1/3/2018 9:36 PM EST

  • An attempted assassination on the President from within the Secret Service, whose duty is to protect the President of the United States, was revealed when a US Spy was interrogated in Russia and identified a former Marine within Trump’s Security who would execute the task.
  • After being threatened by the Rothschild’s that the US Government was out of options, and would be forced to utilize the illegal USN to prevent a liquidity crisis, and again submit themselves and all of us to another contractual slavery agreement. The appropriations committee working with the UST, finally admitted that there was an alternate source of funding outside of the Federal Reserve.
  • The Manna World Holding Trust, the actual source of funding for every Central Bank in the world and location of the infamous off ledger accounts, has been paying the UST salaries and expenses since March of 2017 when they had run out of money.
  • Steve Mnuchin promised to bring funds in on January 1, 2019, using the same methods that have failed repeatedly for the past 11 years. The Federal Reserve and HSBC attempted to hack the off ledger accounts, and promised the unlimited wealth accumulated from the currency revaluation to pretend to pay those who helped.
  • It is hard to be angry with the Dragon Families at this point. Everyone in authority, who continues to believe the same failed promises with no evidence and no logical explanation, is just as guilty for holding humanity hostage so they can be in a position of power and control.
  • To all those who refuse to embrace a world where people are empowered to remember who they are and what their true abilities are, remember that we have given you every opportunity to repent and change your ways. Unlike you, we always follow through on our word.


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