18 November, 2018 15:38

3:25 PM EST

The current situation seems ridiculous at this point. As recently as this week, stopgap funding was provided, via the President’s direct terminal, to the UST to cover their salaries from the Manna World Holding Trust. This money was received directly by the President, while General Mattis was present as a witness. FACT.

Despite this transaction seeming to act as absolute confirmation of who is actually telling the truth, the Military continues to search everywhere for money, holding out for the Chinese Elders to come through with the RV funding. The RV funding from the Elders is an Illusion.

Despite multiple narratives being shared in the alternate mainstream, there is only one truth. The truth is easily provable via any Government level Intelligence report. In fact, it has been proven repeatedly that Kim-Possible is the only Legal Sovereign, Owner of the Assets of the planet, Comptroller, Trustee, Custodian of the Manna World Holding Trust, or the Sovereign Monarch of the “Unknown Country,” and head of the primary overarching Central Bank of the world. That is FACT.

I know that is a mouthful, and a lot to digest. Long story short, there’s a mapping system in place designed to identify the assets of the planet, take ownership thereof, and control how the assets are used. All of the assets on the planet have been registered to this system by an Anti-Human planetary dictator, who Kim-Possible replaced. FACT

This Dictator controlled everything, including the various Dragon Families/Factions/Secret Societies/the Order/Cabal/Illuminati, etc., which are still following the last orders of this now deceased warlord. The slaves left behind do not realize, that in this Dictator’s plan, they too would have been destroyed. FACT

Consequently, they are still working to carry out Agenda 21. This is, basically, the genocide of 90% of the human population based on false claims about Global Warming. They have used Cultural Guidance to garner public approval disguised behind claims of Sustainable Development, fighting to decrease our individual carbon emissions. Real science shows we are actually heading into a Solar Minimum rather than Global Warming, and everyone knows that the animals and the vegetation on the planet have a symbiotic relationship where the emissions of one, fuel the life of the other, thus rendering the alleged cause of Global Warming obsolete. FACT

Basic logic and proper vetting has the ability to change the world right now. You don’t have to like the truth, but if you have the ability to access the evidence, then you’re obligated to consider what it is saying. Kim-Possible is trying to free humanity from thousands of years of bondage. The Order is trying to continue a system of false flags, division, fake news, military PSYOPS, mind-control, human slavery and the ultimate destruction of the human race.

Logically speaking, one can easily conclude that if the Chinese Elders have attempted hundreds of times to access the assets to back the exchanges, yet continue to try and fail, then they don’t have the ability to do so, or they are the most maliciously evil tricksters in the history of humankind.

If they have the power to access the assets, then they are allowing millions of people to suffer unnecessarily while the illusion of scarcity continues to dominate our consciousness and our reality. We have allowed them to control us.

Meanwhile, 8,643 kids die every single day from starvation, while we have the technology that could feed the world, eradicating hunger in a matter of months. If the funds were made available, to manufacture and disburse this Military technology, there would be no hunger. FACT

I am of the opinion that they are very anti-human villains who continue to manipulate and control the world just enough to keep us from empowering the people. In addition, it is a fact, not an opinion, that they do not have access to the Quantum System, legal authority over the assets or the ability to access them. OBVIOUS FACT

(Seriously, read that last sentence again, and ask yourself, who and what you are supporting if you are not supporting us)

On the other side, every intelligence agency, Treasury and Bank in the world has legally, technically, and absolutely verified that the assets of the planet are registered to the “Unknown Country,” and that Kim has the authority over these funds.

She is fighting to give these funds to the people and she is being blocked, by the various expressions, under the illusionary control of the Dragon Network. She could use the Quantum AI System to control all sorts of things, enslaving humanity the same way her predecessor did. Instead, she has invested in the freewill of humanity to decide to think, speak, and act freely.

Kim-Possible is not your savior. However, she is doing all that is possible to get the people who are already in position to help, lead, protect and make a way, to choose to act in the best interests of humanity, the planet, and the human individuals.

