What Really Happened to U.S. Commerce Officer Lola Gulomova and her Husband, Jason B. Rieff?


Reported here last week:

“U.S. Commerce Department Foreign Service Officer, Lola Gulomova and husband, Jason Rieff were killed in apparent murder-suicide. Gulomova was from Tajikistan and hailed as a ‘true friend’ to Uzbekistan by Uzbek Ambassador to the United States. Uzbekistan is the seventh largest uranium supplier in the world. Gulomova previously worked for NASA and the World Bank, was a Deputy Russia Representative at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, as well as China and India.”

Reading through the list, it is obvious that many of last week’s murder-suicide victims had possible human trafficking connections.


Was Gulomova the Target?

While optics had us focused on the U.S. Commerce Officer’s wife as the murder victim, the details were largely left unspecified. Meanwhile the husband, Jason B. Rieff, was branded the murderer in an incident labelled as a domestic dispute.



A friend, who happened to be an expert in domestic violence, was called in to deepen the story:


Little was made of the fact that Rieff had a government career of his own. Washington Post, however, did call them a “Foreign Service couple,” while still branding Rieff the murderer:


Congressional records indicate “Jason Bradley Rieff, of DC,” held a position within the State Department:


Diplopundit.com states that further Congressional Records indicate that he was appointed to the Diplomatic Service during the 108th Congress (2003-2004).  His name appears a second time during the 110th Congress (2007-2008) when he was appointed as State Department FSO-04 Consular Officer and Secretary in the Diplomatic Service of the United States of America in December 2007.


Now onto the sordid crux of this affair.

Predictably, the murder-suicides of last week sent anons and researchers running to the internet, where they came up mostly empty-handed, until a sharp-eyed reader sent in the following link.

From: The Hindu, Online Edition of India’s National Newspaper for April 2004:

“HYDERABAD, APRIL 3. Prajwala, a voluntary organization that has been waging a battle against trafficking in women and children, has given a call for NGO-corporate partnership to tackle the worst form of human slavery. Prajwala organized a seminar on `NGO-corporate partnership against trafficking in persons’ in association with the US Consulate, Chennai, and the American Chamber of Commerce here on Friday. 

It aimed at bringing NGOs and corporates on a common platform to give back the victims their dignity and self-reliance. Of two million women and children involved in trafficking, 25 percent were children.”

Among the presenters listed:

Jason B. Rieff from the Consulate General for South India.


While not exactly a smoking gun, there it is, a link between Rieff and sex trafficking. In line of what transpired last week with the murders of at least two public individuals who were connected to human trafficking, this Jason B. Rieff link bears close examination.

Was it possible then that Rieff was the target and not Gulomova? Where the black hats cleaning up a mess by getting two targets at once?  We know how the cabal likes to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. 

Look how hard they are working to string up staffer-friend and possible trafficking researcher, Rebecca Lynn O’Donnell as the murderer of Sen. Linda Collins-Smith.

“Follow the wives,” says Q.  In this case, the wife, Lula Gulomova, leads us to Rieff.

Regardless of the outcome, we are again reminded to read between the headlines.

Lane Keller – For SPEAK MEDIA / See also: LaneExplains.com

“I have not nor will I ever consider taking my own life. To do so, would only entail coming back again to get it right.”

FYI, Here is Lola Gulomova bio via DOC’s export.gov:

Lola Gulomova joined the U.S. Department of Commerce as a Commercial Officer for FCS in July 2008. She became part of the FCS Guangzhou team in summer 2013. Lola covers major sectors such as civil aviation, energy, Select USA and others. Prior to Guangzhou assignment, Lola Gulomova served as a Commercial Officer for AIT Commercial Section in Taipei. Prior to Taiwan, Lola worked in the Commercial Section of the U.S. Embassy New Delhi Office, India. During her tenure in India, Lola took part in the U.S. Government team supporting numerous high level visits, including POTUS visit in November 2010, two visits of the Secretary of U.S. Department of Commerce, and countless other VIP visits.

Prior to becoming a Foreign Service Officer for the Department of Commerce in June 2008, Lola worked in the U.S. Embassy/Moscow as NASA Deputy Russia Representative dealing with bilateral space relations between the United States and the Russian Federation. As part of her work with NASA, Lola ensured that the U.S. Astronauts who are present on the International Space Station receive appropriate support on the ground and in the space.

Before joining NASA, Lola Gulomova worked with United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) on Katrina Aid Today programs and initiatives to ensure long-term recovery for people affected by Katrina hurricane. She setup operations of Katrina Aid Today and opened the office in Washington D.C. under tight schedule and deadline and limited budget. As a result, of Lola’s efforts 70% of the initial setup operations budget was saved to be rerouted for Katrina aid efforts. Originally, from Tajikistan, Lola graduated from the School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) – Johns Hopkins University in Washington DC in 2001.

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