6 September, 2018 22:14


•The Federal Reserve has just been stripped of their legal right to hold USD as currency. (And no, this is not to introduce the fraudulent USN)

•Transfers from the Manna World Holding Trust were initiated and officially cleared by the United States Treasury on Friday August 31st, 2018. Legally the banks had 24 hours from that point to credit the accounts receiving said transfers.

•The Global US Banks involved are currently refusing to credit transfers that have already been approved by the United States Government. They have provided no legal explanation.

•These institutions are currently committing treason against the American People and the United States Government.

•The funds contained within the Trust and the current authority over these funds has been verified and cleared by the Bank of International Settlements and they are providing a report to the United States Government to support the audit of all US Based Banks.

*It is my understanding that this process has already begun.

• The activity of the Chinese Elders and Rothschild Dragon Families to keep Government approved allocated funds out of the United States and away from projects needed to create jobs and stimulate the economy is treason and should be considered an act of war against the United States.

•Except for the CIA, every other major intelligence agency, Homeland Security, the IRS, BIS, and the United Nations have now officially recognized the existence of the Manna World Holding Trust, the legality of the funds there in, and the Trustee’s authority over them. Each have provided letters to verify these findings, and are currently watching the activity of the banks very carefully to see if they cooperate.

•If the banks do not clear our project funding tomorrow then they will have their legal authority to hold USD stripped from them as well.

*The so called Quantum Hercules Financial System is no more. It launched on Tuesday and was taken down within 12 minutes. It will not recover.


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  1. (1) So what happens if the Global US banks are stripped tomorrow of their legal authority to hold USD?
    (2) Is the Quantum Hercules Financial System the same financial system that the GCR & RV folks are counting on for funding, meaning the death of those hopes?

  2. Dear Tank? I am confused as Tim
    please clarify? I apologise for my ignorance
    I will re-read and try to decipher
    sending Love Respect Hope

  3. Great News!! Close the cabal Banks forever, and get rid of the final bankster holdouts, and let the New Age Start!!

  4. Hi Tank.
    Please elaborate on this most recent post. Is the Hercules system the same Quantum computer system that Kim has been involved with? What do you think would happen if a bank would not be allowed to hold currency? Would the bank just close up, or would we switch to a cryptocurrency type of exchange system instead? Many questions regarding this post and an equal number of answers as well.

  5. Cómo es eso ?….El BIS, colaborando para hacer auditoria y control a los ” banco globales en EEUU” !…Este BIS es una empresa privada propiedad de la misma gente , que son los mismos dueños de la banca en USA..Los Rotherchild….Ellos se persiguen a si mismos ?

  6. So…more people will get locked up for following the law..Let’s do it!

    ” When the road is blocked, get a bigger plow..”

  7. Is this normal communication style from Tank… “Tank Out”? Just curious as I’m observing sooo much extreme purging and transformation
    taking place all around us at this moments In time. Quite fascinating Now to Be Alive and Consciously aware INdeed! So humbled and grateful. Stay Centered, True and INjoy this wild “Drama” as it comes to its Grand and final conclusion. Its All Good:)
    In Gratitude, In Love, In Peace Be Now

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