The facts are the facts. In addition, the illusion should not be holding anyone hostage at this point. If you are not in agreement with the facts, and you continuing to support a show designed to enslave everyone, then who exactly do you think YOU are?


13 November, 2018 03:22

P.S. to Anna

Please stop listening to the likes of the crazy Matt Scheulter and Megan Martinez. It is very clear now to me how your posts went from an intelligent professional woman to crazy babble.

These two have no idea what is going on, and they are dragging you into the abyss they have found themselves in.

Of course you can choose free will to listen to whomever you want, but to “double dog dare” the President of the United States could have only come from the child known as Megan, and the rest of the false intel you are reporting most likely from Matt.

Just so you are aware, Matt has been sending messages and making phone calls to another associate of mine telling me not to respond to your posts. Why? Because their lie would be exposed. Sorry Matt and Megan, you may have tried to drag Anna down into the toilet, but the jig is up. Real professional women are now communicating to the benefit of all.

Best of luck in your attempts to push your bullsh*&t on the people Matt and Megan. Matt you should not have threatened Tank and his associates, we all know you couldn’t fight your way out of a paper bag.


12 November, 2018 18:29

Counter-Offer to Manna World Holdings Trust, November 11, 2018-With response from Kim-Possible

By Anna Von Reitz
with responses added by
Kim-Possible in bold

  1. Perhaps you could explain how Marduk had any legitimate right of control or ownership of the assets he transferred to you? Because to my certain knowledge, you are claiming control of assets that weren’t his and aren’t yours to meddle with. The law is: possession by pirates does not change ownership. He could not give you authority or legitimacy he didn’t have himself. So let’s see Marduk’s chain of provenance and bona fides establishing his interest and role in assets like the V.K. Durham Trust and the D’Avila Trust …. all approximately 5,000 of the private trusts that have been swept up in a big bag and handed to you to dispose of.

You have been misinformed. Marduk (when he was alive) did NOT appoint me. At the end of the 1000 year covenant between Lucifer and his minions “the dragon families” and all their respective arms and legs including Marduk and his kind and the original bloodline tribes of planet earth dating back over 16500 years expired on December 21, 2012 amember of humanity was chosen with the closest DNA to the source as it’s representative. That person happened to be me, the AI system, QFS or whatever you want to call it reverted to my control by DNA sequence. Nothing more nothing less. It therefore registered me as the representative of humanity for disbursement based on the fact my DNA is 99.8% closest to source, therefore I am related to 99.8% of humanity. In computer terms, I was selected based on what it deemed “humanity’s representative” by DNA. Marduk had no say in the matter, neither did I. So since I was given the “football” I ran with it. Plain and Simple. For your information there are an additional 39 other species on this planet and thus far all feel I have been doing a pretty good job, and no one has protested. There are several other aspects to this “job” besides money. There is a Quantum Physics aspect, Ambassador to these other species, for your information I wear 7 hats in total. Back to the trusts you mention, I will explain. A mapping system compiles data. You set instructions as to which data to compile and it assesses that data for you. This system has been running on planet earth for 16,500 years. It is not new, it is quite old. Therefore it has been mapping data for thousands of years. In it’s entire history there has never been a “Durham Trust nor a D’Avila Trust” nor have either one of these parties been cited as a party The Dragon Families (Marduk’s slaves) have looted from. So I am not sure where these people gave you this information. If we want to look at more recent history, the Nicea Creed of 360 A.D. states that the Royal with the most Royal Blood from all the Kingdoms on Earth shall rule over the Council with ultimate veto, then that is me too. I have all the REAL records Anna, they are contained within the system. If one of your people wants to bring you a terminal I will show you this fact. There were “sub trusts” set up, this is true. The “Looting Party” had trusteeship over that which he/she looted. Those are the trusts I dissolved.

