• Pope Francis has extended the olive branch on behalf of the Vatican to make peace with the Manna World Holding Trust.

• The Pentagon, Federal Reserve, and all major US banks have declared war (figuratively) on the President, the Trust, and the UST.

• They are banding together to prevent any funds coming into the United States from the Manna World Holding Trust.

• The Manna World Holding Trust had to float the UST $250 Million, just to pay the Government salaries last week.

• If these funds are not allowed to come into this country, America is facing a liquidity crisis of epic proportions. All US banks are currently operating at negative liquidity, and the US Government does not have operational funds.

• As of yesterday, the Banks were blocking transfers, even from the UST itself, to prevent money coming in from the Trust.

• The Quantum System, that holds the world’s assets, has attached a security virus to every transfer that has and will disable any illegal act to misdirect, block, or hide any transfers that are released from the Trust. This security virus, released today, has and will cause a complete system failure for any organization or institution that attempts to illegally manipulate the transfer of these funds.

• Test transfers went out today and attempts made to block and or steal them, by the following:

– The Federal Reserve – System Failure
– Pentagon – System Failure
– Department of Justice – System Failure
– NSA – System Failure
– NASA – System Failure
– Secret Space Program – Permanent System Failure

• Reports say that General Dunford contacted the CIA and the FBI, to assist their efforts to block the Trust. They both denied his request stating, they were not going down with him.

• Reportedly, the General also contacted the Chinese Elders for help and they stated that they couldn’t help, as in they did not have the ability to do anything to stop the Trust or to recover the systems that had gone down.

• General Dunford has also stated publicly that he will not stop the refugees from coming across the US border, defying a direct order from the Commander and Chief.

• Everyone at the UST, except for former Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin, are currently on board and supporting the efforts of the Trust to get funding to the Government and the people.

• In a ritual ceremony of the Order a few weeks ago, Mnuchin was declared “the Chosen one,” so the added courage and bravado appears to be inspired by his new sense of authority and self-worth.

• John Von Wright, formerly of the Secret Space Program, was crowned the new Pindar (Literally, Penis of the Dragon) on Saturday night and took liberties to attempt to access various financial systems around the globe. He failed, and is now claiming it may take a few days to clear.

• Anyone resisting this movement is supporting the opposition to deny funds to the Government and the people.

The United States Military, at all levels, has the option to remain currently shutdown without eyes and ears via their various systems, placing all of our young men and women in the service at risk around the world, by serving the Chinese Elders, disobeying direct orders from the President, and committing treason against the American people.


Follow direct orders from the Commander and Chief to allow transfers from the Manna World Holding Trust to be cleared, accepted, and utilized by those that are designated to receive them.

• This resistance is currently keeping Billions of dollars of funds from FEMA, already approved and cleared by the President, and the UST, to assist in the recovery of 1.6 Million people, currently left homeless from Hurricane Michael.

• Please, take note that no mainstream media is reporting on this lack of financial support for the areas in need of reconstruction.

• Last week the MWHT team uncovered, various hidden accounts setup inside the Treasury system, by Mnuchin, to push funding to private unauthorized individuals usurping the direct orders from President Trump. The entire UST knows that Mnuchin was working to hurt the American people and, has no power.

• Tomorrow, the Trust will make more attempts to transfer money to the Government for relief and project funding to the people.

WARNING: If any institution attempts to block, delay, steal or misdirect these funds, it will activate a security virus that will completely disable their entire system.

• The Manna World Holding Trust/Quantum AI System is protected by the Safety Act, which allows for the usage of advanced technology that is essential to the safety of the American people. The security virus being used is clearly operating in this regard, to prevent foreign and domestic attacks of economic terrorism, which are currently causing serious harm to the US and world economies, as well as all of the people on the planet.

• This is a defining moment in the history for humanity’s fight for its freedom. Even at the top levels, it is people making decisions about other people. For those people reading this in those positions, I am asking you to act in the best interests of Humanity, and do not attempt to hack these transfers.

Any attempt to block funding, from the Trust, will be deemed an attack against the people of the world, and the people of the world will have to stand together to face this reality.

The time for the Order to stand down and cooperate, is now.

The time for the people to stand up and stand together, is also now.

There can be no more negotiations made.



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