21 May, 2018 13:52

“What is Achievement and Free Will”

From Kim-Possible

On occasion I still pop in and out of IDC and I can see everyone is still buzzing about what Tank is reporting and the consistant degrading comments by all of you “enlightened people”. So I thought I would take a moment and address what appears to be “concerns” addressed both AT and TO me.

Most of the “Gurus” on here are still reporting “Tomorrow” the RV is going to happen, the 800 numbers are coming and everyone (Tier 1, 2, Santa Claus) except for all of you has gotten paid. Now if all these “benevolent” people have been paid repeatedly for the last several months if not years, why are none of them sharing anything with humanity? “The Elders got paid” you say? These are the same Elders that want to change the world and help humanity, where is humanity’s part? Oh right, it is coming tomorrow. That is the question I have, it is fine if none of you question this, but I do. Free Will is my right as much as it is yours, your ability to discern information is not greater nor less than mine. I have a right to look at the facts as they are presented, analyze them and come to my conclusions and so do you.

I AM NOT involved with the “GCR/RV” as it is discussed on this forum. I am not involved in currency rates nor anything that has to do with exchanging. I made that very clear in my posts. The Trust is involved in “project funding” which DOES NOT require you to give up currencies nor pay anything at all. Several of you have called me a scam, what am I gaining from this? I am not collecting money, currencies etc.? I do not understand.

Now lets talk about Tank. Most of what Tank puts out he has seen with his own two eyes. Not heard about from a guy who knows a guy, etc. etc. These are real experiences he is having. As for the information “Going After the Kings” etc. he has SEEN the letters sent by them with his own two eyes. You can choose not to believe any of it, heck, you don’t even have to read it. FREE WILL. What some of you do is continuously post/blog about how he is wrong. Does this do anything for any of you? Why not choose not to read or follow anymore? Are you helping people by attacking me, Tank, Zap, Anna or anyone else who is relaying information to you for your own discernment?

Neither Tank nor myself ever aspired to be an “internet guru/sensation/famous” etc. If we did we would only be telling you what you want to hear and collecting donations in the process. Lots of people do this to the IDC and other related communities. This is not my nor his goal.

I put information out there for you, I referenced other reports which can be found online. Some of you understood it others rejected it. That is fine, my only goal was to try to help people. The information I put out there had no affect what so ever on the RV/GCR/Exchanges. No positive affect and no negative affect. Clearly the same thing being reported in December/January when I first posted is the same thing being reported this morning. One more time… I AM NOT INVOLVED IN ANY RV/GCR/EXCHANGES etc. I am not “helping it” and I am not “blocking it”. The Trust’s instructions are clear on my side of it “projects, production lines, development, assets etc.” If there is some other Trust out there that is revaluating currencies and/or paying out trillions or even quadrillions as the rumours tell it, then great! I hope they do and I do hope they pay all of you.

I do understand since there is no “named person” who is actually coming forward from any of these other “trusts” other than “elders/royals etc.” then you have to point your frustration somewhere and I guess that person in some cases is me.

Some of you have normal jobs you do everyday. You get up go to work in the hopes the RV happens and tomorrow finally becomes today. So the fact that Tank is working on project funding with me doesn’t in any way take him away from one day hoping to exchange. Just like your “day job” doesn’t distract you from exchanging in any way.

Lastly, I never meant to cause confusion within the community. My only intention was to relay to you my experiences, places I have been, people I have met and let you know who is who. Further, it is my “FREE WILL AND CHOICE” to choose not to believe someone who has told me “tomorrow” for years, just as it is Tank’s. You can chose to believe tomorrow is the day for as long as you want. Also your choice, doesn’t make you a good person and doesn’t make you a bad person.

I titled this “what is acheivement”, why? While all of you have your own sense of discernment of information being presented there is no reason to address anyone with such negativity as some of you have in this forum. I mean “she needs to get laid” to “cabal beaver” and everything else in between. I am sure your “other trusts funding the RV/Alliance” people read this stuff too. Of course you SHOULD question everything, but do you really bash everyone who writes on IDC in such a manner that even if true is so negative no one wants to read it? Bashing Tank constantly helps you how? Helps him how? He is still waiting to exchange and is doing something else in the process. How is that bad? Is reading Tank’s blog “required reading to exchange”? If it does not resonate with you then ignore it totally. I ignore CNN, you can ignore Tank’s blog just as easy.