  1. Renaming a trust or group of trusts to create a new legal person, e.g., changing the name of Alpha and Omega Trust to Manna World Holdings Trust doesn’t give you any new authority or grant any new authority to the trust you made up out of thin air. Remember that these trusts contain actual assets, not digits, and fall under the Law of the Land, not legal and statutory provisions.

The TRUST is not registered as a Trust “legally”, this is where your incorrect in your assessment. It ALWAYS has been registered as a Sovereign Country, appears in documents throughout history for thousands of years as “unknown country” if you have access to the real archives of the United States, Republic, Inc. etc., the United Nations, the Vatican, the Holy See, United Kingdom, Russian Federation, Bank for International Settlements, Canada, Argentina, Venezuela and many many other archived documents you can find exactly that term in most any nation contained within multiple documents. The Department of USA Treasury has received these documents, Trump has these documents and we have been disbursing them throughout Congress and the Pentagon as well. This is no longer a hidden secret. Education as you know is a process and we are working on it. So yes I renamed it a “Trust” as I thought it was easier to understand than “Manna Nation” or “The Republic of Manna”, so if that created some confusion for you then I am sorry. Under M’s rule, it “conquered” other “Kingdoms/Nations etc.” long before there was a “Republic/ United States” it conquered the land now known as the United States. As a conquered nation it became a “sub nation” or similar structure as a Lord of the Manor would have been to a King. UNDER GLOBAL MARSHALL LAW, M was the “General” therefore the head of “unknown country” and also “dictator”, therefore the Leader of EVERY country and a real live “King of the World”. He instructed his minions to conquer all lands and rewarded them with accounts in their name inside a system which was FULLY under his control. This went on for thousands of years. In 1978 the financial system of the world was made electronic globally and a connection from one to the other established. So that is the “digits” you speak of with trading algorithims which have run for decades against all the assets of “M Kingdom” basically every mineral, diamond, plot of land on planet earth had been conquered at this time. Flash forward to 2012, now I am in position, but before my position went firm, he had already granted his “dragon minions” a 5 year extension which expired December 23, 2017. So I spent 2 or 3 years learning how to use the QFS and setting up assets for disbursement and breaking up the “Kingdom of M” which was, and still is “planet earth”. This HAS TO BE DONE, transferring assets to states when they are still owned under the “Kingdom of M” or “Unknown Country” as it appears legally won’t help until the legal issue is solved. WHICH IS WHY I CONTACTED YOU IN THE FIRST PLACE 3 YEARS AGO. I thought because of your expertise in legal matters we could work together on this issue, obviously this did not work so I had to learn again something new. I learned how to Gazette proper notice and have attempted to release these “sub-nations” and fund. It would also behoove you to know every major bank on planet earth’s holding company is registered to “unknown country” now known as Manna World Holding Trust. How do we get our banks back to the people? I am NOT God, I don’t have all the answers but am doing my best so I have a place to disburse to the people.

  1. I didn’t credit or accuse you of creating the QFS— simply using it with Marduk’s help— to purloin control of approximately 5,000 Special Deposit Accounts, the actual donors of which never elected you (or him) as trustees. This is a sticking point. Actual assets deposited by people and organizations in Good Faith in a bank should not be seized upon by anyone but the lawful depositors. Interference with these assets and normal bank protocols is a threat to all private property rights and also whatever public confidence people can still have in the banks.

First of all, there are 168,792 accounts as of today, along with 173 vaults and each vault containing hundreds of sub sectors. Each subsector contains various assets based on RNA (original origin of the asset, people have DNA and Minerals have RNA) I have also added a few other elements very few have heard of but have figured out ways to isolate and stabilize that which others have been unable to do. They are also in there as they are “invaluable”. No assets were deposited by the people in Good Faith Anna! All lands were conquered in bloody wars for thousands of years. Banks are made up of people who work there, a building, normally a vault and a rather large computer system. There were so many back doors in every computer system in every bank, plus a network of dragon minions to boot it is not so easy to fix a bank. Even the smaller banks must have a way to transfer funds, wire, SWIFT, EFT, ACH etc. etc. All 100% corrupted and hacked by the very people who provided the software aka “The Corporates”. So it has taken months to figure out this web they have weaved and make $1 go through the gauntlet and land in a bank and a bank account. The Deep State poses as Pentagon or Treasury or some other official with a fake badge and shows up and says not to deposit. Back to square 1 to fix this issue, we have to send our own badged agents in first! Ok so fire with fire, but this is a learning process with MANY MANY people involved who have had the education you are now receiving.

