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  • Wells Fargo was negative 42% liquidity in September of 2018
  • Citibank was negative 392% liquidity in September due in large part to Clinton manipulation starting wars around the world. In addition, the debt to the Master Trust was called in because they refused to credit basic transfers for Humanitarian Projects in the United States and Africa.
  • MS-13 = Blackwater
  • Blackwater has conducted a classic infiltration of the banking system so that they can control and redirect deposits intended to fund the people.
  • Steve Mnuchin is an Asset for the Rothschilds. He answers to them and has openly disobeyed presidential orders to demonstrate his loyalty to them and committed treason against the American people.
  • The Master Trust has leveled the banking liquidity from negativity to zero. Regardless, they should not be able to operate.
  • The reason why Steve Mnuchin made a public statement about US Bank liquidity being available when no one was talking about it is because there is NO LIQUIDITY IN THE US BANKS.
  • The charade continues because Mnuchin has hired lawyers to fight his removal as the Secretary of the US Treasury.
  • The funding for the wall was given to the Army Corp. of Engineers in April 2018.
  • Answer these questions and you’ll realize how close the US is to collapse:

What is kiting?

How are the banks able to function if they have no liquidity?

Why hasn’t the FED stepped in to address this issue?

What does that mean for the US Government?

Who’s paying Government salaries?

Why is there no budget for the US Government for 2019?

What’s the real reason for the Government shutdown?


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  1. The Cabal, Deep State or whatever you want to call ‘me… ilumanati, makes no difference to me… seems they are still in charge of the government and $$. Same as always. God help us all. Pray for our country! 🙏🏼

  2. I do not know what kiting means.. but do understand our major banks are operating on a false balance sheet from this post! Does that mean our account balances are not what they appear to be?? Obviously, we have been operating on negative paper money for some time now without our knowledge.. where does this leave us financially? Will we still be receiving our social security checks???

  3. Where we go all we go as one (1) God Bless the faithful patriot for it is only by our perseverance that our freedom will be restored! Jail the treasonous sculptors for their rein of fear must come to an end. Go get them my President Mr. Trump👍

  4. Rant: What is Kiting? In banking, it is simply to bounce three of more checks on one account, with the hidden intent of never repaying. It is to ‘rob Peter to pay Paul though never repaying Peter’. It is like Wimpy in the Popeye stories. Whimpy always said “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today. But Tuesday never came. The term is called “the load.” Shovel as many promises (lies) into as short a space of time to secure the cash deal, then skip town. Sort of like the carrot on the string just out of reach of the horses mouth. Does this sound like the RV to you? Naw, it can’t be. Yah, I went a little off topic, but it was fun. :o)

  5. Everyone is asking the same question..!! How can this monetary system still be functioning like normal when the Federal Reserve, IMF, BIS, and even the Equalization and stabilization fund are all bankrupt and insolvent…not only that, but the IRS is still mailing out “delinquent ” tax notices and basically still powerful enough to follow up on their threats….!! Even Kim doesn’t understand how they are doing it…!! One guy (Alfred Asdak) says they have resorted to completely fake “Bonds” called “perpetual Bonds”…….Bonds that never promise any returns at all, and doesn t even protect anyone’s investment ever..Now who is going to buy those bonds…!!
    So now the banks not only create bonds, but find them also without a middleman (the Swiss) involved, so they can fund those bonds too…
    Because no one, including the Swiss, wants the central banks bonds anymore…!!

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