3 Replies to “CREATIVE SPIN”

  1. Creative people are so ingenious, it is hard to predict how an illustration will look related to what is being shared in thought! Tank, you are like a Duracell battery as you keep trying to help us “get it”! Blessings brother. When I saw your drawing I also saw the potential of Light, love and free will working together to change the world. As I tried to understand your concept of the surrounding dimensions, I thought of a dandelion and how the flower bud develops and begins to open, in slow motion I saw the flower grow from the bud to fill it’s own dimensional position in the universe as well as grow into the space of its neighbors. Once developed, the seeds appear and as a breeze sends them into yet another dimension, they land and the process begins again filling the Earth with clusters of beautiful yellow light. Did I get it?

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