I have just been given the override codes for the
“Black Server” at the United Nations. This enables reports to be run that will detail the in depth financial dealings of the Cabal and exposes them for generations of crimes against humanity.

This information will be attached to the Dead Man’s Trigger which will be activated in the event that anyone who is a plaintiff on the lawsuit or their family members are harmed, or their funds are tampered with in any way.

In addition, any banker willing to stand up to conduct a legal transfer from the Master Trust with the codes provided will be included under the umbrella protection of the Dead man’s trigger.

We have an opportunity to free humanity right now. The Banking cartels do not have access to the real assets to be able to disburse funds. They do not have the authority to generate new codes that can withdraw the funds.

The money showing in the accounts are mirrored. They are an illusion and that is why no one can access them.

Kim has the codes. She wants to place the money in the hands of the Government and the people. The Government knows the accounts are legit and are funded with real assets.

It is time for the Republic to stand up! Put the codes in and free humanity.


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