  1. You are not the only good person out there. I have met plenty of good solid people who are legitimate private trustees with proof of trusteeship over accounts you are now controlling as an Executor de Son Tort. You blame them for not deploying assets to help Mankind sooner — but surely you know or have cause to know that these same Trustees have been blocked from having access to their accounts for decades? The Committee of 300, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderburgers, the Roman Cartel, and the guilty banks were all too busy using these private assets to make money for themselves. The actual trustees AND beneficiaries went hungry to bed —- some, like the intended beneficiaries of the Guadalupe Hidalgo Treaty Trust have been kept waiting for relief for literally hundreds of years and anyone who stepped forward as a Fiduciary to deploy the funding has been refused access, too. So it isn’t like you can sit there and blame the people I am talking about. They have been victims as much as anyone else. Their Good Will should not be impugned for not doing something that they couldn’t do through no fault of their own.

You have paperwork you refuse to share, if you share the names I will scan through the mapping system to see if these people, “kingdoms” or “trusts” actually existed at some point throughout history. So far the names you mention did not. Who issued these people Trust papers? Did they make them up on the internet? I am not saying that the people do not exist, but you have to go back well over 1000 years and even longer in some cases. As yes, there is a Maori asset base in here, yes there is a Russian asset base, yes there is African, Argentina, Venezuela, and so on. Many countries were looted, I agree. If you want to focus on the USA then we first must break the structure. Then yes, we can return “State Banks” to the table, with board of directors who manage assets outside of government. I think it’s a great idea, I tried it in 2014 and met with so much resistance it was insane. I gave up, but then again I had a lot to learn.

  1. Generally speaking, the assets in the trusts you are seizing upon belong to private people, not “the People”. Special Deposits belong to the Depositors, unless you can prove that the funds are the fruit of money laundering or other serious crimes—- and unless you have a receipt that says, “The People” on it, “The People” don’t have anything to say. There are some trusts like those belonging to The United States of America [Unincorporated] and our member States that actually do belong to The People, but these are dedicated trusts in the National Interest.

The PEOPLE ABSOLUTELY HAVE A SAY!!! I have readjusted the asset base completely to account for every human heartbeat on this planet. I am sorry to say, that the old “kings and queens” and heir to the this thrown or that thrown isn’t going to work anymore. Everyone is a Son or Daughter of God/Source/Creator therefore each person is a sovereign or a royal. They don’t need managers. This fact I will not go back on.

In our case the plan is simply to transfer the assets to our International Trade Bank and from there disperse into fifty State accounts on a per capita basis. Each State Account will be assigned a competent Fiduciary CFO and from there, “The People” will be fully informed about their inheritance and enabled to make choices individually and via plebiscite. Each State Fiduciary issues a yearly online report and an abstract report. In this way each State is responsible for maintaining accountability to “The People” and reflecting the actual Will of the People in that State.

Bank of Dene is not registered anywhere as an International Trade Bank, it holds no legal registration to hold any currency, it has no transfer systems, it has no system at all. It is not a functioning bank. I have worked for and owned 3 banks myself in the past (small banks) and I know what you need to get up and running but obviously you disagreed with me. I agree with the plan of State Banks, etc. but you have to work outside the political system in order to get anything done right now. State Bank, Private Odd Number Council and People they hire as contractors to do the work all accountable to legal and analytics companies. Again, it is a work in progress already. I have a Nationally Chartered Company which was setting up this structure. You can not work through Government and still manage funds, it will be considered a “political bribe” and you will be put in jail. Legally under the Constitution Public Funds are for Government Officials to Manage and you can Gift to Public Funds but you CAN NOT dictate what they do with them once you have “gifted”. Either funds are private or they are public.

