Cancer Cures Suppressed

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25 Amazing (and Disturbing) Facts About the Hidden History of Medicine

“Fact # 2: The NCI, ACS and FDA have worked together to suppress cancer cures since 19 50

The United States has an evil “tri-fecta” which makes sure the masses are consuming foods which cause disease and receiving toxic chemicals as the so called “cure.” This practice is not accidental nor some good intention gone awry. This political, economic and financial nightmare was thought up by U.S. politicians and greed-driven scientists sitting around think tables over 60 years ago.

Cancer treatment is a one hundred billion dollar industry annually. The National Cancer Institute (NCI), the American Cancer Society (ACS), and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are the ultimate “partners in crime,” and their publishing catapult for misguided information has been none other than the AMA’s (American Medical Association) JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association), that “prestigious” journal all the Western doctors cling to for drug deals, which turn all their patients into “clients for life.”

In order to understand how “alternative methods” became mainstream, and how proven natural cures became “alternative,” true history must be dredged up and engaged.
Just after World War II, many of the Nazi scientists were released from prison (4 to 7 year terms for mass murder) and employed by U.S. corporations to design slow death food and medicine for the United States’ chronic care management agenda.

What is the tri-fecta’s ongoing evil mission?
1. Feed the masses unlabeled GMO pesticide corn and soy, antibiotic and hormone laden animals, fluoridated water, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), monosodium glutamate (MSG), and Aspartame.

  1. Then offer treatment choices: surgery, chemo, pharmaceuticals and radiation. Make no mistake: it’s all planned.

  2. When you donate money “for the cure,” it is spent shutting down the actual cure. For starters, about half of the ACS board is comprised of oncologists and radiologists with a vested interest in the 4 slow death choices. Key officials often sit on each other’s committees and receive grants from each other. Their job is to guarantee that funding for cancer research continues to keep America sick and dying. It’s the “good ole boys network,” and the politicians running for office right now know it.

Officially organized in the 1940’s, the ACS was run by major pharmaceutical companies, and when President Nixon signed into law the “War on Cancer,” the ACS became unstoppable.

What happens to the hundreds of millions of dollars the ACS collects every year?

When you donate money “for the cure”, it goes to shutting down the cure! For six decades, the ACS has backed a committee to identify any doctor prescribing “unproven methods” (natural cures), and those doctors are persecuted and shut down in courts by Judges who previously worked for one of the tri-fecta organizations (or will be working for them soon).

Basically, in America, if a therapy works, is cheap, has no side effects or is not patentable, it gets shut down.
The AMA is responsible for licensing all doctors in America, so networking with the NCI, ACS and FDA serves as their “police radar” for identifying doctors that step out of line. The illusion of the slow death “choices” There was never really any such “war on cancer” waged by the U.S. Government. The tri-fecta knows slow death choices are where the big profits roll in, and they’ve brainwashed the masses into thinking these are the only choices for cancer treatment. Morris Fishbein, the biggest quack ever, ran the AMA for 40 years for the sole purpose of discrediting anything he could not control. The AMA and the FDA steal natural cure patents from scientists and then dilute the formulas, so they can post clinical trials showing the cure “doesn’t work.” ( The Rife frequency machine, Hoxsey’s cures, Dr. Max Gerson’s Diet, and Dr. Burzynski’s antineoplastons are great examples of cures for cancer which no doctor or oncologist in America dares to mention, for fear he or she will lose their license and/or serve time in prison.

There are two “wars on cancer” going on right now that have been waged for 60 years, but the big money is all behind the war that the U.S. Government wages to shut down natural cures and make them illegal. “Cancer therapy is so toxic and dehumanizing that I fear it far more than I fear death from cancer itself.” – Ralph W. Moss, Ph.D.

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  1. This is the best cancer cure in the USA! Hands down Native medicine for cancer, tumors..I get all my clients on it and their animals. No matter if it skin cancer or internal cancer. Even those state 5 and 6 cancers can be cured with this amazing compound. Ancient stuff…and the man who sells it is a good friend of mine. I have now cured my own cancer 2 times using different types of treatments. First cancer was when I was 31 stage 4/5 brain cancer, I used diet and cleaned up my dormant infections in my body..I also returned to my shamanism work which helped get my energy sphere back plumped up. You cannot live long and healthy with an energy field collapsed which is dieing… I have not been to a doctor or any kind of western medicine since like 19. No Need.. When you are not afraid of death anymore you do not need doctors who are just legal dock attendants anyway who register you as a live commodity called birth certificate so the gov can then register you as a lost at sea vessel..doctors are all frauds because of their license status and they do not even get it.. You also cannot have long term health is the soil is dead, if the soil like it is dead, then you will die, since your body runs off millions of health microbes and when microbes go bad and are not replaced from food from soil that has microbial density you cannot really live long, cure your issues but more keep coming..your body is compost and you need the microbes to break down the old and make new so if you do not get them from the soil, you do not get them..I know I went back to school to learn biodynamic farming and became a soil restoration nut for health, cures and longeivity. The work I do now..educating the people on earth who seem to think they can get away and ignore the destruction of the top soil of the planet, soil can heal everything..but most of it is already destroyed and the whole growing food inside in water and plastic, well that is a whole shocking thing once you reach the bottom of the fact that plastic especially eroded by water breaks down and gets into the body and causes estrogen production, turning men into women..and most of the male cancers are caused by plastics. Not to mention that there are no microbes in the aquaponics either, the microbes come from the soil and the soil only. remember also that b vits are one of the highest nutrition deficiencies in the usa, the b vits cannot be taken in a supplement as they are not biological, b vits are bacterial and that means is made by growing the food on and in soil and the plants building these natural biological bacterial vitamin b’s. If people ate from the own soil and knew how to create nutrient and microbial rich soil you would never even get cancer, the plants and soil would create what you need to cure anything and everything before it ever became a disease!

  2. if you really want to get involved in a ever oh so important cause
    help us stop the cdc from more FRAUDulent acts against us and our children
    please watch this ( at least the last hour about where Robert Kennedy comes in and explains how fraudulant the hhs and cdc are and whats going on in court RIGHT now
    this is long 3 hours..,, watch the last part first !!!!



  3. Yup! … and I order from the Amazon a “Black Salve” that is all herbal for when melanoma pops up for me … this product is still illegal in US

  4. I am sending this article to my “doctors” involved with my breast cancer. Thank you for publishing it.

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