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Interesting development below indicating the movement we’ve been looking for.

18 hrs ·
“The White House
Office of the Press Secretary
March 10, 2019
President Donald J. Trump Amends Florida Disaster Declaration

Today, President Donald J. Trump made additional disaster assistance available to the State of Florida by authorizing an increase in the level of Federal funding for debris removal and emergency protective measures undertaken in the State of Florida as a result of Hurricane Michael.

On October 14, 2018, President Trump authorized a 100 percent Federal cost share for debris removal and emergency protective measures, including direct Federal assistance, for a period of five days of the State of Florida’s choosing.

Under the President’s order today, Federal funds for debris removal and emergency protective measures are authorized at 100 percent of the total eligible costs for a period of 45 days from Hurricane Michael’s landfall.


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    1. How in the hell can tank seem to know so much about what is going on , when Dan had to point out to him what “persons” meant in law…Tank had no idea it meant “fiction”..!! This is ultimately a war of “words” which is plainly seen in all our courts and thoughout the world….!!

      1. James the point is that progress is being seen, made. Don’t detract from it over legalese issues/all is being worked on.

  1. Today I was on the phone with someone that told me they thought I was involved with another group that would prove to be a scam. I responded that time would tell, and it hasn’t been too long since I had that conversation….and time told! What a miracle for the people in Florida, now the people will see that there is help for legitimate needs. And we can really be encouraged as we look forward to playing a role in the recovery of life for many. Thank you Kim thank you God!

  2. That is awesome for Florida. I had worked with Disaster relief at the SBA in 2017/18 For Houston, Florida, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. I talked to home owners and business owners who had been devistated by the storms daily for 7 months. I took reports of damages and analyzed the cost to clean, rebuild and replace what was lost. My heart goes out to them!

  3. I would like to offer a call to duty.
    I’m aware that the house of representatives & congress along w/ all others in our govt, deep state, shadow govt, intelligence agencies, military, and govt contractors are compromised. That said, I still feel it’s our duty as civil Americans to do everything possible to state our position on any issue to our representatives .
    The link below goes to a very savy ex NSA Operative that has proven his patriotism through his devotion to reporting the truth and he’s partnered w/ some very knowledgable people and together they’ve cracked some encryption of corrupt CIA docs burried in (I think) the deep web, which produced a mountain of actionable evidence that amyone can access on their site, in fact many have. They have it all set up for us to just cut & paste. Please view the call to duty at :
    Thanks for your time.

    Appreciation to Kim, Tank, & everyone that truly believes in freedom !

    1. I believe that every man, woman & child believes in freedom, or at least their own idea of it. I also believe that we in the US are the freest of all peoples. I also believe that freedom, at least at some levels is just an illusion. About the only thing that we are totally free to do, is think & act in what ever manner we so desire with the realization that our words & actions will have a ripple effect that can be for the common good, or the common bad. It will either have a positive impact on society, or it will have a negative impact on society. When we take action, whether it just be words spoken, or written, or actual physical action, it will have a positive repercussion, or a negative one. These are important things to remember about freedom & the freedom movement. What freedom mean to you, may not have the same meaning to another. Some believe freedom is anarchy, survival of the fittest, others, the rule of law, others not having to work for a living. When speaking of freedom, it is necessary to be very clear what type of freedom you are referring to.

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