9 October, 2018 20:31

Kim-Possible, Response to “In my Experience”


Ms. Von Rietz,

Please do not include me in anymore of your posts. It is clear from the above post and the below, you have gone from a knowledgeable attorney/judge, or just a person versed in legal matters, to batsh&^t crazy.

I have not spoken to you in years, and I do not include you in anything I am doing, anywhere. So please grant me the same courtesy. Why you periodically bring me up in your ever increasingly crazy posts, boggles my mind. I would say it is an attempt to discredit me, but they seem more about you discrediting yourself.

For all the 900 inquiries I have gotten …The person, she describes as “Marduke,” is dead, long dead …2 years dead. Not coming back, and no longer influential in any affairs not even from “beyond the grave” (if such a thing were possible). The minions, also known as the “Dragon Families,” are still running around haphazardly trying to create plans of little they know.

The man you describe here as my “male counterpart,” is about as close as you can get to the Antichrist on this planet, and has been trying to kill me since I was 15. So no, not now, not ever, will this man become any partner of mine. For your information, he is Egyptian, his code name is “The Dark Prince” and it is very fitting. One of the “Parents” just above the covens, 4 layers above the “Dragon Families,” in the “Order”.

Lastly, I have moved funds to banks and to governments for the last several months with no male counterpart needed. Sorry, nice try.

As for the rest of what is in the above linked article, and the below?? OMG, I do not know who is feeding you this crazy, but save yourself from any further embarrassment, and go back to what you know and excel at …please. Did you really write the words “double dog dare” to the President of the United States?? Oh my.

Kim “Possible”


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  1. Kim, In my experience, there has been a consistent warmth in my heart as I’ve observed and learned about you. Watching your actions through what I read, and observing your responses to remarks from those who doubt you or oppose you also reflect a caring, mature and honorable woman. The character and heart you demonstrate project a rare determination to fend for others. I am thankful for you and for what you are doing for humanity.

  2. Yo te bendigo ahora. Pues es mi voluntad bendecirte. Pues es a mi mismo a quien bendigo a través tuyo. Estamos contigo. Donde va uno vamos todos… O no se va nadie.

  3. Ann von Rippemoff is the shyster, oh would be wise one. I think it was Robert Allen who wondered, on a different page, what her end game is. That one is easy, and i’ve been warning people about her for quite awhile. She wants everyone to accept her phony “civil flag of peace” (piece of the American pie). That acceptance equals recognition of her husband’s ridiculous claim that he is the “hereditary head of state for the United States of America”. In other words, he da king and she da queen! Concentration and centralization of power is her end game. She is an agent of the Vatican, a liar and a fraud.

    1. Thank you Steven. Now the truth is out there all over her site. She won’t be able to fool people much longer. Her double agenda has caught up with her. My thanks to Thomas and Kim for helping in that respect


  4. Does any one know what the status on student loan help is. If they are trying to collect by mail and take no response as agreement to owing the outrageous debt. Any suggestions on how to handle that as they state, they can garnish social security benefits.
    Asking for someone who has asked me where Kim is on that subject, thus far. Thanks.

  5. Best to ignore those anna vampire types … and noticing how at this time they are all being set up to hang themselves … all while truth genies out of bottles cannot be put back!

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