Response: Anna Von Reitz: Brief Comment to “With all due Respect”, Kim et alia

Dear Ms. Von Reitz,

Please find someone else to obsess over. This is my last comment to you and your agency friends who are feeding this load of false intel to you…. >
“I am glad you have taken the bait, the whole MIT/Virgo Triad crap this lady is posting for you came directly from me as a counter-op for you to all run around the country looking for me and my server. I kept asking if she knew what it was because I guarantee you she doesn’t. How do I know? Because there is no such thing..I made it up and you ate it up. Ms. Von Reitz is only regurgitating for someone else. We know. I appreciate all of the snatch and grab attempts, but I too can play counter-intel. You made me laugh when I lead all of you ding dongs directly to your VERY OWN server, now that was funny. Didn’t you realize you were in your own facility? Did it not look familiar before you sent in the special ops team? You had the whole world laughing at that one, that video went EVERYWHERE. I ask all of you, not just Ms. Von Reitz, as she is just a widget in your scheme..What would you have done with “kilogram in Atlanta” anyway? This wild goose chase that you are all on that looks like something out of a video game or an Indiana Jones movie, “put the crystal in the black tree” crap was all designed to keep all of you busy. Ever wonder why of the hundreds of “missions” you have been on, not one of them has achieved the desired result??? Yet you keep doing it like a bunch of idiots. You do not understand you have been “PLAYED”. This is a “test”, you failed the test, you are the “chosen one, a relative of some biblical character, etc.”. That was all by design. See, I have seen the playbook, I know the game. I played against the best of the best and won, after all, “the one” is dead isn’t he?? The lists are long and sorted. Anagrams, ciphers.” Please stop listening to the “GODS” they are making fools of you, or don’t. Either way the world will continue to spin, and you will be left shaking your head wondering what happened. A good student always surpasses the teacher. There is a big difference between being SCHOOLED and SCHOOLING.” >
And to you Ms. Von Reitz, please stick to helping people understand the legal systems, as this whole fake intel providing thing is not really your cup of tea. The message above is for your agency contacts who are feeding you. I know you are not aware you are being played, but you are. 1000%. Now I understand Ms. Von Reitz you will not in any way understand what I wrote above, but the parties who are following the fake intel will certainly catch on. Just because information comes from a trusted party doesn’t mean the party can be trusted. Further, you never know who “the real author” is of the orders you are following. Onyx Switzerland, Black Onyx, Black Star Onyx (not so rare not so immortal), Black Dragon, Blue Dragon anyone got an egg timer? >

Kim “Possible”

“Re DOSM Order #66 and #70” by (Anonymous) – 7.20.18

Subject: “Re DOSM Order #66 and #70” by (Anonymous) – 7.20.18

There is no such trust. She can claim anything she wants, but it will never hold. Further to this affect I changed the name of Manna Trust, so good luck to her finding the new name(s) or any account numbers. Even if she did there is no access. As to the others she mentioned, you can find that information on the internet. EVERYTHING has changed.

This scenario is like you (any of you) staking claim to the Bill Gates Foundation, Breast Cancer Foundation or any other large foundation you can easily find on the internet. It’s great, but in the end there is no “real” claim and you could post on any blog you want “I Mr. X am of the fictitious order of the fuc-ar-wee tribe and I own Apple Computers as of this day.” In the end you will get a visit from some nice men who will deliver a white coat with the arms in the back and not much else for your trouble.

Seems to me this is another person wishing to be an internet sensation, another “M1” another “Sino” another “Anthony Martin” another “Elder” with zero behind it and no access. If she does, then God Bless her and please distribute to all the people as soon as possible..but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

All the Best,
Kim “Possible”

Regarding Anna Von Reitz — Manna World Trust, AI, Quantum, and More

Kim-Possible: Regarding Anna Von Reitz — Manna World Trust, AI, Quantum, and More

1) Again, I repeat, What the heck is a “virgo triad”??? If ANYONE on here knows what this is please let me know as I don’t have a clue. How did I become a member of something I know nothing about. The only “club” I belong to is a gym. Do I get a membership card or something for this? If so they took me off the mailing list.

