12/29/2018 9:36 PM EST

You’ve got a rat in the White House Patriots, and most of us thought he was on our side.

Mike Pence collaborated moves with Steve Mnuchin to block funds being transferred in for disaster relief.

Mnuchin’s latest move to contact the top US Banks and make announcements about Bank’s liquidity was the last dumb thing he’ll be able to do. The Banks have ZERO liquidity and the country and the world is on the verge of a complete collapse due to this lack of liquidity.

FEMA refused funding from the Master Trust because they were waiting for the Chinese factions of the Dragon Families to come through with funding.

In the mean time it’s a war zone in Florida where Hurricane Michael hit, and no real relief funds have come through even though $105 Billion Dollars was cleared and ready to disburse.

Meanwhile California is being tactically burned to make away for their rights to lay claim on the minerals in that area. And yes, Pence and Mnuchin are LIABLE for every death.

But it’s worse than that. Their agenda including Mnuchin and Pence is to crash the the Global economy and that revolves around the USD being made useless.

This is a plot actively taking place with average tactics right now.

It’s the reason why your Government is closed, the Wall isn’t built, infrastructure in the US is like that of a third world country, and project owners can’t get funds to bring out amazing ideas.

You’ve got a rat.



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  1. the clouds are opening – letting the sun shine in – thank you Patriots, One and All – God Speed !

    1. You would think that Trump would have a sixth sense by now after being in the Corp world so long (where no one’s word is good), that he would have a better sense about people by now and recoginize a FAKE like Pense…claiming to be a Christian….!! Right..!! You mean like the Pope….lol.

      1. Truth is – TRUMP knew . He was handed Pence in much the same way as Kennedy was handed LBJ or Reagan was handed GHWB (master snake of all time!) We needed Trump IN the White House under the GOP mantle – that’s the system we were dealt. But don’t worry, every rotten move Pence made was monitored and he received a •special envelope• at Poppy Bush’s funeral. We watched him cozy up to Hillary Clinton at that funeral too – movies up to kiss her ring so he did. He’s a traitor and you saw his face when Trump took him on live tv with Chuck and Nancy. He looked like a scalded cat !

        1. Very good point. There have been some good presidents that have been forced into accepting a corrupt deep state VP to spy on them and keep them in check.

          Before Reagan won the Republican nomination he swore he would never pick George HW Bush as his running mate and then he did the exact opposite when he did win the nomination.

  2. Shared with Love &Gratitude on my FB Timeline & Twitter & LinkedIn. As well as the video on Lucid Dreamer “Breaking News ” .with all FB Friends & Followers (more than 10.000 still ) but almost none seem to really care or read/listen 😊 All we can do is Bring it out .Its always up to individuals to Take it in or leave it out of their Consciousness. This is is still a Free Will Planet luckily 🙏💪❤ WWG1WGA. ♡☆♡ Happy 2019 to All. Love is the Way to Peace. 😊 Drop Down All Weapons & Start in your own Neighbourhood 🙏 I Am

  3. If you have this evidence why are they not arresting??? You mean to say, all the efforts made thus far hinge on four people(rats) pence(we gathered from him talking to Hillary at the Bush funeral, Munuchin (who we were told lawyered up) from the Saudi money transfer ordered by the Rothchilds, and worthless Pelosi and Schumer.
    I don’t understand why they just don’t put these four in cuffs and be done with it.

  4. I say we march on DC !
    Peaceful demonstration, but a very clear message : RETURN OUR CONSTITUTION AND SOVEREIGNTY TO

    Also :
    Notice to all Govt. employees…….

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