Christmas Message from Kim Goguen

Speak Project Wishes You & Yours a Very Merry Christmas

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The History of the British Accreditation Registry

You have no doubt heard of the term the “Bar Association.” Every attorney in the the United States must pass the “bar” exam to obtain

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Today the age of decadence amongst your elite comes to a close. Do not forget what it is to be human. Caring sharing and loving

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Letter from President Donald J. Trump to Nancy Pelosi

Clearly, the Democrats have it in for President Trump. Why else would they keep pursuing a null and void issue of impeachment for crimes that

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Who is the Alliance? – Kim “Possible” Goguen

from Kim “Possible” Goguen

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Confused about Carbon Dioxide (CO2)? Get the FACTS here!

If you are confused about the role of Carbon Dioxide in our environment, please keep reading. Below is a copy of an email that we

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