3:30 PM EST 8/7/2018

Yesterday I spoke to Kim-Possible about an anomaly that I wanted to make sure she was aware of. The topic was sensitive so I was hesitant to bring it up. She was tired and frustrated like a battle weary soldier who just wanted the war to be over. She’s opposed constantly by the Order which is like the He-Man Women Hater’s Club from the Little Rascals, who all think they can do a better job, pretend to help, then try to steal funds, kill her, or waste her time.

I speak to several energy workers around the world but there’s two I feel are more gifted than the rest. They seem to understand what they see and are able to interpret it into a language that makes sense to me. I shared a message that they sent me for Kim. She saw the value in the message and told me to continue working that path. In addition, she said she’d take help from any of the seers that I speak to, if they have something that can help remove the blocks and get money to the people for projects.

Now I saw something in meditation back in December of 2017. I’ve only recently realized that these experiences are real, and I feel obligated to share them when appropriate. I only feel it’s appropriate when there’s a value for everyone and this is one of those times.

In my vision there was a group of people wearing all white of which I was one. Everyone was dressed according to the part of the world from which they identified with, but no one had any color in their garments. Somehow we were all connected to each other and no one needed to speak to communicate. The energy was powerful and exciting and we all seemed to synchronize with a common knowing of the task in front of us.

There was a darkness that had encased the world and blocked the light from reaching the people. But the group I stood with realized the darkness had lost its power to contain them, and the barriers between us and the light were gone. In this vision it showed itself as a black ash that had covered the entire planet after falling from the sky where it had held us hostage for many lifetimes.

The rest of the people on the planet had grown so used to the darkness that they didn’t even notice that they were free. They continued to operate as if nothing was different, buried under ashes, no knowledge what the light was or could be to even desire to want it in their life.

The ashes moved like lava attached to the people as they came close to breaking through but usually by accident. The next thing I remember was this fantastic laughter coming from inside of me, and it seemed to be there for everyone else dressed in white too. It didn’t come in the form of words so I can only translate the way it made me feel.

It was as if we were all part of the same dynamic family. We looked like adults or what we thought adults should look like, but we felt like kids with super powers. We were all a little shy to start using them, or to even start putting them to the test to see what was possible. I remember when the laughter started within me it was because I felt our Father’s voice. Even now it makes me smile when I hear it as my mind has interpreted it and given the voice a very robust character.

It wasn’t words, but the Voice gave us permission to go help our brothers and sisters out of the mud. He encouraged us to go and see what we could do. He comforted us and made us all feel so safe. The only way I can describe it is like the feeling of going home to your parents house to spend the night after you’ve moved out on your own. Maybe that’s just me, but I still sleep better under my parents roof. There’s a feeling of being safe, loved, and a natural warmth when coming home. That’s what I felt.

The next thing I remember I was flying in the sky, laughing and twisting along with everyone else. We were still in perfect harmony with each other. My friend Jarvis was next to me and we were having a ball. The group together created a wind that swept the ash back like a leaf blower. People were suddenly exposed to the light but still not able to see it. Then we began to touch them on their head. Each time we did, they’d light up like a Christmas light. Like a game we flew all over the world creating this amazing new light based energetic grid. I see it that way now. But in my vision I just felt like I was playing a game with my brother Jarvis.

Kim’s request for help reminded me of that voice giving us permission to go out and have fun testing our abilities. I felt this morning and again as I’ve been writing this to you. I think it’s time for us to take flight. I think it’s time for us to stand up out of the ashes and go help our brothers and sisters see the light.

I think the “blocks” the Order continues to throw up to try and maintain control are nothing more than ashes that need to be brushed away. I don’t think the technical details matter or the politics and policies have any bearing on our empowerment anymore. I don’t think it matters where you’re from, who you follow, or what you believe.

My last name is pronounced like “how” but with an R. I tell my kids that “we come from a Pride of Lions and that’s why our name is R-O-W-E!” They all have their version of that Rowe roar. So I’m bringing you into my Pride today. It’s not for everyone, but if you read this far it might be for you.

We’re family. And just because some of us went to college to become doctors and others started a garage band that never took off, we’re still family. What makes a family truly amazing is when we all come home, and remember where we came from. We all tell our different stories and appreciate the diversity and different paths that each of our lives took. Our ability to appreciate each other’s differences are what unites us.

So I’m calling on you as my family for help. I want to change the world. I don’t want to wait another day. I won’t ask permission from the Order because they have no authority over us in any way. I need help to turn the lights on for the world. We have access to the technology, the money to do anything, and the right heart to build an amazing new world.

I need the Psychics, the Seers, Remote Viewers, Galactic Channelers, Galactic residents, the devoutly religious, the Truthers, the Patriots, the Rebels and the Imagineers to help me create the momentum to get rid of the ash creating all of this darkness. The only thing left is to destroy the illusion that has held us all hostage for so long. The fear, worry, doubt, and lies will not be the foundation of our new world. But to get there we need a family effort.

The only blocks keeping us from funding projects are people who don’t realize their working for the bad guys. The RV is not coming. The Chinese Elders may seem nice, but I know people who were there when they had their assassins take the heads off of Bank Employees who couldn’t gain access to the system. They’re money supply is running dry because they’ve been cut off from the source of their funds. And they have no authority over those funds or you anymore.

I’m asking you to work with us to make a way. Everything is energy. Tell me what you see and let’s free the world.



If you want to help:


When the Messiah walked the Earth in that body he was constantly being hunted (like you) and he would disappear in the midst of a crowd or in the arms of the soldiers as they went to capture him.

He freely transitioned from Physical to Metaphysical, and Metaphysical back to Physical.

When it was time for his crucifixion the guards showed up to take him and he revealed his Metaphysical form is such a way that they could see it. They fell backwards scared and then he went back to his more humble physical form.

He let them take him.

When he resurrected it says that he resurrected a Quickening Spirit (life giving spiritual body appearing to be physical).

The disciples were locked in a house together and Thomas didn’t believe that the messiah had risen. He said until he could touch the holes in his hands and thrust his hand in his side he wouldn’t believe that he had risen from the dead.

In that moment it says that the Messiah appeared in the midst of them to give Thomas the chance to do just that. He materialized from the ether into a tangible shape and form they could comprehend.

For 40 day’s afterwards he performed signs and wonders that only the believers could see with more believers growing by the day.

On the day of Pentecost he poured out the Holy Spirit, which I believe was just an elevation in their consciousness or tuning them to the right frequency and they became conscious of who they really were.

They began to speak in a universal language that everyone who travelled to Jerusalem from all over the world could understand.

This frequency then transmuted thousands of believers almost instantly as they heard the message and continued that way for years afterwards.

The disciples were still persecuted, imprisoned, and even killed. Unfortunately, the message apparently didn’t resonate at the needed depth and reach to hold the planet in the correct vibratory alignment.

It wasn’t the right time for the people or the planet to come into alignment. This is the right time. That’s what we’re doing. I’m certain of it.

I have no idea how to do it, but in that story is the answer to what we’re trying to do. From the dust of the Earth we have to be like water, a constantly moving target only governed by the one thing they can’t predict or control-free will.

That’s the missing connection to God from the 8 to the 7 to the 5. The 8 is the eternal And unlimited Quantum energetic source of the all. The 7 represents God in shape and form, in us, our thoughts, our expression however. The 5 represents the spirit coming down into the flesh. That’s Pentecost. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit or of that God Consciousness in the hearts and minds of the people.

That connection restored allows the “will” of God to be freely expressed through us. In this case the energetic expression starts with money but will obviously expand rapidly and overtime.

That is the answer, and they can’t stop it even if they know.

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