A lot of the reason that so many of us cannot find common ground is because of the respected sources we get our information, and the history we have with these sources. They’re not necessarily good or bad people, but we’ve seen something from them that makes us believe that they really know what’s going on. And in their compartment of knowledge, depending on their allegiance, they could very well be an expert in the area they’re describing.

However, the Cabal is and has been fracturing, each group clamoring for control to be the next planetary warlords. This is working in our favor from the top down perspective. Eventually, like kids hopped up on sugar, they should all tucker out and the grown ups can clean up the mess.

This is not moving fast enough to generate the changes in the world that are necessary right now. Waiting for them or anyone else to do something for us, only chips away at our life, hope, and inspired path we envision. We need to take responsibility for our own education, ascension, and growth. We need to meet them in the middle as we grow up from the roots.

To assist in this process I thought I’d provide an explanation for some of the challenges we’re currently facing. The explanation below should be reasonably accurate and hopefully it will help you identify the accuracy of what you currently believe to be true. Understanding the depth of control the Order has systematically controlled the world with should help us break through it on some level.

There’s 6 ledgers that all have to be reconciled:

1.The banks
2. The Treasury
3. The United Nations
4. The IMF
5. ThE Bank of International Settlements
6. The Trust (Formerly know as the Manna World Holding Trust)

All of these entities are contained within the structure of the Trust. The current situation is that the other five entities are controlled by people who use to act as trustees for the Trust but they were never the Comptroller. The Comptroller has absolute authority. Generally the Comp gives some of that control to a Trustee or a group of trustees, reserving the right to accept or reject their requests. In this case, the Trustees had codes that were left in place for so long that they thought they were in control. In 2007 after they legally acquired all of the assets of the planet, the previous comptroller cut their access off.

In this case the previous Trustees think they have the right to eat, kill, enslave, rape, molest, and generally use humanity in any way they see fit. This attitude of entitlement, combined with the power afforded them by the previous Comptroller, access to hidden Galactic technology, and the disconnection from their own humanity has allowed them to reign much like an angry God requiring worship and unquestioned obedience.

The same way most people have a fear of God, Hell, and other consequences, these fears are reinforced by behavior from these false Gods that implies that their fear is not only justified, but required to maintain their current mediocre existence. It is this fear that still has to be overcome for us to gain our freedom.

The technical aspects of programming, legal aspects of authority, and Natural identification with the planet, Source, and our own purpose have already been accomplished. It is now the execution and enforcement of the laws to make sure the successful programming isn’t redirected by fearful humans after transactions are completed. In addition, even after transactions land successfully in regular project owner’s accounts, physical violence against them now becomes a concern. This is the reason that having a Government, and Military that awake to the reality is so important to the forward progress of all humanity. Without completely destroying the current functional habitat of the world, our options are limited to shifting the critical mass consciousness of the people, getting support from authorities who are supposed to protect the people, or developing super powers that make us indestructible.

I spend most of my time on the first and last one because no matter how destructive their behavior is to the people and the planet, the Governments are filled with individuals who have carved out a very comfortable existence as the slaves of the Order. Their fear and our apathy could be the downfall of humanity if heroic actions are not taken.

I said all that to say, there is no real private ledger anymore. The only off ledger accounts currently hold all of the real wealth of the planet. These are all held and allocated into the Trust. The other books cannot be used because the Quantum System recognizes when they try to allocate assets that have already been allocated and rejects them stating “can not duplicate”.

Furthermore, privacy in banking is what got us in this mess in the first place. It’s like hiring the people who robbed you, killed your family, and left you for dead, as your security. All you know about them is that they are willing to do whatever it takes to get what whatever they want and they don’t value the same things that you do. This leaves us in a constant state of duality fighting for power in a system that requires cooperation to work.

This is why there can be no overnight revaluation of currencies. Although the Chinese Elders, White Dragons, and various other individuals who hold fraudulent paperwork have tried over and over again to hack into the trust, use outdated codes, or kidnap the Trustee and force her to do their bidding, they have never come close to actually having access to these accounts.

Meanwhile, they’ve terrorized and held the world hostage with promises and threats that they no longer have the access to execute on. If they did gain access to the Trust they would never give the people a dime anyways. They planned to crash the world’s economies, creating chaos, fear, and panic. They live by the idea that “from chaos comes order.” They feel we need war and tragedy to keep us engaged in their Matrix.

But even now as Global Martial Law is no longer in effect, we empower them to make decisions for us. We are the key to our own freedom, but we don’t seem to want it bad enough to claim it. It’s not necessarily our fault. We’ve been drugged with chemicals, media, and lies. We don’t understand our real history and we’re trained to trust our leaders to act in our best interests. But our “leaders” only know part of the story as well. The lack the power, knowledge, and integrity to act in the best interests of the people. They’re holding back an elite force of highly trained soldiers, incredible technologies, and denying their own Sovereignty because they’re slave programming is so deep they can’t imagine a world of free humans.

The truth is that even within the awakening movement, we have absolute truths that completely pervert our judgement and ability to stand alone. We still think private banking will fix our problems when in reality it is in these shadows where our enemies have always been the most skillful. Our answer is in the hearts and minds of the people.

Come out from hiding, face the enemy in daylight, and find out what you’re capable of. Change happening behind the scenes is only valuable when it breaks through for everyone to see. This is the time for us to break through.


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