2) M never created the AI, another group did, although he used it, why? because he knew how. That group put it’s own administrative over-rides in place as they had a deal with M group like pirates, each with it’s own force and split the spoils. M also had his, so yes, they didn’t trust each other. Hey, anyone seen “Please enter your Administrative Override Code” lately? Ok, I didn’t create the idea, but I liked it so I used it. I don’t trust banks either. I didn’t fully take over the system until January 2016, M died in August 2016, and it has taken this long to reprogram for distribution. Now I am no computer expert, I had to learn. Furthermore, this is not a technology you can take a class for. I assure you I go to a computer room, sit down, and program just like the rest of the world. Although this one has multiple types of access (other than just keyboards, touch screens etc.).

3) So now I am a “walking computer terminal”?? Seriously? I bleed like you, I eat like you and yes I am human. 100%. I have never been experimented on nor taken any “enhancement”. I was naturally born this way. Many people are born with extraordinary skills in one area or another, why is this so odd for you? Then again, I guess they said that about Einstein, DaVinci, Tesla and many others. PEOPLE ARE EXTRAORDINARY, not just one guy or one lady. Each in their own way amazing, I am also a person and in my own way I use my “gifts” just as you do.

4) As to “no emotions”, I have a daughter I love dearly with all my heart and a significant other as well. Yes, I have learned over the years how to negotiate with the best of the best and the worst of the worst. I rarely show “anger”, especially in business, but this was learned not some kind of genetic anomaly. I am sure most reading this have learned somewhat to control emotional outbursts especially at a business meeting or teleconference as you get older and “wiser”. Controlling emotions is not the same as not having any.

5) I know M is dead because I was there 158 died on the same day and I saw them all. Many have gone since as well.

6) I CHANGED THE NAME OF THE TRUST last Thursday, I can do that because I have control. I can change it again tomorrow if I want, I can also randomly change all the account numbers and the codes. Allocations moved, switched, Quota and full bank book updates. So people can write up all the fictitious claims they want against “Manna World Holding Trust”, but it doesn’t exist anymore. Hey, we can have some kind of a random “what to name the trust contest” what do you think Anna? People can submit their preferred names and we can choose maybe 5 or 10? Heck it is the people’s money anyway. That is people all over the world, not just USA, not just Iraq, not because they could afford a few dollars to buy currency. ALL THE PEOPLE. Remember, “money” means nothing outside this 3D reality we all live in. You can’t take it with you, and even if you could it would be a “relic”. Gold is considered a “trash” mineral which is why M didn’t care if the “new system” was gold backed or how much money he dished out. Once I figured that out, I figured out freedom for the people and all the other “slaves” M group kept. Come on, everyone here talks about 5D, ever been? Tesla said, “IF you know the secret of 3, 6, 9 you then know all the secrets of the Universe”, might be something to that after all (wink, wink). Try not to get stuck in the Middle.

7) There is no “second” Quantum System, only the back system now has another sub sector used for the clean up of the “front banking system”, in effect, it is slowly taking over the whole front system and is at 88%.

8) The only “new system” (of the GCR kind) that was attempted was about a week ago and it couldn’t make it past the “NEW” financial system firewalls we put up over a month ago That is why people stated you may have to use a website to access your funds Now, to be clear, there was no actual money in there and you couldn’t spend it to buy groceries or withdraw at an ATM machine. This system went up on a Saturday morning early EST and was down at precisely 2:09am. In no way was this a Quantum System as no one really cares about fictitious numbers. If you do, then please feel free to make yourself a spreadsheet on your laptop, put the dollar sign in front and as many zeros as you like, now try to spend it. Now go back to school and take micro and macro economics and get back to us.

