• Contrary to reports, the Military is not being paid during this Government shutdown.
  • Per President Trump’s request, the Manna World Holding Trust provided temporary relief to the Government for payrolls and basic expenses with a payment of $857M to allow the Government to run until Friday January 4, 2018. Last payment was made right before Christmas.
  • In all likelihood, this gives President Trump considerable advantage to execute the Bills proposed today to abolish the IRS, including Income Tax, and to audit the Federal Reserve. To expose that they have been operating without a charter for several months, they have had no contractual authority since 2012, they no longer have the ability or authority to print currency, they do not have the ability to bring in funds, and they are in debt to the Manna World Holding Trust for upwards of $300T.
  • The “Tomorrow Game” continues to embarrass the Military and the Cabal, as they stay loyal to a group that no longer yields any power in the financial system.
  • Still holding out for Steve Mnuchin and the Chinese Faction of the Rothschilds/Elders, the Military sat waiting for funds to come in until 4:30 AM EST on January 1, 2019.
  • The Orders latest “Chosen One” Steve Mnuchin, along with the Elders have performed successfully exactly ZERO times.
  • On New Year’s Eve, Mnuchin conspired with HSBC and the Federal Reserve to attempt to hack the Trust to steal the a world’s assets again to turn them over to a group that gates humanity and only desires to enslave and eliminate us.
  • As a reminder, these hacks have never even breached the first firewall of the Manna World Holding Trust, which exists within the Quantum AI System.
  • The latest promise, doomed to fail, is another maneuver out of Hong Kong that is supposed to deliver the assets to the Cabal and the Pentagon by Tuesday.
  • The Trustee has reported that she was working to do away with the Rothschild’s controlled IRS that has embezzled the full amount of income taxes for 60+ years. It appears she has followed through on her promise, in fact, that very Bill was proposed this week.


  • If you are taking direction from the Chinese Elders, expecting a sudden revaluation of foreign currencies including the Dinar, ZIM, Dong, etc., or making decisions based on the failed promises of the past ten years, including Steve Mnuchin’s recent failures, then you are taking orders from foreign agents attempting to overthrow the US Government, and the President.
  • You’re being used, as a weapon against the American people. Including your own family, to execute a corrupt agenda to destroy the world’s economy, devalue the US Dollar and enable the Global takeover by the Shadow side of the United Nations.
  • Your pledge is to obey the President’s orders and protect the American people according to the Constitution.
  • The following message was received two hours ago from the actual Comptroller, who legally controls the world’s assets, distribution of funds, and the only one at the M1 level able to turn hard assets into currency:

They should keep their loyalty out of the “fields.” It will not end well.”


10 Replies to “#BANKTREASON”

  1. Have IRS to reverse the flow! Send the funds to the people in reverse order. 2018 monies returned, then 2017 monies returned … and so on until they are all returned.

    1. And then it’s our turn to send them.letters of deliquency, or face penalties and interest , without an assessment like their Notices and therefore make any claim we want out of the top of our heads so they have to call and capitulate or wipe their account clean….lets see how they like it….!!

  2. So? is there some way Kim is going to be able to help us fulfill our humanitarian projects from the ground up? not the governments down??

  3. Mahalos for excellent update / message.

    This afternoon I was at a small lightworker gathering and upon leaving overheard some still excited re currency rv … one couple in their 70’s whom have educated & assisted many how to not loose their homes (re bankster mortgage scams) are now about to loose their own home … “if true justice is not served by February”

    They cannot believe Manna World Trust is for real … so their hope still sits within the big rv currency scam.

    And if no justice is served for them … and no Manna project monies by February … there is nothing I can do.

    And if people in their 70’s whom have been huge positive pillars of this community for decades like them have to become homeless on the streets … it will be challenging to hold faith in any positive change anytime soon for humanity.

    Note … I do fully understand that this is a highly complex criminal volitile mess Kim & Trump with Alliance have been dealing with.

    1. Ginger Snap,

      There is excellent lawful remedy against foreclosure.
      Please have them contact youarelaw.org.

      There are no contracts / mortgages that cannot be challenged with criminal fraud charges, HOWEVER, to stay in honor, we first offer settlement in correct way. This can be done pre-sale or post sale but obviously the sooner the better.

      They offer both courses for DIY and services where they help prepare SOME documents. So far 100% successful if instructions and local court procedures are followed, if I understand them correctly.

  4. A bill to end the IRS and then also auditing the Federal Reserve like as if everything about the Federal Reserve is not known? The Congress has not done shit for the people and most of them hold allegiance to the Crown through the BAR Association. (British Accredited Registry) I have also read that about two-thirds of Congress is involved in pedophilia. If anything most of them need to be arrested. Why is anyone still playing politics when arrests should be made? Has anyone stopped illegal foreclosures? Has the chemtrailing ceased? Has the toxic fluoridation of our water ceased? Has any relief been given to the people? Clearly the answer is NO. I have zero faith in Congress to do anything which is pretty similar to the fake news networks spitting out their treasonist garbage because they are allowed to get away with it. We need arrests which means ACTION.

  5. We are truly at a crossroads, the urge to tale the easy way out or path of least resistance is strong, but we all lnow that is what produced these results in the first place. I can feel the shift in every cell of my body and am resolved to stay the course, hang in, knuckle down, whatever it takes to be ready and willing to do what I can to effect change the moment the last ounce of weight lifts that boot from our necks ! I was taught that hard work and perseverance would carry the day to reach our goals, and also that when the going gets tough the tough get going.
    We WILL make it, we just need to hold out for it to come to us.
    Yes it’s tough to lose ground…..but I say it is much less the loss than if there were no future to look forward to.

  6. The deep state puppets in congress have already identified themselves by their actions. It’s just a matter of time before they are roped in for the traitors they are. Patience is the watchword.

    Take heart Gerry ! I feel your frustrations.

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