tonight 3/8/2019 at 9PM EST. New developments to report. Hopefully we’ll have great news by the time the show starts.

10 Replies to “Dan & Tank Live”

  1. Tank (Kim) claims that 100% of the assets in the whole world were registered with the MWHT at some point in the recent past. I call bullshit! That’s like the king of England “giving” certain “gentlemen” the “right” to establish colonies between certain longitude and latitude points on the land of North America, then called Turtle Island by the indigenous people. As the British would say, “Bollocks!”. You cannot give away what is not yours. You cannot “register” assets that do not belong to you. As i’ve said before, “Kim’s claims are based on bullshit”.

  2. Dan asked when did Kim do the epic intel dump on all those bad guys. Tank had to look up and to his left to “find” the answer. That’s a classic sign of prevarication and deceit. If she wanted to do such a thing, WHY in this world would she send the intel to all the wrong people? Makes no sense. I have to call bullshit once again.

  3. We Are Ready to Release Unlimited LOVE!

    There is Life and Abundance in LOVE!

    Release US Now to Exude LOVE…

    Jesus Is That Precious LOVE,

    Doc and Son

  4. How long has everyone been waiting for the payouts? The carrot has been dangling in front of us for over 20 years. Everyone saying basically the same thing, without any results.
    Tommy Lee Buckley 1990s, Dolphin Notes, Dinar and Dong. All have come up empty.

    Many of my friends have died of old age and diseases because their heart was made sick, by all the BS. Now its the GCR.

    I’ll vote for Kim and Tank and Dan and Thomas because they see the big picture. Just connect the dots.

  5. Tank,
    Thank you for this video, your insights with experiences and Dan’s invaluable contributions.

    The ‘Order of M’ with dictatorial mandates over the following pretenders below and of all the Creator’s creation.

    Gov’t’s hoax: to tax & pay representative’s largess & make laws to enslave more.
    Military meritocracy presumes authority to rule over the actual ‘principals with authority’: just follow orders.
    Bankers are terrorists and pirates, trying to hold the Creator’s creation hostage.
    No More. Thanks for the desperate lessons given to awaken.
    Kim Is her authority & giving a strong example for all to inspire & create their own visions.

    There is vital information in the “TDA=Treasury of USA”!
    Good to get true facts from the Trustee of our Earth & the many beings who are here with us.. Our ‘Day’ Is Now.

    In Gratitude, Love & Light for All.
    Peace. ra

  6. Thanks Tank, Iwas hoping to hear something that confirmed Trump & Kim have successfully rebuilt the financial system, I had to drive after listening for half an hour, but I didn’t hear it mentioned.
    Grateful for Kim and the team, & hope this battle is won some day.
    But I’m clearing out my storage, finishing repairs on my motorhome, and tying up loose ends to bug out. I refuse to be caught by the collapse of our dollar any where near a major city.
    I will always hope & pray for the best yet prepare for the worst.
    And Thomas Williams did just report the real state of the economy.
    I hope the best for all.
    Peace, freedom, and love.

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