TANK tells the truth on the demolition of the Order

Summary of video. Many thanks to Jules for providing this.

  • Kim pulled the money back from the banks, that she put in on Wed, which puts us on the brink of an economic collapse
  • They cleared their money, but not our project money
  • Since that didn’t do that on Wed, because they were planning on doing the evil, cabal planned RV, she pulled all of the money back
  • That’s why the RV didn’t happen and it’s not going to happen (that includes tonight)
  • Due to the agencies and the secret service not successfully performing their duties, Kim revoked their authority & their ability to see the financial system
  • They cannot see anything that is happening with the financial system, they don’t have any access!
  • They are NEVER going to crack the system. The power is going back to the people!
  • In addition, Kim gave them an offer, this is a take it, or leave it offer – she deposited the money again to save the economy
  • This is the only offer!! 80% will go to the people for the projects & 20% to the banks
  • The offer she gave them before, was for every dollar she gave to the projects/people, she’d give to the banks
  • Since they didn’t honor their deal, they are SOL!
  • This is the perfect definition of transmutation, she has now taken the evil that they had planned against us (using the RV to crash the economy & steal our money), and she’s giving it back to us.
  • On top of that, they cannot touch that liquidity until our project accounts are cleared first

She’s also in the process of completely by-passing that anyway, any stop through the Fed Res to have anything land into our accounts, even now as we speak. In the meantime, the RV people (everyone involved with the Chinese Elders, who think they are benevolent, creating fabricated M1(s), making threats to people on the Speak Project and all of these different versions of people who think they have this whole financial system figured out because they hangout with a bunch of rich guys/Royals who have been holding the world hostage for thousands of years) currently have a bounty/contract out there on Kim’s head.

Believe me when I say this:
1. For any mercenary who believes they are going to get rich by taking out Kim, if you take out Kim, you take out everybody.
2. For everyone that tries to go there, leaves in a body bag
3. If I was you, I would highly recommend a different course of action
4. The people who were holding the people hostage for thousands of years, didn’t die by accident. There was a point where Kim had to defend herself.
5. Just FYI, they are all gone, and she is still standing
6. She is protected by people who can travel through time and space, other portals, and have technologies that are unheard of …it turned Dick Cheney’s house into dust, overnight (in about two seconds).

All of you crazed lunatics, child-eating cabal members, deep state, etc …need to take a deep breath! Your diabolic plan is not clever, and it’s so transparent, so PULL BACK!! Join the good guys, join the rebellion! The real revaluation is to revalue yourself. Make yourself the best that you can be.

SPEAK INTEL 4/11/2019

6:15 PM EST


FIRST, we’ll address what’s NOT happening ever.

•The RV has been promised to happen again this week, with huge expectations for it to go through yesterday.

•This did not happen and this will not happen:

•As previously and repeatedly stated, The GCR/RV is part of the Deep State/UN depopulation agenda, utilizing this tool to crash the economy, causing mass panic, and allowing them to implement Global Martial Law.


What IS happening:

•The Manna World Holding Trust saves the economy from crashing last week by providing a Capital Loan to all of the major banks.

•This is because they didn’t have any liquidity and thus paychecks, basic transfers, and all banking activities were on the verge of collapsing.

•After announcing that Manna had come to terms with the Secret Service pertaining to the currency, the Director of the Secret Service, and the Secretary of Homeland Security we’re asked to step down.

•Steve Mnuchin has been removed although he continues to be part of the charade playing out in public.

•Two of his top aides were removed officially already.

•After bringing funds into the banks to prevent them from crashing, and bringing project funds to the banks, making it all the way to the teller level, the banks still kicked the funds back to compliance.

•This is because they were promised once again that the RV/GCR was about to happen.

•No doubt the plan was to create a fake RV using the Capital Loan that Kim had just provided.

•So in response to the banks/Dragon Families/Rothschilds/Deep State/Secret Service and whoever else, not holding up their end of the deal Kim has pulled back the funds from the Capital Loan.

•This means that banks have no liquidity, and the economy is again on the verge of collapse.

•Kim is in control of the financial system. It is time to realize that this is not intel, it is fact.

•Now is time to jump ship and start working towards the greater good of the planet and the people. You’re not going to be ZIM RICH, but you can be happy and comfortable.

The Systematic Purge

“I want you to know that it was Kim who said  she believed in humanity against all others. She’s the one working to prove that in multiple dimensions.”


As reported Steve Mnuchin has been removed as the Secretary of the Treasury, but we’re only seeing glimpses of that now as his corruption is slowly being pointed out and his corrupt staff is stepping down.

We also reported that the Manna World Holding Trust had come to terms with the Secret Service three weeks ago. Part of their job being to protect the US Dollar. Again evidence of them not doing their job is evident as DHS is being restructured, and the head of the Secret Service has stepped down as well.




Real Choices

Real Choices

This was a private message I  sent to Kim, for Kim this morning. Upon further review I realized it would benefit anyone on this journey. I modified it slightly to expand the message to be all inclusive

“Freedom is all about free will.”

No one can be free if they don’t have any real choices. It’s always had to come down to the spontaneous unplanned decision that needs to happen in THAT moment. They can’t plan for that because even YOU don’t know what it is until you decide in that moment.

You have already built all the frame work and energetic infrastructure to create a free world. It’s there inside of you and in everyone else, divinely designed to perform at a moments notice according to your will.

The real shift happens when we have real options in front of us instead of, “do I pay the electric bill or buy groceries?”

These aren’t real choices. They’re decisions about what type of consequences we want to face first. The illusion of freedom where all the options extend our terms of enslavement.

These are the real choices that are on the table right now for everyone:
do you want to continue to be a slave?
Or do you want to be free?

For people to choose freedom they have to know that there is a way, for everyone to THRIVE. And that “everyone”, includes them. They need to know they have real options and there is no wrong choice. They can stay in their safe world of A or B decisions and that’s fine. Or they can create all new realities that include everything from A to Z, and that’s a real option too.

They don’t realize that. And that’s why they keep choosing to be slaves. They can only see darkness because we haven’t given them a bright enough light to know there’s an option.

Dan and I have been broadcasting live for three to four hours a day for 39 days straight, just trying to shine that light a little brighter. I keep hoping that YouTube will realize the power of the message and break away from their controllers and force the message to go viral. But I don’t really care if it happens that way or not. I just want to build from a place where all the options and pathways are in the light so that people can see the power of what’s been in them all along.

Now all YOU have to do is open the door and the light will come rushing in. That light will cast out the darkness, the ignorance, the doubt and the fear.

And that’s how we win. We shine so bright that everyone can see a clear path and decide for themselves. Like you (Kim) always say,
“Good guys fight in the sun”

Shine brighter today than you did yesterday. You’re not showing off. You’re light is just shining through.