SPEAK UPDATE 5/24/2019

12:26 AM EST

•After the banks were audited this past weekend, authorities in the banks and Governments were made aware that the banks have no money with which to operate.

•After the audit Steve Mnuchin was identified by bank records presented to the US Government which demonstrated clear acts of treason committed against the American people.

•Steve Mnuchin has now been fired by the Trump administration three times. He refuses to leave because he was not appointed by President Trump, but by the Rothschilds.

•Steve Mnuchin made arrangements to send US Treasury Notes to the Chinese Elders in return for a 35% commission for the US. As expected by everyone, but those hypnotized by their fear of the now impotent Dragon Families, the Chinese Elders didn’t pay the 35% commission. “WE CANNOT BELIEVE THE CHINESE ELDERS DIDN’T PAY OUT!”
Said, no one, ever.

•The Secret Space Program attempted to drill into the 7th level in New Zealand. This was an attempt to access galactic technology from an area they are restricted from, in an ongoing attempt to access the funds held in the Manna World Holding Trust.

•In a panic to somehow magically maintain control of the world, the Major World Banks again attempted to hack the Trust Thursday morning 5/23/2019. These attempts failed to even break through the first fire wall of the Trust. Again.

•The Banks and Secret Space Programs no longer have access to the financial system to even see what is happening.

•The RV didn’t happen again, because it will not be allowed to happen because it would trigger a series of events causing the Genocide of 90% of the population and slavery for the rest of us.

•A significant shift in the planets frequency was implemented on Wednesday, May 23,2019 and will cause permanent changes to the planets vibration if all continues as planned.

•All parties involved in the continued crimes against humanity being committed against the people of Earth, refusing to allow the liberation of humanity to move forward will be held accountable at the highest level.

•The efforts described above are part of the economic assassination of the United States of America. This battle continues putting humanity and those affiliated with the Manna World Holding Trust against the former head slaves known as the Order, the Dragon Families, Chinese Elders, Illuminati, the Deep State, or the Cabal.

•The only information that can be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt is what has been proven repeatedly by the Trustee Kimberly Goguen.

•All authorities who continue to attempt to steal from and block the Trust from bringing funds in to the people will be removed from their positions.

•All those not in support of the Trust are ignorantly supporting the economic collapse of the world and their own elimination through various methods outlined in the Depopulation Agenda of the United Nations.

•Ra Tu Tui Lomoloma, Fijian Tribal Chief will expound on these issues, Sovereignty, and the Government in Fiji tonight 5/24/2019 at 8PM EDT on SpeakProRadio.com.


SPEAK Up with TANK and Larry Haines

SPEAK Up with TANK and Larry Haines
Tonight 5/21/2019 8:00 EDT

Countertops that produce oxygen, houses constructed from a concrete polymer that dates back to the Roman aquaducts, fire-resistant building materials,  advanced welding methods and fast-build, economic techniques contribute to Larry Haines’ low-carbon sustainable developments.


Robert Welch in 1958

This speech was given by Robert Welch in 1958 regarding the globalist agenda of the New World Order.

I tried very hard to find a transcript of this speech, but all transcripts on the Internet have been removed. However, the important points in the speech have been documented at https://www.garynorth.com/public/12148.cfm.

SPEAK Up with TANK – 5/15/2019

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Special guest: David Hayden
Topic: Limitless Invention


What Could Changes In FDA Dietary Supplement Regulations Mean For Herbalists?



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Global Guy is a Cornell University graduate trained in geology, geophysics and Austrian & Keynesian economics. Through personal childhood experiences he learned that the real truths of our world often lay outside our presently perceived paradigms of the way things are; especially in all fields involving the economic interests of the Powers that Be (PTB). Following a two decade career in environmental engineering and geology, blended with quality assurance in the nuclear power generating industry, he focused his attention on promoting alternative energy generating systems, energetic healing, holistic health and nutrition after fully recognizing that all things influencing us do so through frequency, vibration, resonant and harmonic energies*. Always a seeker of the truth, and with a strong sense of justness and fairness, GG has been a student of “hidden” history, tuned into the greater context behind our present economic situation and trends for nearly four decades.