If you are confused about the role of Carbon Dioxide in our environment, please keep reading. Below is a copy of an email that we received from Susanne Hovmand, Organic Farmer from Denmark. 


Hi Steffen,

Just listened to todays show with you and Dan, and understand that people still cannot get their heads around the issues about CO2. The best way to understand it is that CO2 is to the plants as oxygen is to Humans. They cannot exits without CO2. One of the major problems is that we are lacking CO2 in the soil and we need to bring back CO2 to the soil where it has mostly disappeared. The only way to do that is to rebuild the humus in the soil which will then absorb CO2 from the air and bind it to the soil where it belongs in larger contents. This is one of the methods which we developed with some researchers on Knuthenlund – a method to speed up this process to just 3-7, a process which could normally take up to 100 years. Just a little input?.

Have a Nice Day.

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