This being said, I truly wish all of you the best and hope you do one day receive the blessing you are waiting for and create a positive change for humanity. Remember “Thoughts become Things” both positive and negative. This is your world, be careful what you create.

Kim “Possible”

21 May, 2018 13:50


I spoke to a group this morning that was part of a Tier 2 exchange coordinated by a network of 1,500 lawyers. The lawyers are dedicated to ensuring that every aspect of their exchange goes off without a hitch. They already have 8,000 projects that have been vetted and approved to ensure they are real and meet the guidelines established.

In my experience, even one lawyer can be a challenge to come to an agreement with, let alone coordinating the efforts of 15 Hundred. So I’m certain they have covered all of their bases and everything is 100% above board and legally grounded so that there are no issues.

It’s a ZIM Bond exchange so the amount of money about to flow into the system should be formidable. It’s an exchange with the White Dragon family so there’s the added comfort of knowing the very ones reported to have our best interests in mind have already agreed to release the codes when the final paperwork is submitted. The deadline was adhered to and the Royal Bank of Canada has signed off.

That being said, if Tier 2 has already finished paying out, then why is such a prepared group still waiting to exchange?


18 May, 2018 19:33


by Tank

Right now, after years of the Source energy from the Central Sun being blocked and minimized so that it would be easier to enslave us, this Light, that is the substance of all things living is being pushed through the Quantum system from every electronic device in the world.

The same devices that have been used to control us are now being used to restore our natural connection to God. This is designed to enable all of us to exercise our free will to act in the best interests of ourselves, our family, and our fellow beings on the planet. KIM-POSSIBLE made that happen.

And there is some truth to the new banking software updates. Kim-Possible notified the Governments and the banks that the system would be getting an update on Tuesday. She brought the strength of the Quantum system firewall around the entire financial system. It was not done by the banks themselves, and definitely not for the purpose of facilitating exchanges as stated on “the Big Call,” but rather to protect the people from the Elder Rothschilds Order of Criminals, who are steady focused on their same agenda. (Eliminate and enslave humanity)

In fact, it was done to stop the Order from draining the liquidity from the banking system and to detour their efforts to block the Trust from bringing in real asset backed money to the people. True to form, when ever Kim does something quietly, they try and take credit publicly. But, they can’t fool me with that nonsense because I was speaking with her minutes after she did it. And they didn’t try to take credit until they spent days trying to hack back into the system and failed.

The Rothschilds and Elders are still trying to lay claim that they have control of the entire front of the system. Now they did before, but after the firewall from the Quantum system was put up, they’re no longer in control. They have yet to breach even the first firewall.

The Rothschilds, Clintons and Bush family have all been sanctioned for Treason by the United Nations because they embezzled 80% of the funds from NATO contributions. The Pentagon is aware of this fact because they received 80 Billion Dollars back in payments for these embezzled funds from the Trust. (It’s amazing to me how much Kim works to support the military, despite the fact that they have not even attempted to create safe passage for the people to get funding. To me, this has been the most disappointing aspect of all of this. These are men I’ve seen as heroes, taking orders from civilian gangsters posing as Gods.)

Where do you stand?
The Governments all over the world are aware as well because they have all been notified and are receiving funds back from the same crime. In addition, all of the properties used by the United Nations and owned by the Rothschilds have been foreclosed on. They have been divided up equally amongst every country in the world. For the first time, the Rothschilds actually owe the countries a massive debt rather than the other way around.

There have been false FBI flags levied against my team that actually originated from the software companies who all had backdoor access to the financial system. Obviously this has been part of the treachery of the Rothschilds to slap down any hint of opposition to their reign. But they can no longer do that. They can no longer access the system through those channels. In fact, if anyone makes a claim other than the FBI through any other channel and without following proper protocol to place fraudulent flags on our accounts, they will be flagged personally, be permanently cut out from the banking system, and fired.

While most people are attracted to the promises made by the lying Chinese, and various other fraudulent Elders, the reality is that they continue to make promises that never come to fruition. We listen to channeled messages, gurus with no credentials, and intelligence agency contacts who have told us out right that their job is to deceive us, and still defend our position remaining ignorant of the truth.

And even now, the largest civilian military and intelligence force on the planet has been hired by the Chinese Elders based on a promise to pay them a percentage of what they can steal from the transfers coming out of the Trust. I wish you’d reconsider. You’re playing for the wrong team. We have actual money to pay you. But you’d prefer to work for scoundrels who’d step on your body on their way to the bathroom while you choked to death on a poison that they had the cure for in their hand.

