Unitary Executive Theory

Every President since Ronald Reagan has exercised Unitary Executive Theory without an announcement. This is the concept held in American Constitutional Law that says the President possesses the power to control the entire Executive Branch as stated in Article 2 of the US Constitution.

At some point, the only way to inspire change is to tell the horrible truth. The Government cannot reopen because they are being held hostage by a tyrannical force that has conspired to enslave and eliminate the sovereign people of Earth. They control the mainstream media, the face of the banks, aspects of the military, the church, the government, and many other important aspects of the holographic illusion that has always been our reality. Kim-Possible has been leveling the playing field with a constant demonstration of power, intelligence, and strategies that have disabled any real power they have over the system. However, they still have influence because of their ruthless history, deeply rooted control of the people, and their own fear of losing control to an angry group of freed slaves.

The reality is there is no money to reopen the government available in the system. The Federal Reserve has been rendered powerless accept for the Black Water/MS-13 agents they have disguised as employees throughout the front side of the banks. Nevertheless, the very nature of freedom requires us to make decisions about whom we want to be based on our own free will.

Tonight President Trump had the opportunity to finish them off, but instead he gave them new life. Pelosi and Schumer are already prepared to call impeachment based on abuse of power. I’m sure the speech he was supposed to give would have inspired just such a response from the opposition. This may be one of the only times President Trump’s lack of political experience worked against him.

President Trump is performing a noble task, leading with a voice for the people and a heart that is touched by our struggle to take ownership of our freedom. He is human. He has a family that can be threatened, a legacy he wants to protect, 8 billion people watching his every move, and an army of mind-controlled vampires who think they are in charge.

They have always controlled the money, but right now, they do not. We are one signature away from the liberation of humanity. The anxiety of knowing it’s so close is painful for those of us who can feel the energy of the new world demanding our dynamic manifestation to rejuvenate the world.

However, we only get to have that opportunity if we act with the urgency the situation deserves, and the knowledge of what a gift our freedom truly is.

The President did give some marching orders telling people to call their Congressman/woman and tell them we want to keep our borders safe, and that the wall is the best way to do that.

Make no mistake, we are in a very serious state of emergency. We have a terrorist organization blocking essential liquidity to build infrastructure, provide disaster relief, and fund projects. We have an elite group of Secret Societies who are determined not to allow the Manna World Holding Trust to bring money into the country, especially for regular people who they consider slaves.

They have high tech weapons that can incinerate cars from space. However, from what I’m told we have better weapons than that. They have the control of the minds of the people who haven’t woken up yet, and they can still choose to redirect our deposits at the bank. But, they haven’t even breached the first firewall of the Quantum system. They can’t last too much longer, because the Trustee is only holding back waiting to secure legal authority from the President and empowering us to make decisions to claim our Sovereignty.

Our freedom is absolute. The Cabal has lost, and the battlefield is littered with the dead, and those pretending to be so. We are the ones dragging the survivors off the field and trying to give them the medical attention they need. As the enemy soldiers in the same field look up from underneath their bloody helmets, we’re being careful not to get shot as their last act of desperation.

President Trump, I support you and understand the human decisions that sometimes arise and force a change in plans. Two years ago, I had the honor of escorting your granddaughter safely to her counselors during her time at summer camp. My daughter is right around the same age. I appreciate how these same little people are the reason we started this fight, and at the same time the one thing that gives us pause when we need to make hard decisions that could affect them.

Mr. President I Honor Your humanity, your courage, and your resolve. I do not envy your position or responsibility. We have your back, but we need you to get us in the game. Activate our accounts and our common enemy will be rendered useless, restoring an asset backed financial system and a Government powered by the people.

It is time for humanity to remember who they are, stand boldly before the throne, and claim their birthright. We stand with you.



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