9) I AM A “RUS”, yes some relation to Romanov, but more importantly I AM A RUS. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat. Yes Nicholas II gave his life instead of his country. Lenin was trained in Switzerland by Rothschild to implement a new form of government for the masses. Have you ever been to Russia Ms. Von Reitz? I have. You will be very surprised when you stop getting information 2nd hand from people for some reason you trust.

Again, Ms. Von Reitz, I have no idea who is “feeding you” this “Intel” but it is clearly so you will discredit yourself or make people think you are crazy?

Quantum Computer = Quantum Physics = Elements 235, 115, Higgs Boson industrialized, 8 Elements+ One Particle, Time Overlay, Past/Present/Future ARE ONE and exist at the same time “Mapping System.. Duplicates do not work”. Sets of Books, Sets of Books Sets of Books, no longer altered by outside influence. Time is Linear,Distance is Linear not relevant. Quantum Leaps or Steps from one Dimension to another seamlessly. Von Braun “Linear Propulsion” not real, works for short distances as in around the globe, not long distances. That is what I mean by “Quantum System”. Please do not confuse this with blockchain etc. etc. That is very old technology released to the public for your consumption by your controllers. How could you use a technology GIVEN to you by the very people that control you and find FREEDOM? Does jailer give you the key to free yourself? No. THINK please, help me help you. The Quantum System WAS NOT created by THEM, It IS created by US, as in US The People.Make something new/old (same thing). Now go build a real quantum system there is the blueprint.

Thank you for educating so many on the legal system. I would appreciate a little education from you too.. What the heck is a Virgo Triad???? Thank you in advance for your time.


Kim “Possible”

18 July, 2018 13:27


I’m approached on a daily basis by semi-informed individuals who claim to have the authority over the Manna World Holding Trust or some account held there in. They always have very fancy paperwork with signatures of important dignitaries or people who think they’re very important, Royal and Government seals, and often some type of language meant impress.

I’ve avoided addressing these claims because I’d prefer not to give energy to divisive control tactics, but feel the need to help anyone currently under the impression that these give someone a higher level of authority than Kim to access the trust.

Most of these issues can be resolved by recognizing these three facts:

•There has always been a Royal Monarchy that sits above the Governments. There are several official international documents, treaties, and agreements that can validate that the “Great Dictator” or “King of Kings” is recognized as the absolute authority no matter what the contract says and exists as the sole Sovereign entity on the planet. This is the reason why the Rothschilds/Dragon Families get away with murder because at some point they were granted a Sub-Sovereign status which elevated them above the laws of any country.

•Beneath the Royal Monarch is the power and authority held by Church and State. This power is often acknowledged as the ultimate authority on the planet to acknowledge the Royal lineage, rights, and authority of a bloodline Royal. However, it still exists beneath the sole Sovereign entity on the planet.

•There has been a dozen genetic tests to prove that Kim is the rightful Czar of Russia and the highest ranking bloodline Royal of any lineage on the planet. This is not speculation. This is a fact.

To further explain why these papers of authority are useless, we have to understand who has created them and by what authority. Unless the authority is the Royal Monarch herself then there is no authority that trumps her own.

The previous Sovereign ruled as a totalitarian war mongering dictator. He was feared, revered, and rarely seen. He was masterful at pitting Nation against Nation, creating religious conflicts, and manipulating all sides to play his game. He controlled all factors of the world and held us all hostage under Global Martial Law.

This individual has since been eliminated with his minion slaves left with orders to carry out the plan. They continue to operate with no creativity only knowing one way of life. They have been the face of the Monarch, and given access to advanced technologies for years making them appear to be God’s.

Although we all know that these forces have held power erroneously for hundreds if not thousands of years, there has been little resistance from the people or Governments to regain our control or our freedom. For the most part, people have accepted it as “the way of the world” and tried to create a comfortable life within the Rothschild’s reign of terror. Because we have mostly accepted “our lot in life” while the Dragon Families have comfortably expected to lie, cheat, murder, and steal from the people for as long as, and in anyway they’ve seen fit.