I’m ashamed for all of you. You have no honor and no integrity. (Remember, not for everyone, just the leadership who continues to do nothing)

The Cabal thrives because so many refuse to shine in the darkness. They are afraid of the dark, and that fear is what controls us all.
Kim-possible shines in the darkness, casting out the ignorance caused by their lies. She is acting the way all leaders should. She has sacrificed everything so we can move forward and replenish the Earth. Despite the pathetic programming of useless leaders who do nothing but placate outdated super villains, there is someone who actually stands with the people.

The sad part is that all of the leaders, the military, the civilian military, the bankers, and everyone else who’s scared of the dark-you’re all people too.

So when do you stand up for the people? When do you stand up for yourself? Where will you be standing when this part is all over?

I stand in a dark place and shine. Because that’s the only example I’ve seen worth following. And the only example worth setting. And that light, casts out darkness. And if we all do that, there’d be no opposition to humanity. Because that light shines in you too and together we can easily cast out darkness. The change will come from within the hearts and minds of the people.

And whether you like it or not, it’s so anyhow.

When you throw a rock into a pack of dogs, the one who cries out, is the one that got hit.


18 May, 2018 18:04


Graven Images

“Light dwells in the light.”-Yahshua the Messiah, the Book of Thomas

Imagine what the world would be like if everything was actually transparent. It is the very nature of secrets to hide in the darkness. The dark activities of the Order is only made possible because people have agreed that some piece of information, event, or regular activity cannot be shared with the public. It’s usually justified as an act of benevolence by characters charged with our care who rationalize their secrecy because of the weak psyche of the people.

The danger of secret activities is that they lead to the compartmentalization of essential components that tell the whole story. Here in lies the power of knowledge. The one who has the complete understanding of what is known in each compartment can use that to create their desired outcome by releasing or withholding the details that create the narrative. This is how we’ve been manipulated and controlled in every aspect of our lives.

Consider the information that you’ve been given about any subject. This information becomes the reality that we base our decisions upon. We heard there was a revaluation of Currency in Kuwait that made the elites rich. So it made perfect sense that we could exchange our own currency if we had known about this pending event. And with the Dinar, we had figured something out that wasn’t intended for us.

During the same time frame the OMD Group was manufacturing the Global Currency Reset which appeared to be part of the same movement. Prosperity packages were introduced at some point before all of this, and the common narrative seemed to be one of revitalizing humanity. Various Bonds were submitted to the Asset Redemption program and cashed out sometime before the market crash in 2008. Then the Bonds themselves were sold back to unsuspecting investors as valuable assets even though they had already been redeemed.

The characters at the perceived top had created a plan in 1975 to execute a peaceful transition of power from the Americans to the Chinese and ultimately bring the world under the control of one central Government. Meanwhile there was several layers above them who were actually dictating the disbursement of information using it to make each party feel special and entitled because of their bloodline, talents, or actions.

This sense of entitlement and superiority created the illusion that they could make decisions for the greater guidance of the masses who weren’t able to act in their own best interests because they could not understand how their actions effect the whole. At the top of the Order the Comptroller had a relatively simplistic goal of gathering an inventory and ownership of all the assets on the planet. When this goal was accomplished, there was no need to placate the slaves that believed they were superior to the others. In 2007 this goal was accomplished and the access of the head slaves was cut off.

Having access to this tool made the head slaves seem all powerful and diluted them to believe that they had absolute reign of the entire planet. All of this deception was made possible by one group not knowing what the other was doing. Even now, the FBI, CIA, NSA, the Military and so on all withhold information form one another to maintain power and execute their own agenda. But as a rule, these organizations all bow down to the supreme power of the Rothschilds. And despite never seeing these characters act in the best interests of the people or even deliver on any promises they’ve made, these organizations continue to keep their secrets, not realizing that they are the very tools being used to enslave us all. Because like the head slaves, disguised as masters, they too think they’re special and entitled.

Meanwhile, at the bottom of the Order, of which you and I are are all subject to, we see such a limited sample of each compartment that we’ll believe anything unless it challenges the core of what we are certain to be real. This is why our reality feels like it’s crashing all around us when someone challenges something we’re attached to. Even if we’re attached to an atomic bomb headed towards the Earth, it’s almost impossible for us to believe that we are part of something destructive. Attachment created by lies, rooted in darkness, always breeds more darkness.