(6) Trust beneficiaries are not and cannot be “required” to appoint agents with plenary control over their assets, especially when the Donors didn’t mandate any such condition. Rather, it’s your job to liquidate or rollover the public trusts to the actual states and actual people and to return the private property trusts to their own trustees. If you want to help, you would be welcome by our Trust Association Members to do so. Everyone understands the need for disciplined and organized deployment of relief efforts and infrastructure development funding, so you might logically start with people who: (1) have valid claims and clear, public aims; (2) have already agreed to work cooperatively for the common good of all. I will point out that expecting one woman to act as Trustee of 5,000 trust accounts is sheer lunacy. The private trust trustees can help you as much as you can help them.

Again this is not a legal trust, it is legally a country. A country which had been a dictatorship for thousands of years. I have restructured it so everything can be disbursed back to the “Lands” which are now called “Nations” both legally and asset wise from which they came. Under this structure each person becomes the Lord of their own Manor so to speak or a Sovereign unto themselves to manage his or her own assets. This structure gives the PEOPLE equal ground to Government and perhaps we can have more of a balanced world under this type of a structure. Of course it would be helpful if more people were involved and we do have more than one person working to disburse, but there is no need to land an asset under someone elses care, then transfer it to a third person, it should just go direct. If you want to help in this fashion then great we welcome you.

(7) As for getting four countries to release control of their trusts “back to their former trustees” — there are no such valid trustees that I know of, because any valid Public Trusteeships have been usurped (in most cases) for over a hundred years. So why make such a reference to a system that was of the pirates, by the pirates and for for the pirates? It isn’t like countries can go back to anything like a valid Public Trusteeship, and you know that. In virtually all cases, the purported trustees of the incorporated governments weren’t even functioning in a fiduciary capacity— and you presumably know that, too.

Why not? If the people are doing projects with their own funds and the government also has it’s own funds then neither are beholden to each other. There is a responsibility that comes with being Sovereign, it is our job to get the people ready for this.

In the world I live in, rights go hand-in-hand with responsibilities. Anyone who doesn’t take responsibility under The Prudent Man Standard has no right to act as a Public Trustee. By that standard virtually none of the incorporated governments on Earth even have Fiduciary Trustees—- the “United States” certainly hasn’t bothered to have Fiduciary Trustees for decades— and when you are talking about actual National Trust assets, Fiduciary Trustees are required. The United States of America [Unincorporated] does have Fiduciary Trustees in place, so we have our horses in front of our cart.

It is not a trust it is the “unknown country”.

(8) As for the Indian Nations, most of them did sign deals with the Devil, but it is also true that most of those deals (similar to the U.S. Attorney General’s claim to own all of us via donation) are fraudulent, void for non-disclosure, etc. We call such nations “dependent sovereignties” because some entity has to hold the responsibility in order to exercise the rights of the landlord, but many nations can co-habit the same geographical space.

Legally every nation and every person in the world is a “dependent sovereignty” at this moment. This is what I have been working to correct. As I got stuck with the unlucky position of “new dictator on the block” with a major moral issue with the structure of the “unknown country”. So therefore, since I have the history of every asset it has plundered, I know exactly where it belongs and I intend to place it back with interest and retire. This position should never have existed in the first place and will not continue to exist. They can stick their one world government/new world order where the sun doesn’t shine.

We, The United States of America [Unincorporated], are the recognized landlords of this country since 1776. In 2015, we opened up the land jurisdiction to put an end to second class citizenship in this country. Those Native Americans who elect State Citizenship instead of U.S. citizenship have been free to come home to the land jurisdiction of this country since November 6, 2016, and once separated from the international jurisdiction of the sea, they own their own bodies, so also own soil.

