I have provided answers to the questions below, submitted on IDC because these were sent to me directly. My answers are accurate and could be expounded on further by Kim herself but the essential components are addressed here.

If Ron Giles or anyone else in the RV community would like to challenge the accuracy of my answers then you are more than welcome to discuss these things with me live on the SpeakProRadio.com broadcast. Unlike most of the Gurus making a living off the people by providing intel, there is no products sold, donations solicited, or advertisements from which I or anyone affiliated with me make a profit.

Therefore, you can rest assured that my only agenda is to get the truth to penetrate the hearts and the minds of the people so that we can change the world.

My answers are marked with the “•” symbol below each question so that you know what I’m addressing.

“Re: Ron Giles on Gold-Backed Currencies” by TJ – 5.22.19
Entry Submitted by TJ at 11:34 PM EDT on May 22, 2019

“Re: TJ and Gold-Backed Currencies” by Ron Giles – 5.22.19


Thank you so much for the well put together description. It gave me much to consider, and if I may, I would like to put some questions to you that came to me about the system you describe, hoping that you will be able to address them.

1) M1, who is Kim Goguen of the Manna World Holding Trust (MWHT),

•Kimberly Ann Goguen is the Sole Sovereign Monarch of the planet. She is also the Owner, Trustee and Custodian of the Manna World Holding Trust. The Quantum Mapping System sometimes referred to as the Quantum Financial System is has long been used as a methodology to acquire legal possession of every asset on the planet. The Deep State has infinity agreements humanity was tricked into signing that expired in 2012 when the system would only acknowledge the human on the planet with the most original DNA. Kim is 99.8% bio-identical to the Mitochondrian Eve. She is the only one who can access the trust and this has been acknowledged by every Government, Agency, Church, and State authority in the world.

“Is she the only person on earth who is legally allowed to issue certificates against assets in order to back currency.”

•Kim is the only one who is still alive at the M1 Level of the world financial system. She is the only one who can issue and create codes that will access the financial system, and these are created by her in real time.

“She has previously stated that certificates have already been issued against the gold held by the Chinese Elders,”

•The Gold allegedly held previously by the Chinese has been removed from their vaults and returned to vaults that are impossible for them to access. Gold certificates were already used by the Chinese for which they received an allocation of currency.
Kim has no need to issue certificates because she has access to the actual asset. She can issue allocation numbers and currency that connects back to the asset, thus allowing asset backed currency to be made legal.

“and those certificates are not currently held by Chinese Elders.”

•The Chinese attempted to redeem fake Gold Certificates registered to a member of the GAO family, and when the Hall Marks were entered into the Terminal in the Oval Office it revealed that the Gold was actually registered to Kimberly Ann Goguen and the Manna World Holding Trust.

“If this is true, then of course she is not permitted to issue more certificates against that gold to back new money”.

•The money has all been drained out of the system to disable the Cabal from activating the economic collapse of the world financial system. 80% of the USD is currently fraudulent Super Notes.

“How has this issue been resolved?”

•The US Deep State partnering with the Chinese Deep State continue to use the same methods to try and steal back control of the world by hacking the Trust, stealing from the people, and leveraging assets they don’t own to create fake digital entries they pass off as credits for currency.

Kim has completely reprogrammed the entire financial system in a coded language that only a few people on Earth even understand. She has eliminated the Deep State from viewing anything inside of the financial system as of Wednesday 5/22/2019.

The problem will only be resolved when she is able to successfully get funds to project owners without any human interference, and we are able to love freely, which appears to be at any moment.

“2) What are the guarantees that politics would never be allowed to become a part of the QFS that will obviously be controlled by those who own the only asset backing all the world’s currencies and also the QFS computers?”

•There’s only one person who can access the Quantum System and she has demonstrated that she is fearless and incorruptable. The Deep State is not able to pull off the fraudulent RV, and they will be rendered obsolete shortly after the new changes to the system have updated.

“I ask this, bearing in mind the warning about a central authority exercising absolute control over our ability to buy and sell.

Everyone has been given the opportunity to cooperate with the Trust and the Trustee. The continued dedication to stay loyal to these slave masters trying to justify their evil acts by pretending to fight themselves off is obvious and tragic. Many are suffering from Stockholm syndrome and refuse to let go of the abusive treatment they’re so used to.

“all the nations had some of their gold and gold-equivalent assets backing the currencies, the management and control of the currencies would be spread among all the nations, which would provide for natural checks and balances.”

•This would have been completed over a year ago if the Nations Government’s weren’t still subjecting themselves to the control of terrorists who many believe to be Gods.

“3) If the currencies are all to be equal, why are people talking about RV exchange rates other than 1:1?”

•There will be no RV

“4) I have not seen anything on how prices will be kept in check after the RV. All this money injected into the world, especially from the ZIM bonds, would normally cause hyper-inflation and destroy the benefits of the greatly increased money supply. I don’t believe that the QFS is designed to control prices. What are your thoughts on this aspect?”

•THERE WILL BE NO RV, currency will revalue over time as countries and people are able to create a production line that increases the value of the money dispersed.






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