For a truly peaceful transition of power to take place, light has to shine in a dark place. The light exposes the activity taking place in the dark. When this activity is exposed, then even the offenders are forced to change their behavior. By keeping their secrets we allow them to enslave and eliminate the beauty of humanity. It is only when we ourselves are willing to face the light of exposure on our own iniquity that change is truly possible. This courageous act is the foundation of free will and the key to all of our freedom.

When one has been stripped naked and no longer has any fear about the opinions or consequences of the group, the only option is for the truth to be exposed. The saying goes, “The truth shall set you free.” If our secrets are used as tools to blackmail us and our “leadership” then this statement is an absolute fact.

We grow attached to the image we have created for it selves and want that to be the legacy we are remembered for. This attachment disables us from making any progress because it overrules our desire to act with integrity. To act with integrity on the current battlefield would require one to shine in the darkness, knowing the darkness will not understand it.

The darkness is our ignorance in this case. It’s an imposed darkness and therefore isn’t something that makes up the essence of our being, but it can overtake our light if we constantly choose the lie over the truth. This darkness presents us with a constant choice. Do we remain ignorant and maintain the integrity of the graven image we have created of our selves? Or do we act with integrity, expose our failures and tear down the image we have spent a lifetime convincing ourselves and others is real?

Deuteronomy 30:19-“I have placed before thee blessings and cursing, life and death. Choose life.”


17 May, 2018 01:48


The True Revaluation

There is a psychological toll on a human being when their true identity is hidden from them for a lifetime. We are the orphans of God. For the most part, God exists outside of us, waits for our prayers to help, and requires an intermediary to broker our salvation. You might say it differently, but if you think about your religious experiences these statements are not far off.

In 1966, Time Magazine published a cover story titled “Is God Dead?”. The article interviewed religious leaders from all over the world just to find that they themselves didn’t believe in the God they were peddling. In one profound quotable statement a Minister said, “Faith is not believing that God can save you. It’s believing that he will.”

This set up a perfectly strategized expression of divide and conquer. In a time of wars and rumors of war there appeared to be an awakening that needed to be addressed. A frustrated generation opposed to the war in Vietnam Nam could see through the hypocrisy of the system, but lacked the social skills and respect to organize and express themselves in a manner that ever posed a real threat. Veterans would return home after fighting for their country in a war designed for them to fail, in desperate need of support and encouragement, only to be spat upon by hippies calling them “baby killers.”

A creative movement spawning Rock and Roll, the Beat Poets that lead to Hip Hop and R & B, and the greatest visual art movement in American history were all born out of anger and fear. The very tools that have the ability to unite us, were used to form factions and loyalties amongst the slaves. The Black Panthers, the Feminist Movement, anti-war groups, the Cold War, Roe vs. Wade, Martin Luther King, and other events, characters, and ideologies were all used to make us fight with each other over petty differences so we’d ignore the connection we all have to God and one another.

It is impossible to control a movement of inspired people working towards the same end. For the most part it has taken a common enemy that we can all identify as the threat against our “way of life” to unite our efforts in any meaningful way. In that reality is the solution that can unite us now.

In fact, our “way of life” has been a manufactured illusion created by our Warlord Slave masters. Our air, food, water, and communication is poisoned to control our behavior and diminish our ability and desire to resist. The world has been controlled by a select group of particularly unimaginative slaves who followed instructions ti the letter because they were allowed to know a little bit more than the rest of us, and this was so powerful that to this day they think they are Gods. But they are just slaves too.

Because we’ve known no other way of life, we have generally accepted our “lot in life”, “towed the line” and “played our part.” We’ve accepted that the “sky is the limit”, we’re limited because we grew up on “the wrong side of the tracks”, and we “can’t fight the system.” It’s a masterful automatic governing system designed by the the now deceased Sovereign ruler of the planet. Divide and conquer. He was the master planner who put our fellow human in our eyes and convinced us they were so different from us that we had to fight to stop them from taking over our side of the plantation. We’ve actually fought for our right to remain enslaved.

We’ve been raised to place a value on our life, our abilities, our talents, our bloodline, our race, our looks, our religion, our personalities, and even our age. Based on where we place the most value we’ve naturally surrounded ourselves with others that identify with the same or at least similar principles. This group became our tribe and we decided that our way of being was the only way of being that pleased God. From time to time someone would speak up with a different perspective and they’d be ostracized from the tribe or pursue membership to a different tribe when they were old enough to decide for themselves.