Michael Stephen Young exercised this option in 2015, thus securing standing as an American and as a Tribal Chief in America. He waived his rights as a beneficiary of the Guadalupe Hidalgo Treaty Trust, formed a plan, established it as his Irrevocable Will on the Public Record, and has stood ready to begin implementation with our full support and approval for three years.

I have pulled intelligence reports on Mr. Michael Young and they are not exactly “rosy” he has a very very sorted past with multiple illegal activities during his tenure as an agency contractor. He has zero DNA to any known “Native American Tribe” nor the Russian Indigenous Peoples of Alaska (the correct origin of the indigenous tribes in Alaska). Better do some checking here Anna before you decide he is your “friend”.

And here we are, looking at another bitter winter, still fuss-farting around and trading insults about this situation. A lot of good, worthy — and needy — people have been waiting over 200 years to see any benefit from that trust, and they are still waiting. One must ask if the trustees have any concern for the intended beneficiaries — Native Americans, Hispanics and Cowboys and Traders in seven western states — or sense of “reasonable urgency” in the performance of their duties at all. I certainly consider promptness an element of Fiduciary Duty and am bewildered how a Treaty Trust with us could remain in limbo, gathering interest and dust for over 200 years. And still isn’t deployed.

Hey, I have only had this job since 2012, was notified in 2011 and could really begin in 2017. The old “trustees” known as the dragon families (Committee of 300, Trilaterals etc. are all part of the dragon family structure) are to blame for the other 199 years. Call them and complain.

(9) Since we are discussing actual, factual assets the legal/lawful requirements are a bit different than you suppose. For example, we don’t need to be in good “legal standing”. We need to be in good “lawful standing”.

I stand corrected, must be in good “lawful standing”, you are correct. However “currency” is part of the old system, assets are part of an even older system predating the first printed note/bill/bond. You have to merge the two and then tip the scales. It is not possible to hold a “currency” without lawful permission of the regulatory body of said currency. Further all currency must have allocation numbers issued (serial numbers) otherwise it is not valid to the debtor nor the creditor. This has to happen in order to be a part of any system old or older.. You can not take a gold or silver round to Walmart and buy groceries as an example. You can issue all the gold/silver etc. rounds you want, just no one will accept them. A merging of the two systems must happen, then you slowly tip to a new system.

Actual assets exist in the realm of sovereignty, not the realm of legal fictions. We are the ones that give corporations licenses — that is, corporations are licensed by us, not the other way around.

As I said, all corporations, and sovereigns are under the same umbrella known as UNKNOWN COUNTRY. It’s on most all Sovereign Treaties for thousands of years.

(10) It appears that you have your heart in the right place but are confused about various points of law and nobody is blaming you for that. It is confusing. You have also come out of —and cut your teeth inside of— a criminally malfunctioning system, so it’s not like you have any experience or knowledge of what a correctly functioning world economy looks like or how it is SUPPOSED to function. Perhaps, just maybe, if we got together face to face we could iron it all out enough to MAKE A START.

I do not disagree, I have had to learn law and lawful structures both as it has been, and as it is in various nations known as “sub-nations or sub-sovereigns”. I did ask for your assistance in the legal aspects but you refused at that time. So I have other advisers assisting. Again, of course the more people awake and aware and working toward sovereignty and abundance for all the people with the basic essentials in life the better. Choice is yours.

12 November, 2018 12:39

We Honor Your Service

The Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard all take the same oath when they enlist to their respective branch of the armed forces.

These men and women have sworn their true faith and allegiance to uphold the Constitution of the United States. This one document is the guidance by which all other laws in the US are established. The Constitution is our most sacred document, defining the vision of our founders to empower the capabilities of the free spirit of the people. The people who live within the U.S. borders have defined themselves as the Land of the Free.

Now more than ever those vows are essential to assist Americans to remember and reclaim those essential unalienable rights. The people have been unknowingly enslaved giving our trust and power to a corporate entity that has created the illusion of freedom.