The difference today is that the one who is currently sitting in the seat of the Royal Monarch was raised as a human, and is an advocate for human empowerment, human sovereignty, and human expression. She recognizes the mechanisms put in place by the Warlord who used to rule the planet have created a heavily entrenched society of lies creating the Matrix of our perceived reality. To ease the people into the position of free living creative beings from enslaved entities who haven’t been aware of their true origin, true abilities, or true nature, there has to be a transitional phase.

In this first phase of the transition she has created an alternate pathway for Source Energy to enter into the atmosphere increasing our vibration and awareness, while at the same time improving our physical and mental health. This has given us an immediate infusion of light energy from our spiritual and energetic origins allowing us to reconnect to a more natural state of existence. This is just to lay the ground work for the monumental changes that will occur over the transition.

The Monorail that so many criticized Kim for funding is actually a conduit made from the same substance as the seven arch’s of the covenant. In the same manner that these were placed at strategic points around the Earth to maintain the Taurus energy fields of the planet, the Monorail will act as a similar unifying force. The construction of the Anti-Gravitic train will actually restore the natural energy fields of the Flower of Life. Just by riding in the train people’s health will improve and every aspect of the planet will flourish with new life.

To get back to the various characters claiming authority for one faction of the Dragon Families or another, there is really no need for there to be an argument or struggle for control. The latest claim on the Trust doesn’t even list the full name properly, and even if it was endorsed by the Catholic Church it wouldn’t overrule the authority of the Royal Monarch. Never the less, as you can see below the Vatican doesn’t even acknowledge D.O.S.M. as a true order holding any level of authority.

On October 6th, 2012, the Vatican Secretary of State renewed its formal announcement that it only recognizes the orders issued by the Pope, namely:

Under Papal protectionEdit

Even if this order was acknowledged by the Church there would still be an authority above that which has placed Kim in position. The Quantum Financial System can only be accessed by a very specific DNA code. All DNA is given by God himself, the only true King of the planet. She did not create the system to work that way, she was just given the role. There is no level of official paperwork that can overpower the fact that she is the only one who can access and control the financial system. So any claims to that authority are futile in that they still have to ask permission to receive active codes.

Just consider who it is that you are challenging every time you write a mean spirited post, angry at Kim for exposing the truth about a plan to eliminate humanity using the exchange process as a tool to facilitate your cooperation. Also realize that she could have exerted absolute control using the same tactics the Cabal had used previously. Instead, she used the Quantum AI Mapping System to integrate the DNA of every single human being on the planet. This was done for our protection to give us a chance to create a better world. We can finally have money, move it safely, and conduct business fairly without bowing down to anyone because of their last name.

People are constantly frustrated at the thought of Kim because they can’t imagine that anyone person would be given so much power. But she works daily to try and give that power right back to us while we fight and resist to hold on to an inferior existence as the skates of the Order. She has aligned our finances, our technology, and our planet to operate harmoniously with the Natural Laws of God.

So what is the holding us back from creating a new world in perfect agreement with our most natural and powerful state of existence?

We are.

Peace out,

18 July, 2018 10:23



10:22 AM EST

This was reported to me directly by one of our most trusted international team members 20 minutes ago. After a four meeting with a Lawyer associate of ours in Europe, who has diligently pursued various Tier 2 and Tier 3 exchange opportunities, known for the thorough and meticulous nature of his paperwork, just officially informed us that the White Dragons have confessed that they do not have the codes or authority to access the accounts on the back ledger, or any account that enables them to redeem the ZIM.

In addition we learned that Lawyers all over the world are furiously scrambling trying to find liquidity right now. The world is finally realizing that the financial system has been locked down, and is no longer under the control of the families (AKA. The Cabal, the Order, the Illuminati, the Rothschilds, etc.).