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  1. … and along with the conditioning, do not forget to take those deep Lucky Lynching Strikes inhales too! … it works! … LOL … they hate it when we laugh at them … as they keep incrimating themselves more and more each day for more to see … good one Tank … MSM news is still in their Satanic pocket is why

  2. Thank you, Tank. The nephew of psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud: Edward Bernays’ with his books: Crystallizing Public Opinion-1923, Propaganda-1928, Public Relations-1925 & The Engineering of Consent-1955. Threading together the advertising industry including print/TV/radio/movie and the Mockingbird MSM. What part of this manipulated existence isn’t being uncovered or revealed? All with eyes to see and all with ears to hear. The background/music volume was good and not drowning out your words. Peace. ra

  3. Emotionally Ladened Spaced Repetition, used for conditioning and conformity. Why they also teach route learning styles.

    SOLUTION- UNITING in self empowerment training of the masses through Emotional intelligence skills.( like the sedona method)
    Either you master your mind or they will. With EI you awaken to your power, and the conditioning no longer works.
    Unity, i teach 10, and teach them to teach 10, until all are united in awakening and empowering humanity.

  4. Just thought I would share this as Anna rarely shares this detail for what it is worth as people have asked many times. From herself. All info is pertinent. So I am sharing it here.

    AnnaFebruary 28, 2019 at 12:14 AM
    I am not a Bar Attorney. Not that kind of a Judge. I work in a different jurisdiction. What is so hard about this? Lawful Persons which is what I am work for Lawful Courts. Legal Persons work for Legal Courts.

    We, living people, belong in land jurisdiction Courts, not statutory courts.

    So, we formed our lawful Jural Assembly of Lawful Persons and I was elected. Go figure.

    If you don’t know the different jurisdictions and the difference between the Public Law that I represent vs the private statutory law of corporations they represent, you will never understand the first thing about any of this.

    For example, our Justices and Judge’s don’t take Oaths. The Bible which is the basis of Land Law forbids that.

    You have been hoodwinked into thinking that foreign practices are your own, and into making assumptions that are prejudicial to your own interests.

    I am probably the only real “people judge” you have ever even heard of, these bad assumptions and practices have become so pervasive and the ignorance has, too.

    My husband is the direct heir of Willlism Belcher whose sovereignty sponsored the sovereignty of both The United States of America and The United States. Look up the Belcher Coats of Arms and the Great Seals under which every ship from this country sails.

    In the absence of the rest of you waking to Hell up and saving yourselves, he has taken up the hereditary post to try to save you all from your own cluelessness.

    The Treaty of Peace 1783 dictated the power sharing that happened when the Constitutions were adopted.

    The “recognized sovereignty of the People” came from William Belcher who made you all sovereigns in your own right in the same way that his ancestor William the Conqueror made him and his family sovereigns in their own right.

    So the Treaty of Peace had nothing to do with the sovereignty of the People. It was just an agreement of who gets what after a war.

    There are no Oaths of Office in the American Government–only the Federal Government does Oaths and those Oaths are not Oaths to any God any Christian professes.

    Peace ra

    1. Robert, for the most part you are correct….!!
      But the real difference is between “Public Law” (the actual constitution), and “Public Policy”, which we have now, implemented in 1938 under “Erie Railroad b Thompkins”, which merged “Law and Equity” into only one jurisdiction….Civil…FRCP1 (2)….!!!

      But what people really need to understand is MONEY….
      MONEY and CURRENCY are two completely different creatures, and the Law is based on the form of currency in use, and not constitutions or Treaties….!!

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