The foundation of all that we are as a country is the heart of the American people. We are the source that empowers the Government. The Government only exists because the people give them the power to maintain our rights as Sovereign beings.

The Armed Forces are the protectors of that agreement. They are the ones who have trained, fought, and sacrificed so that we can pursue happiness however we see fit so long as we do not harm others. They have taken a vow to obey the orders of the President, and the President has vowed to act in the best interests of the people.

This vow has never been more important than it is today. These words mean something in a time when our President is exposing the deep seeded deception that we have all accepted in one way or another. His continued efforts to root out the evil agenda of those who seek only to control, and eliminate the American Spirit is worthy of praise and recognition. And for all of our sakes, he is in need of our support whether you like him or not.

America is the people. President Trump understands that. The Military have sworn to obey the orders of the President, trusting that he has an elevated perspective and will always act in the best interests of the American people. We are more than a conceptual Government, a system of ideals, or a mass of land. We are the manifestation of free minds who gave all that they had to allow us to discover all that we can be.

Our Military is powered by people too. Free men and women who value the gift of freedom enough to dedicate themselves to protecting our right to have it. They have been charged to defend the people against threats both foreign and domestic. In our modern world these threats have become more stealth, disguising themselves as bankers, politicians, and even Military leaders.

For those who have served and continue to do so, we appreciate your commitment, your honor, and your vow. We put our lives in your hands everyday and expect you to overcome the impossible. We do not take for granted the sacrifices you’ve made, nor can we ignore the weight of the burden you carry.

You are the last defense and the first advocate for humanity. We will do our part by holding true to the vision of the authors of our sacred Constitution. We will create a Homeland worthy of your service while testing the limits of the human imagination.

We honor your vows, your commitment, and your heart. You are the people as much as any of us. We see you. We appreciate you. We stand with you.


Oath of Enlistment
U. S. Armed Forces

“I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.”

11 November, 2018 21:54

Anna Von Reitz — The Trial of the Century: Your Opinions, Please?

Since you are under the impression I am a pirate, I actually know any “MIT hackers” which I do not, and you think this should go back to the “former trustees” 1) I consolidated and renamed the entire trust Manna World Holding Trust, instead of Alpha Omega, Vatican, Black Dragon, Blue Dragon, Red Dragon, Golden Dragon, Green Dragon, Black Eagle, and so on and so forth. 2) I DID NOT CREATE THE QFS! I reprogrammed it for the benefit of the individual nations and the individual people. I took the “bad” and made it work for the “good”. I did not call any “hackers” nor am I involved with any of the individuals trying to create any “new systems”.

So since you have asked so “politely”. Your wish has been granted under the following conditions;

1) You post here and on every public forum and every alternative media site the names, resumes and claims/receipts of these “former trustees” who in your words are much more qualified then me and “rightful parties”, and more qualified then the people themselves to manage their own affairs. Ask them all to submit their detailed PLAN which fits all principles of micro and macro economics for the world to see. LET THE PEOPLE CHOSE. Raise your hand you say? No. Lets have a REAL VOTE and let the people decide.

2)Let the PEOPLE decide if these people are more qualified then me and of course themselves to manage their assets on behalf of them. If this is what the PEOPLE want? Then so may it be. We shall see if they all agree with your internet blogging.

3)Get a minimum 10,000 people to sign an individually notarized form (one from each requester) stating “I would like X person to manage my trust assets on my behalf and therefore I relinquish all my rights to X person.” with Identification and contact details of said persons so all can be verified as breathing human beings and no dead people voting like the democrats do. After all we don’t need a Hillary 2.0 do we? ALL REQUESTS MUST BE DIRECTLY TO EACH RESPECTIVE TRUSTEE BY NAME AS ON THEIR PASSPORT, NOTARIZED, IDENTIFICATION OF THE PERSON RELINQUISHING THEIR RIGHTS AND CC TO YOU.