From inside this tribe we have created unified social militias who all ascribe to the same general beliefs. Those inside the tribe who may not believe the same, fear being ostracized so much that they’re afraid to challenge the tribal rule and will usually live out their life conforming to ideas and values that just seem redundant. The one thematic concept in every community is the belief that this particular group has the truth and the others do not.

Coincidentally the same messages are used to maintain control regardless of the culture, religion, community, or governing belief system. Everything is packaged differently but, the truth is evident in each unique belief system. We all value the truth, kindness, love, the right to speak, defend ourselves, and to pursue happiness. We define these things differently in most cases and this is usually where we get divided.

Values are taught to us from the time we’re babies. And, it will take an entire generation before any new standards of value become a natural part of our society. Essentially, we need to be honest about who we are, where we came from, and what we have gone through. From there we can easily decide who we want to be, where we want to go, what is important to all of us. This is the real revaluation.

We are assigning a new value to our own self worth. When we realize we are a population of enslaved creators that have been manipulated, drugged and suppressed we can all agree that we would like that to stop and never happen again. We can definitely agree that life would be more productive and pleasant if we didn’t hurt people, or other intelligent life forms that we share the planet with.

We all value having our own space, and a way to feed and clothe our families. We value our time and the authority to use it as we see fit. Perhaps we can even hold our authorities to a higher standard when it comes to telling the truth, operating ethically, and in the best interests of the people, as defined by the people.

We don’t all agree on who God is, but we appreciate the right to ask for his or her input on our lives. So we can include this as a common value for the planet. We all want to be able to learn, build, create, experiment, dance, laugh, cry, love, inspire, speak, sing, and travel. We all value these things in some way, shape, or form.

If we all value these things, and this is just a small list of things we have in common, then why would our value be measured in dollars and cents? How could our “Net Worth” possibly be measured by metrics that only evaluate earnings and ownership? What if we placed our energy, efforts, and policies into unifying, understanding, and helping each other?

You’ll notice that in all of our common values, money was never mentioned. Because money is really just a tool used to control us with an assigned value based on math that most of us don’t understand. It’s become a symbol of being able to enjoy the things we value if we have a lot of it, or a constant pursuit of it if we don’t have enough. So in our personal revaluation we need to realize, appreciate and claim the power and value of our freedom to choose a new way of being.

This is our secret weapon. There is an order in place that has a very anti-human value system. They thrive on fear and control, and we want to feel safe and be independent. If we fight against this order using the same tactics, then we will lose. They’re just better trained for a fight that creates more anxiety, war, and fear. Our weapons are peace, joy and confidence. The more we utilize these weapons, the more powerful we become. The judicious application of intelligence, compassion, forgiveness, kindness, and love allows us to completely disable our enemy.

But here’s the challenge. We think our enemy is the Cabal. But our true enemy is ignorance and apathy. Most of us are ignorant of attested proven facts, and we just don’t care enough to do anything about it. Instead of exploring to find the truth, we wish, hope and pray that it’s magically revealed. We ignore the pain and suffering of people we can help because it’s inconvenient to our current slave lifestyle. We’d just assume be entertained, rather than actually be engaged in our life, our Government, or our liberation.

We are stagnant. This will no longer do.

The source of all life is alive in you. You witness to it with a thousand different involuntary functions taking place in your body all the time. You can’t explain why your heart beats, but it’s does so anyways despite some of our best efforts. Our body is the first gift that God ever gave us and it’s the perfect witness to his function and purpose.

You are a light inspired and generated from the love of God, and you have the the opportunity to help shape a new world where our collective light shines so bright that we can break the dome wide open. If we can break away from the limitations of our tribe, and connect ourselves to the powerful things we have in common, rather than consume ourselves trying to elevate our tribal values above those of another tribe that we were told is our enemy.

The only enemy we need to fight is the indifference we feel about maintaining the same status quo. We have been made in the likeness and image of our creator. Our mission is to pursue excellence and innovation using our innate creative abilities to sculpt a new world where fear cannot survive and love cannot be contained. Our efforts are inspired by the natural drive that lights the life of everyone. This life is a gift. All lives are a gift. What you do with your gift is how we can revalue what is truly important to the world, and show our appreciation for all that God has done through our life.

This is your moment to take a stand for your right to be anything you ever wanted to be.