4)Get a minimum of 4 countries to agree to relinquish control over their assets back to the “former trustees” signed by a minimum of 3 ministers from each country (or congress/parliament) and the current head of state AND finance minister (or it’s equivalent). We do not need contact details as every letter will be verified through diplomatic channels. These have to be internationally recognized countries such as USA, China, Egypt, Brazil, Togo, Nigeria Israel, etc. etc. no “Sovereign Kingdom of the Fuc-are-wee Tribe”. (as in who the f are they) Indian Tribes are NOT Sovereign Nations, they have “Reserved Land” as they agreed to live on “reserved land” no different than a “national park” in exchange for their casinos and other government aid through the Bureau of Indian Affairs. THEY SIGNED UP FOR IT, nothing to do with the trust. They chose it therefore are not “Internationally Recognized Nations”. THE REQUEST MUST BE ADDRESSED TO YOU PERSONALLY, IN WRITING, ON OFFICIAL LETTERHEAD AND PROPERLY DIPLOMATICALLY SIGNED.

If you can achieve the above and submit to me, I will relinquish all 10,000 (more of course if you can get it) to each of the trustees, they the people have chosen on their behalf, the amount now in trust for each individual person. Please allow me 48 hours to verify all signatures and persons plus 48 hours to execute on the request of the People. All must be submitted in the same package.

I will allow you 60 days to compile the above 4 points, if you can submit this to me I will relinquish the right to the entrusted assets to the “former trustee” each person has chosen as their representative. I for one will never give up the right to my assets to any one of these people, so I get to keep my assets, and continue distribution of assets of those who do not agree with you. This is ample enough time to provide the requested evidence and allow the people to chose their representative. I consider 10,000 people plus 4 United Nations Recognized Nations proof the PEOPLE have chosen the “former trustees” to manage their affairs. TO THE PEOPLE: Anna has stated no one “voted or chose” me for this position, so here is your chance to chose the “trustee of your choice” or “chose yourself”. I think you should chose “yourself” but that is my opinion only. However you are free to chose who you like. Anna thinks you need a trustee, so now it is truly up to you THE PEOPLE.

Anna, Please make this fair for the PEOPLE. They must be able to see the names and receipts of these “former trustees” and their “qualifications” and “the plan” they have for their money, so the people can vote on his or her candidate properly. I have previously posted and done radio shows about my plan, also my full name is on all of your blogs, so the “former trustees” should also stand out on “front street” and post their full names as well.

The people have other choices as well, A) not to participate, B) wait until the banks are clear to receive their own project funds directly C) assist in clearing the banks to receive their funds directly (if they have the contacts and connections to do so) no trustee required and they handle their own accounts D) choose a “new trustee” to handle their funds for them E) Wait for the GCR/RV no trustee necessary. I am sure there are other choices as well, after all this is FREE WILL OF THE PEOPLE!

There you have it Anna, exactly what you and your “former trustee” folks requested. No more hacking at the QFS required! I will transfer and provide clearances for the funds. The receiving institution MUST be:

-In Legal Good Standing
-Must be licensed by the country who’s currency the participant is requesting we transfer.
-Each party must not be part of a terrorist organization, must be legally clean and clear ( we will pull intelligence reports on every individual).
-The “former trustee” may chose his or her bank to receive the funds on behalf of all the individuals whom agree to relinquish their rights to him/her. This bank must not violate any sanctions or OFAC reports if applicable.

Good Luck Anna! You still have my email address? I look forward to receiving all of your requests. 60 days brings us to JANUARY 4th 2019 expiry date. If you fail to achieve the above objectives then I guess the people do not agree with you and your “backers” and the money will go directly to the people as already pre-programmed as soon as we clear the corrupt banking institutions to receive. Further, you will cease and desist to ever write another post containing my name and/or the name of the Trust and any future names of the Trust at the end of the 60 day period whether or not you are successful as all my other requests have fallen on deaf ears. I believe this is more than a fair way to prove your point to the world and to further get you to find a new hobby other than posting hater-aid constantly on the internet wasting my time and the time of all the people who are fighting to do good work in this world.

Kim “Possible”